A Robot That Shoots Energy Drink at You When You Get Tired

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GingerPale : Mmm self loathing - delicious :D Keep up the fun videos dood

dr510unknown : You're like the the real life Peter Parker/Deadpool live child.

TinkThank : Hey! Reevesauce, Micheal here. Why has god left us? Or has he?

J M : Make one that shoots proactive at your face when it detects acne.

Snivy 10001 : I want tide pod flavor

Jakester! - The Darude Comment Critic : After the initial test with the water, the turret re-centers on Michaels face giving him a heart attack. That’s my kind of entertainment.

viper10005 : So hear me out. A chip bowl that uses facial recognition software and some form of chip recognition software to dectect a double dip. If a double dip is detected the perp gets hit with hot nacho cheese since they wanted some so god damn bad.

Evan Alley : Sell your youtube buddy gun as a less lethal option for law enforcement

You are now DEMONITIZED : wut if ur asian?

TheEzicOrder : You can literally play Connect-the-Dots on Michaels face :^)

Ninkendo : This is the first video on YouTube in a long time that I actually laughed at Instant sub, keep going man

Drugged Plumber : 8:54 PTSD intensifies

Michael Witt : Hopefully you didn't die in the volcano.

Isaac Rox : *Hey, Memesauce, Michael here.*

Joe On The Go : Maybe you should unplug the electronics before pouring the water


Ethan Short : well it wakes you up

Mr Pancake3 : I swear this is Brick from The Middle but like 5 years later

The Black Night : turn it into an acid attack machine

john smith : can u please downgrade camera quality, i can see more zits

Justin Y. : So this is what Saudi Arabia has been developing with all that sweet oil money

Adam And Logan Productions : Omg that was soooooo funny when he said “the final solution” lol 0:58

Sir Stromming : Soooo... hows that volcano

Joe Blair : I'm trying to figure out if this is a legit channel or a cry for help

Thesquirrel ofdeath : Hey Michael, where is a video about the Hawaii volcanic eruption shit going on? I want to see you fix that shit. Solve Hawaii's volcano problem

drafarieninga123o : Michael Reeves? More like Michael from VSauce.

Jace B : Wheres ding ding?

Bearowl : Someone is gonna have PTSD in regards to pressure vessels filled with liquids.

T-Rekt : Either make it fire in sloe bursts lasting 1 seconds each or rebrand it as an alarm clock

『Yukikaze Flyes』 : The final solution

An Obscure Reference : You should sell that to the military.

MonoType : Are you okay from the volcano?

Yazan Taamneh : i laughed so hard at this.

Bustin Feelsgood : U alright bro? There's Hawaii is on fire

Nathan Kamberger : Top 10 anime deaths

mahchymk93 : VSAUCE Michael here

Parsa Kafshcci : He sounds like leafy lol

Jon Doe : I love you

ITS JACKSON : 7:27 cumshot at bai

IHasName : 7:26

Nano852 : now make it that fires bullet and if it sees you making sad face it shots you BOOM depression cured

Doodzi : Eclipse, yuck.

Austin : Why is this dude literally a copy of william osman. He even wears the cat t-shirts.

Caden Burnett : need some stridex buddy?

Nick Trubiano : Has anyone told you you look like brick from the middle?

AJHedges : 8:54 that’s basically PTSD

Cyber Frost : Are u ok, just checking you didn’t burn in the lava?

Julia Lopez : You look super cute in this video! You look great with shorter hair! I’m getting Tom Holland vibes and I love it!

Ovenproof Meteor : oh no i cant stop laughing AAAAAAAAAAA

Vonmagni Renshai : .....is it just me or does that look like a portal 2 turret.