13 Year Old Singing Like a Lion Earns Howie's Golden Buzzer America's Got Talent

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Catherine Hermansen : She's not that shy. She's making the contest circuit.

MCP/ChronicBuzz : Some people are born to own the stage :D

Carmen Echevarria : After seeing this for the 664578887775423579965 time I still get the chills!!! She's amazing!

Gary Smith : Absolutely fantastic

Jam Galang : So hot I got goosebumps I'm crying

Jose luis Banegas : Dang she killin it

Anuj Premi : Holy smoke.. She is only 13 and she has already smoked the stage.. a true rockstar

Sylvia Lutalo : OMG 😰Wauuuh 😯😯 😯😯 only 13 years old, wau you're very talented young girl 👏👏👏👏👏😍😍😘😘😘😘 be blessed and continue like that you have a nice voice

Savannah Williams : Omg!I thought she was gonna sing softy....But then.....WOW!!!MY MIND WAS BLOWN AWAY BY THAT AMAZING VOICE!!She derseves to get that gold buzzer and I'm so happy for her!!! If anyone is reading this like if u agree she is AMAZING and DESERVED THAT BUZZER!!

Petricorv : WHAT VOICE!!!

solomon Bc : She would make Janis proud.

Acoustic Dream : She is an artist.. Real one.. Not acting to be one just like many others

FOFO FoFo : I watched the video 100 time 😍😍😍💓

Puy Puy Yee : Who else already watch more than 10 times....

totti060901 : I CANT STOP REPLAYING THIS!!!!!

Raj Raundalkar : Some people are born to burn to the stage

Canal Anne de Souza : LOVEEEE!!! ❤💟

Gary Smith : What a STAR in the. Making brilliant

FOFO FoFo : 2:15 my best part 😹💔🍵

Meybol Salazar Harley : Raro pero wow

Karina Visser : This girl's going places

Rongneme Ari : Her apparent looks shy, but her performance killed me wow!

Sara Sy : She's perfect 👌

Maryam El Amrani : 2:13 IM SHOCKED!

Baby A Blues : I gotta say, her moves are a little strange, but her voice is AMAZING pure natural talent. And if those moves back her less nervous and feel herself more, do it girl

Kidi Mengs : OMG

Yappy Beeman : She was on The Voice Uk 9 months ago. Weird

Silvana Abarca Borrego : 👏👏👏

Tigerex966 : Great Otis Redding Original Song, You made him proud Courtney.

Tanya Dillon : HELLLLLL YEAH!!! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Alavdinesh Vazhappully : Wow an awesome teens she made the stage rocking😁😁😁😍👍👍👍

Kalicha Kali : What!!!! Amazing wow!

Alain Mapigo : I love Howie...... he is Real.

betty scott : HOW DID SHE LURN HOW TO SING LIKE THAT😱!!!!!!!!!!!

Sousou Mspb : She deserve the golden buzz

Amanda Sisneros : Recordation of Janis Joplin 👏👏👏

alvana lydia : When the music takes over....amazing!! True artist

Isabel Lopez : She's great!! Amazing..❤

Yon Panyalai : I though she was a shy girl. Then, it turned out that she rocked the stage really hard.

Zabrina Keating : I can't be the only one who had to keep going back to watch her sing just that part of the video right ? I mean I watched this video and other one and I am in love with the way she is her voice her dancing everything

Raza TV : Catherine Hermansen no matter she is shy or not but she have a amazing talent we should be appreciate to her. you got a point in another angle but when any team is win that time you forget all team bad performance and just appreciate to them. from Pakistan.

Nona Sopamena : This Girl is Amazing

Jo Ravlin : Her voice is her instrument. When you watch real musicians who get absorbed by the music, they're consumed and move like they're possessed.

Lilnique Kendrick : Damn WTF that was amazing I'm in love with this song now

sham : Can't stop listening to this voice, each time listening i have a big smile on my face. A rocking voice makes me wanna dance each time i watch the video.

Chynia Cadell : edges gone, wig snatched,eye brows on the floor... everything is gone!!!!!!!!!!!!

TheOwnedbydevil : Some ppl know how to dance.. Some ppl know how to sing.. That Girl.. She just.. i dont know.. She just.. Wreck the DAMM STAGE! 100000+ Thumbs up! DAMM!! MOAR!!!


Pallabi Kalita : lots of love from India 😍😍😍

Sum'Thyn Serius : She got me “Hype”... I want to scream. This was Amazing!!!!❤️