A Robot That Shoots Energy Drink at You When You Get Tired

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Jakester! - The Darude Comment Critic : After the initial test with the water, the turret re-centers on Michaels face giving him a heart attack. That’s my kind of entertainment.

Joseph Morgan : 7:45 when it faced back at you i would have died laughing it it just squirted one more time lol you could see the fear in your eyes😂

theDEADLIESTwarrior7 : I need some advice peeps, in all seriousness I'd love to just spend hours and hours making random shit like this(maybe things a bit safer lol) so what would I need to learn to do that? I don't know how to use coding, are there different kinds meant for different things? I know a bit about electrical stuff but I don't know how to put it into practice like this I don't know how to turn an idea into a creation like this, but I have a passion for it and I don't know where to begin or what I'd need to learn to do it would I have to go to school for it? could I learn it at home with books/tutorials online? could I turn it into a way to make money like getting hired to do coding stuff for people or building random things? if I go down that road I'd give it my all and not many things interest me the way these things do lol so I'd really appreciate some serious advice on it:D thanks

Flying Squirrel : 1:02 I (as a german) really wasn't aware of the fact that even the english translation of the word "Endlösung" is problematic to use. That's crazy! Edit: Don't get me wrong, it is absolutely reasonable. I was just surprised because while the word "Endlösung" is a pretty unusual and distinct word, the term "final solution" sounds pretty generic to me.

Nicko : Can you put a gun on there instead of a energy drink shooter? Then I will buy it and use it.

GingerPale : Mmm self loathing - delicious :D Keep up the fun videos dood

Charlie C : Hey ReeveSauce, Michael here What is... _Depression?_

forkda crab32 : The engineer of the future

FatesOfDestiny : 6:35 actually tempting.

pls dont sub : HowToBasic.......deeeefinately

Ninkendo : This is the first video on YouTube in a long time that I actually laughed at Instant sub, keep going man

BlazingBuizel 7 : Try this again but with hot coffee

Flying Squirrel : Imagine this guy would meet Colin Furze and do a project with him. It would be insane and amazing xD

The Furcoon : You should add a completely unnecessary extra bit that has juice boye 9000 ask if the "victim" feels refreshed (or what have you) after it finishes a second or two after Firing the woke juice.

SoloBeans : Im not sure if tide pod juice will give you energy


Ruby Infernum : If you put a gun on this thing, you have an instant headshot home defense turret.

Dylan Ivins : 7:23

Gahstly Soups : That song you listening to,Super Mario overworld Team Remax. That’s the first. Song I listen to the first time I smoked weed... You just earned a subscriber buddy

beck : Sponsored by Mountain Dew

LCproducts : Squirt boy 9000 😂😂😂😂

Anitaku : You really really have a lot of talent Love your videos

farike : Ben shapiros brother is crazy.

Brandon Schroeder : i cant have been the only person who died of laughter during both live fire tests

Henry Busse : Howd he fall asleep if it helps you stay up?

drafarieninga123o : Michael Reeves? More like Michael from VSauce.

riley collins : 7:44 ‘’want some more punk?’m

Reverbose : 7:20 pictures taken moments before disaster.

Shayma Waqialla : You should've called it Squirtgirl9000.

Hugh Johnston : *WAKE ME UP*

RaphBizz : 7:29 I’m crying 😂😂😂😂

Mr. Jeffinizor : btw... have you ever heard of funnels

Soren_ plays : This is quality content

Thomas Moulton : Not to be rude but you should get some proactive lotion to help that acne man

Justin Y. : So this is what Saudi Arabia has been developing with all that sweet oil money

PPszymon XD : How old are you

BlueScope819 : I want it to be maxed pressure

Gabriel : Boy! You are one smart 15 year old.

Mr. Galaxy : Do you care if it's a dead meme or not?

An Obscure Reference : You should sell that to the military.

Max Cat : You are literally my new favorite YouTuber

Matt T : Use C++ for speed and Boost::Asio library for networking/socket IO. It works like a charm!

Ore-some Emeralds : You should do a 'safe' tutorial for this!

TrevABC : i just found your channel and i honestly cant stop laughing

808SPIKE : Hey Vsauce! Michael Here.

cchrλrkhamiss : DEs TRoii that like button

Boss Rage : Drink more water everyone. For real.

MrPotato : Rofl

D Bannon : It sounds like diareaghh

mahchymk93 : VSAUCE Michael here