A Robot That Shoots Energy Drink at You When You Get Tired

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Jakester! - The Darude Comment Critic : After the initial test with the water, the turret re-centers on Michaels face giving him a heart attack. That’s my kind of entertainment.

Lewis Murray : A Robot That Shoots Coke Up Your Nose When You Get Tired

Alex Sneath : 8:33 How it feels to chew 5 gum

Kool Aid : Couldn't you just fill it with Gasoline and put a lighter in the edge and make a facial recognition flame thrower

Bepis Gaming : 7:30 When you havent nutted in a month and she touch ur schlong

Nano852 : now make it that fires bullet and if it sees you making sad face it shots you BOOM depression cured

Nuge : I laughed so hard when the robot started spraying the water LMAO

reByte : I wish you appreciated your own intelligence more.

Justin Witt : Heh heh. Harambe had to die to become a meme. But he became a dead meme. so is that a double negative? So harambe lives??

Kra Z Kapin : You're too underrated, man

Ninkendo : This is the first video on YouTube in a long time that I actually laughed at Instant sub, keep going man

Blain Berrier : GOD IS NOT DEAD

apchapo : 8:32 When it’s too much but still tries for a second

Minirobo :3 : 5:25 did this turn in to how 2 basic

alie n : Aaand time to replace the monster energy drink with hot sauce

Brendan Kendall : I love how every episode features Michael experiencing unfathomable fear of his own creations

Drtoadlord : 7:30 me after eating taco Bell

Dylan Pleban : Your humor and personality reminds of IT Crowd... Watch it on Netflix

Mr Judas : This is what happens when smart kids smoke meth

MCMXCVIII : You seem pretty intelligent. Keep it up, you're going places. This shit blows my fragile mind.

GingerPale : Mmm self loathing - delicious :D Keep up the fun videos dood

Giant Jimzilla : reminds me of a kid at my school who had a heart attack from chugging 18 monsters before noon

inti pires : You should do another video to make the robot shoot in your mouth

Parz1val : *Micheal, do you care if it's a dead meme?*

carlos millan : 8:33 when a girl touches you

Jonesy Films : Stevie wonder could read your face

Braxton's Reactions : I feel like all of these videos r just a cry for help

Cmdr Unkownkiller : the squirtboi 9000 is always watching??? yikes! also michael, i can see you're not high enough SMOKE MORE WEED DAMN IT

Kwazy Child : Well that will sure wake you up... yeah, i think getting drenched would wake me up real good...

RemRawPlays : 9:08 me: skips 7 minutes of the video agrees

Medlock Jodengrad : " You spend a long day at work, you stay up at night doing homework, *_you have depression_* " well that was quick escalation

Λιiεη : OMG dude when it started shooting I had to laugh so hard, ha ha. You're insane man keep it up 😆

Jncos Hit a new low : Next time put cyanide in there and you’ll get adrenaline trying to avoid gods tears

0ne Sh0t_yt : U look like that kid from Sam and cat on Nickelodeon

Derek Metz : Do you think tide pods are a dead meme? Even now in October?

Justin Y. : So this is what Saudi Arabia has been developing with all that sweet oil money

Smite : Ok first: love vsauce second: that start bit got me crying

William Douglas : it wakes you up for sure XD

Mystic Gaming : 7:20 I’m dead yo😂😂😂

_ _ : The intro🤣

An Obscure Reference : You should sell that to the military.

Agent X : How to basic face reval

Killer1216 : Can you put air pressure all the way up

Adnan A : At least it keeps you awake.

PrefectMaster017 : Why is it made out of a Tide Pods container? 1:51

Wooden Weaponry : Seeing your face, you've finally hit puberty! Congratulations!

Harrison rice : This dude reminds me of Neval from iCarly

PrefectMaster017 : Lol that Vsauce theme dow!!!

zFlashPvPz - Minecraft and more games : 8:30 enemy spotted. MAN DOWN MAN DOWN

SWAT32898 GAMING : Hey guys Vsauce Michael here