A Robot That Shoots Energy Drink at You When You Get Tired

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Nano852 : now make it that fires bullet and if it sees you making sad face it shots you BOOM depression cured

Brendan Kendall : I love how every episode features Michael experiencing unfathomable fear of his own creations

oowo : Is it bad that I think Michael is getting cumshotted by a machine

The Chopsticks Jimins Booty Broke : the absolute terror in his eyes before each test is magnificent 7:28 8:31


Ninkendo : This is the first video on YouTube in a long time that I actually laughed at Instant sub, keep going man

Liam Monahan : I would use this as an alarm clock.

Kaladin Stormblessed : You calling yourself stupid makes the rest of us feel like the energy drink sprayed out of your brilliant feat of engineering. When will you understand your a genius?

Lewis Murray : A Robot That Shoots Coke Up Your Nose When You Get Tired

Justin Witt : Heh heh. Harambe had to die to become a meme. But he became a dead meme. so is that a double negative? So harambe lives??

Jakester! - The Darude Comment Critic : After the initial test with the water, the turret re-centers on Michaels face giving him a heart attack. That’s my kind of entertainment.

llOPPOTATOll : I mean if it it filled with water it probably would still wake you up

alie n : Aaand time to replace the monster energy drink with hot sauce

reByte : I wish you appreciated your own intelligence more.


Mashayla lide : He looks like he just hacked his crushes vlog page cause she refused to date him

Ethan Thurston : i actually died a little more inside because of this, in a good way.

steve H. : 7:43 Did i do good papa

WaSteUrTi ME : 7:44 that worked a little too well

Jonesy Films : Stevie wonder could read your face

WaSteUrTi ME : Alright... So I can agree that you get tired from work... But staying up the whole night doing homework... Now I can't relate. Like who... Who does their homework nowadays? LooooL👌🐔

JUHCOB : What about the turret shooting _boiling_ water at you

Happy Gas : They should sell this at Walmart

Aclips Gaming : I thought it was going to shoot energy drink cans at you

Medlock Jodengrad : " You spend a long day at work, you stay up at night doing homework, *_you have depression_* " well that was quick escalation

Agent X : How to basic face reval

Pwny : 7:39 what Taco Bell does to u

shan paulter : Tank pressure means gayness, reg pressure means straightness. Therefore, Michael is gay. Michael Michael, yes Shan? Turning your gayness up to 80, while straitness is at 40? No Shan. Telling lies? No Shan. !&$@ing tell the truth you little !&$@ing $@&!% do you know how much those 12 year olds !&$@ed your mom?!

CloutGod : You look tired

An Obscure Reference : You should sell that to the military.

Silver Wolf : Hi im micheal

Usman Hussain : the squirtboi at 7:44 reminds me of the rick and morty butter robot lmao

Player: Unknown : Oh my gosh I just found a mini Mark Rober Incredible XD

Alex Sneath : 8:33 How it feels to chew 5 gum

GingerPale : Mmm self loathing - delicious :D Keep up the fun videos dood

Aj datil : littely im awake rn for all of those reasons you just listed at the beginning haha

crash0511 : 7:30 5 Gum, unlock your senses

pink pony : hahaahaaahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahhaahhahahahaahahahah

Smilo1011 : This deserves a subscribe

Wooden Weaponry : Seeing your face, you've finally hit puberty! Congratulations!

Mr Gordone : 4:58 where are your fingers?

XGN Shakey : 2:28 that’s what she said

Boom_Bim : Gayest intro ever

nunnerbunnergd : When you turn it on to high

menameselassie : when i watch your videos i get depresed and happy at the same time

Ezra mf : You didn't get to the phycological help, I'm concerned Michael I can see your condition worsening over time

DotDash Gaming : Cold water would work

clanline35028 : 7:38 someone just shit themselves

ghost wolf : Lol xD

Useless Duck Company : High voltage with a tide box is one thing, but mixing it with water is 2 scary 4 me