13 Year Old Singing Like a Lion Earns Howie's Golden Buzzer America's Got Talent

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Catherine Hermansen : She's not that shy. She's making the contest circuit.

Elle Scaglia : I LOVE her and for those saying she's faking it, GET OVER it bc she Clearly is not.

Live Long : Insane talent. 😲😲😲😲😲😲

CaCola-337 1 : Michael Jackson was shy, transformed when performing, he's known as the king of Pop, so what's your point.

TheSteps62 : The way she dances/moves around the stage, the way she sings, the gravel in her voice....... a young Axl Rose! Your amazing girl.

cheekygirlyy : Ist jemand hier Deutsch? Sie ist so gut omf

Kim Bradbury : What a great kid! I read a little bit about her, she's hugely shy and introverted, her dad has decided to support her dedication, because music really helps Courtney, it helps to bring her out of her shell. This could be the reason why David Bowie told us to, "Let the Children Boogie....!"

Every 1 : Even kids are even better than some older adults can't believe


Acoustic Dream : She is an artist.. Real one.. Not acting to be one just like many others

Mundo Da NatyGirl : Canta Bem Tem Mais Algum Br Ou So Eu ? 👀

luminescence hearts : *This girl is bound to be an icon.*

I am someone : if ur a REAL musician u know this isn't fake, and u know this is what music does to people who really love it.

Hallie Morrison : 1:13 to 1:15 OML Simons face like a meerkat 😆😱😂😂😂😂😂

Anuj Premi : Holy smoke.. She is only 13 and she has already smoked the stage.. a true rockstar

kitzy katz : That was the 60's. Free expression. Great talent. No pretentions. Thanks, Courtney, for bringing Janis back alive.

Kegen Rodrigues : She went into the character.....I can't help myself but replaying it and by the way her personality reminds me of MJ 👑

Harm M : Courtney is the best I have ever seen. What a great singer and artist. Keep on going Courtney I wil buy all your records.

caty Lucero : That girl got spirt she has talent.who are you big girl with A big voice😰😱 🎵🎵🎵🎵🎤🎤🎤🎤

MCP/ChronicBuzz : Some people are born to own the stage :D

ايمى Tube : العربى يضغط لايك 👍 💟 👇

Mayflower MSP : 2:14 Omg this girl is 13 HOW

Vince Roelofs : She is rare but she sings good EDIT: thanks for the 55 likes

Aqua Kunicorn:3 : I can’t understand anything she is saying at ALL

Potato World : I'm 13...I can make myself a sandwich.... 😂😂😂

Ema Shaw : Mick jagger jealous of them moves

느므 세리 팬 : 4:16 kissing machine lol

lolobibop kawai : Pour les francais on est daccord que elle chante bien mais comme elle danse c nimporte quoi😂

Kaknika Kamila : I don't care if she pretends like some ppl say or not but I admitted that she was really really amazing.

mame coumba ndour : Ah my god i love that girl 😂

Nikolka Zara : Oh my god this is big talent 😱

Julqqa : I am crying

grabi coll : Alguien habla english?

Angie Alvarez : Wow that's what you call talent, amazing

CésarB VG 19 : Sencillamente no me canso de escucharla

Ana Silva : Wow, she's really good at singing mostly her dance

Epal BlueChobit : She looks like chicken .. bu5 with real voice !!

Hermione Jean Granger : So krass wie geil dieses schüchterne Mädchen singt😍 Das zeigt wieder die sich nichts zutrauen können das meiste und die mit der großen Fresse können nichts😑 Aber dieses Mädchen hat so eine geile Stimme😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

RICKY SEKHON : *_I guess she’s lied about being nervous_*

Julia xD : Ich hatte so hart Gānsehaut😂

Asha Hudson : Janis Joplin actually Used to live down the street from me. Cortney could not be a better mini Janis

_TheBringerOfRain_ : damn shes a performer alright, doesnt look like this is her first rodeo either. killed it!

Peter Wassmuth : 100% true love for music! She is just Awesome. Courtney Hadwin, go for it.

KTK Pitching Machine 24 : She's soooooooooooooooooooo good!!!!!!!

🦄 iiUnicorn 🦄 : *Everyone Clapping* That was hugely unexpected

Lamhylle Oril : shes perform like concert 😗 (avril) 😂

Michy Baeza : Like si al comienzo te dio miedo dksnxnsnx

Eliz Da Unicorn : Her voice is damn fine but her dance is as if she got bitten by a zombie

Briseyda Navarro : is holding her back a part of the show

Snoopy Slimes : I did not expect that