A Robot That Shoots Energy Drink at You When You Get Tired

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Ninkendo : This is the first video on YouTube in a long time that I actually laughed at Instant sub, keep going man

david edington : If I took that into work they definitely wouldn’t think it was a bomb

Mr Judas : This is what happens when smart kids smoke meth

Unoriginal Name : Him: *sets reg. pressure to 40 Me: *rubs hands together

Nuge : I laughed so hard when the robot started spraying the water LMAO

Jakester! - The Darude Comment Critic : After the initial test with the water, the turret re-centers on Michaels face giving him a heart attack. That’s my kind of entertainment.

Ya fucking buddy : 7:28 IM DYING 8:54 I PEED A LITTLE

IT'S A REDLINE DAY EVERYTHING'S OKAY : Hot twink gets a robotic facial. He wasn't expecting so much cum

Gacha Digital : *_7:28_**_ Saddest Deaths in Infinity War_*

MCMXCVIII : You seem pretty intelligent. Keep it up, you're going places. This shit blows my fragile mind.

Brendan Kendall : I love how every episode features Michael experiencing unfathomable fear of his own creations

amazing_dude : 8:33 first time catching a football

Apocencys : 7:30 when she finally sends those nudes

Giant Jimzilla : reminds me of a kid at my school who had a heart attack from chugging 18 monsters before noon

Jonathan Is the Best : You need a Discord

Nano852 : now make it that fires bullet and if it sees you making sad face it shots you BOOM depression cured

Olivia Frank : This makes me want to learn to code.

Baret Buckley : you need to combine this with your lazier one so when your eyes are open you get a lazier in your eye but if you close your eye you get sprayed with energy drink.

Astro_* : *Micheal, do you care if it's a dead meme?*

SWERIC1 : You're an inspiration to underachievers like me.

Jonesy Films : Stevie wonder could read your face

Stolen Memes : i taught it shoots tide pods lol

Dylan Horton : hey michael, whyd you make it out of a Tide Pods container? isnt that a dead meme?

ye boi : Set it to max

Dilan Palma : I'm from China, you think it works for me?

GingerPale : Mmm self loathing - delicious :D Keep up the fun videos dood

Bugsy’s Vlogs : OMG firefighters could use that good thinking putting fires out with energy drinks

ari el : 5:00 if howtobasic was an engineer

Wesley Clark : 7:28. Best part 😂

Xirius 1 : Oh i laughed so hard

An Obscure Reference : You should sell that to the military.

Drtoadlord : 7:30 me after eating taco Bell

Leoon : 5:22 i have questions

Dylan Pleban : Your humor and personality reminds of IT Crowd... Watch it on Netflix

Jakob Leroux : make it register that your eyes are closed and make it aim to your mouth

Medlock Jodengrad : " You spend a long day at work, you stay up at night doing homework, *_you have depression_* " well that was quick escalation

Ink Dog : You should try to make an alarm clock that sprays water or a energy drink at you to wake up

Ezra Muluken : He should've sold this I'd gladly get lasered with water to prevent myself from sleeping

Cptwhitebreadz Rosales : I pissed myself when it first nutted on you 😂😂

Charlie_Gaming : Do you care if it is a dead meme or not?

drafarieninga123o : Michael Reeves? More like Michael from VSauce.

zvek : SMART VIDEO! but i couldnt do it :P

Jayden Bateman : Dude your going places.

DiamondRobloxPlayz N : 8:33 first time seeing rain

Jenson Vye : 7:29 it was at this moment he knew...

menameselassie : when i watch your videos i get depresed and happy at the same time

Lilush : I thought it shoot tide powder

DiamondRobloxPlayz N : 7:30 my bro after he sees a dog

Derek Metz : Do you think tide pods are a dead meme? Even now in October?

Special _Chungles : Next time put cyanide in there and you’ll get adrenaline trying to avoid gods tears