A Robot That Shoots Energy Drink at You When You Get Tired

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Comments from Youtube

Shandiesel1000 : Your literally the only person on YouTube who still has that 2013 feeling.

Vesperbark : Him: "Let's turn it up to 40" Me: "Oh god he's making a damn pressure washer"

Authentic gamer : Kids this happen when you are Intelligent and dum at the same time People ask how is that possible I send them to this channel

skull snacher1 : 8:51 just that terror in his face

Kool Aid : Couldn't you just fill it with Gasoline and put a lighter in the edge and make a facial recognition flame thrower

Squeaky : The best part is that split second delay between where it aims and when it fires because you just stare at it and regret every single decision you’ve ever made

Weaboo Chan : Now Michael has PTSD from that Squirty thing

Joshnäks : Use a funnel you goddamn animal.

Cheif : 7:26 i laughed so bad it hurt

Ninkendo : This is the first video on YouTube in a long time that I actually laughed at Instant sub, keep going man

Jack Hyde : This needed A Brazzers logo in the corner.

Kyle : 8:54 true terror

the el man : this is the result of having a higher IQ than most people but you live in 2019


Jakester! - The Darude Comment Critic : After the initial test with the water, the turret re-centers on Michaels face giving him a heart attack. That’s my kind of entertainment.

kirbythebamf : 7:27 "it's high noon"

Otterfan : Trust me dude. 120volts aint enougth. Rammed a mettal thingy in a 240volt terminal in calss cause i was bored and didnt even pass out that long XD.

• Loser • : Son: Dad what is that? Dad: It's an energy drink Einstein: that ain't no energy drink. That's T I D E. Dad: It will give me energy to go up the stairs of heaven.

LEGEND7429 : I want to know what would of happened if he set it to 60 or higher

Toby Baily : Your robot ideas are getting shittier and shittier. I love it

AgentMinor ReligionBrigade : "Its got the liquid stored next to the electricity." Good, those are the things you gotta watch for.

Cyber Jester2 : 8:48 did you do that because you remembered what you called it?

Zackery Vetter : Yo. A robot that screams obscenities when someone wearing a particular color enters a room.

Dalitas D : "Twink squirted all over by robot" How did you know what porn I watch?!

Unoriginal Name : Him: *sets reg. pressure to 40 Me: *rubs hands together

YouTube Hxetz : for a second I thought the tide pods were your energy Wow

Maggie Sze : What if we use 100% of our brain? ... This video

24Thomas Dunshee : just the water shooting at u will wake u up😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Ravor YT : where can i buy this?!

Brendan Kendall : I love how every episode features Michael experiencing unfathomable fear of his own creations

Matt loaf : No one gonna talk about that vsauce michael reference

Rafael Faleck Rejtman : This guy will literally become Rick Sanchez over the years

jkjkjk : Yo this could make fire fighters obsolete

chris rodriguez : the second I heard 40, I dropped everything I was doing 😂😂

Joe Blair : I'm trying to figure out if this is a legit channel or a cry for help

KanChinChin : 7:43 It was at this moment he knew *it wasn't turned off*

paracore : "the final solution...oh God, Hitler ruins everything"

PigGod : I keep coming back to this video just to watch him suffer

Vice Admiral Buizel Bedwell : If you ever laugh at how hard the robot shoots at him, just remember: He *almost* set it to 60psi :)

Fifo101 : 1:01 oh my god I nearly pissed myself

Argonot Ahtopotu : Turkish language pls mr.youtuber xd

Trevor Lee Oakley : make a vid about how to build a robot to get mice.

Violet Man : Lmfao That vsauce intro though 😂😂

Saj P : How many days have you been up? Pls sleep ty, ily

Kmb Music : I mean.... it did what it was supposed to.... this will keep you awake 👍

EndoFlame : "oh god i can't call it that . . hitler ruins everything" best quote ever.

GayAdsPuterPuss : This aint a robot that shoots energy drinks its a robot that pisses at you when you sleep

Bryanlols : One day he's not gonna upload anymore and it's because he accidentally killed himself making another stupid machine.

Ezzeldin mohd : hmm vsauce music starts playing