Beautiful 48 hr Time-Lapse of 2016 Blizzard

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ziki ardani : Now i want snow in my country...

supertyty 04 : Everyone talking about the chair but what about the car across the street nobody moved?

Russ : I remember this. *i didn’t have school for a week*

atocena : *Better then youtube rewind*

hannah Boumenjel : Did people walk past and wonder what the camera was doing there

Ron Augustyn : I want to play in it like if you agree i liked

GlitxyG4m3r : The music makes me think of my childhood☺️

UnicornspurpleGalaxy : It looks like a soft, white, sparkly blanket But not so warm...

_Random Lilith_ : I don't think school was open. I just have a feeling.

Sne Ha : I have always dreamed to live in such a place since my childhood...sadly i live in a tropical island...i pray that my wish one day gets fulfilled by my hardwork and patience😉one like is one prayer for me...soo plzzz like...

Zac RBLX : It’s like a cake in the oven... slowly rising...

Jack1AL : Everyone is talking about the chair, but what about the car? Its gone!

Шпион с Востока : 0:44 first day after NNN.

Groo t : I hope no one lost their hamster

The rEactor : When a marshmallow is being microwaved

Legority : *T H E R A W E G G T E S T*

Lydia P : Throughout this video all I could think was, "That poor lawn chair."

Creative Kids : R.I.P chair that got covered in snow 😭

Sythic YT : Anyone else wondering what happened to that nome

ItzAlicia M8 : Somebody from a sunny country: I wish I had such wonderful weather Me: HONEY NO U DO NOT WANT typical BRITISH WEATHER

Playonce : wow winter wonderland

HEXET OFFICIAL : The video+music was satisfying and relaxing!

Just a dude : Damn which country is this. It doesn't even snow this much in sweden

Jordyn Barnes : I remember it was like 3 ft of snow in Baltimore and me and my sisters went out side and had so much fun we had mountain snow ball fights made snow angels and jumped in the snow it was a good 3 day we did this too

DoctorCatYT : Lol I remember this it was snowing normal until I woke up and literally saw snow covering the window and snow blowing outside, also there was a lot of snow and had no school for two days

P 4 : I wasted 48hour to watch this video.

CutTheBullShit : RIP Chair

OUSSEMA PASSPARTOU : Bruh if you did this in my country . your camera will disappear in the first 5 minutes if not the first

faisal agastya : IF YOU HIGH!!!!!


Wholesome Lad : Seeing the chair disappear was so satisfying

The TNTsheep : Yes. And in the UK, you get 4cm of snow and the country goes into chaos. I got a week off school 😂

Killatunga : Holy schnowzers

Super Thunder Gamer : Here in NJ that storm gave 36” of snow it was largest snowstorm in my States history and literally the only snow I got that year, because like 3 days after the storm hit it was like 65 degrees! I was outta of school for 2 days! Can’t believe it was 3 years ago!

Ugandan cHuNgLeS Sub z pewds : I wish it snowed in Texas I did last year a little

Jmandawgfan : Further proof that Texas is an awful place.

Beats by Tehila : I’m 20 & never saw snow in real life😞

hxley xX : rip chair.

GK Thompson : Beautiful! Thanks for sharing, I love it!

Jordan Styer : No chairs were harmed In the making of this video

cYn eVsCrab : Anyone getting this in their recommended in Nov. 2018? Edit: Thank You Guys For The Likes!!!! :)

Temi Ariyo : Who else experienced this blizzard and remembers not having school?

jon snow : The Cocker Spaniel at 0.42 is very cute

Clumzy_ PotatoYT : It looked like bubbles rising up

Common Sense : Poor chair

WorseThanChiggers : I am proud to announce that this video will be featured on Al Roker's new show, Weather Hacks, which premieres on The Weather Channel (TWC) on Sunday, February 12, 2017 at 10 pm EST with an encore at 1 am for the west coast to see it at 10 pm PST.

Onni Nurmi : If this is america, how about finland?

Neil Armstrong : First day after No Nut November

Fortnite Gameplay Videos : Were getting s blizzard tomorrow here in NC Edit: the blizzard is passed and 3 weeks later all the snow is melted (most of the leftover snow was from where the plows came and plowed it). We got about a foot-ish of snow. And right after all the snow melted it since the ground was *soaking wet* it didn’t have enough time to dry up and then we got 3 days of straight up rain. And I live right by a lake with a bunch of creeks that flow into it, and the lake is overflowed the water is brown, full of trash, and almost up to the buildings. There’s a dam with a park and then a road and another creek. The roads are closed because the dam flooded the park and the road. And in one of the spots there’s a *huge* pile of nothing but trash (it looks like a junkyard in water 🤢😭). It’s sad because theres ducks and fish living there. It’s sad how much pollution and trash is just laying around not in a trash can. And there’s also a golf course right by my house. And a gigantic puddle and there are ducks in that puddle. I mean that puddle is *HUGE*. But yeah that was way too long of a comment. Have a good day!

TimDaLegend : 2019?