Spider bursts out of a Banana

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Just wanted to eat a banana... For any licensing requests please contact licensing@break.com

Comments from Youtube

mark kaufman : become a vegan they said. Its healthy.

1000 subs with useless videos : *Bananaphobia* -Fear of bananas One day this is going to be a thing

Mizhidor but i just lost my 69 subs frick you : Spider got out and stand there like *"What?"*

No this is patrick : *God has joined the server* Sees spider pop out of banana *God has left the server*

MXRG ۶ : Person recording: *”I fancy a banana right now”* Spider: *”allow me to introduce myself”*

P13 P13 : So thats how spiders are born🤔 Im going to get a A on the test tomorrow yay thank you for helping me out

Sheet Music Boss : That's it. I'm only eating bananas from now on. You sold me

Omegan Kryist : Ah yes the infamous banana spider... a common breed, often found in your average banana, they make cozy little homes within the bananas in which they raise a loving family and watch sitcoms as their lives quickly fades into a husk of its former self. It is said they live as long as the banana stays yellow; once fully brown, their children must venture off into the cruel world in hopes of finding their own banana homes, many unfortunately do not make this trip as the comforts of the banana home does not educate them on the necessary skills needed to survive in the outside world

Geralt : its like the birth of satan

EnNombreDeLaCiencia ! : His latest video is called "Worm Burst Out Of An Apple".

Georges Wehlburg : When u try to be healthy but sweet mother nature swoops in and stops you

fuju 78 : *The spider lands on its back and then just jumps on its feet and poses for the rest of the clip* 😂

—Nyftia— : *imagine peeling that banana and then this disgusting creature with eight legs jUmpS ouT oF yOur bAnanA*

Justin Y. : When a video gets age restricted just because a spider burst out of a banana

skelki Galatasaray : Guess which fruit i will never eat again...

TheLuckiestGaming : How were you not screaming? I would've moved to Jordan if that happened to me oh my god

GunTGP TheGamerPlayer : Not scared at all noob *THROWS ALL BANANAS OUT OF THE WINDOW*

sobs in bisexual : *yeets all my bananas out the window*

BendingMetal : Welp... Time to burn every single banana in my house.

Joel Hernandez : Extremely disturbing for banana lovers

VoraDora : I bet the apple had a worm, huh?

Megs Productions : people with arachnophobia: Am i a joke to you?

Wongs Wang : Do I become Peter parkour if I eat that banana!?

galaxydrewllum : *Fake* _The spider is a paid actor_

TheACDrummer : Dear lord, I thought this spiders came mixed up between bananas, not INSIDE 😰

Luc : You litterely missed your chance to become spiderman

ChewOnMy Shotgun : *Arachnophobia has joined the chat* Sees spider jump out of banana *Bananaphobia has joined the chat* Name a better duo

levi simpson : That's a banana spider. They're known as the most venomous spiders known.

PRXJEK : Shoulda ate it before it burst out, give it that extra crunch

Sempai GVD : And from this day on I will never eat fruit ever again

Owain Gaming : I'm scared to eat bananas and what if you ate spider 😱😱😱

Val O'Brien : Taaa daaa...!🎺 That's magic!👏

Louis CZ : Me: *prepares sandwich for myself, starts the video and bites in sandwich Video: 1:10 Me: *0_0*

Gravy Shit : You're gonna eat an apple now? Okay good luck with the worm then

Vitor Leite : In Austrália even a Banana has something that can kill you...

Murphy Macmanus : I'm scared to eat banana' s now

ItzJackFrost14 : *And then the apples have worms.*

Topaz 13 : Spider:ok time to wo.....hey This isn't "Banana farms"

Higor Ghunter • 64 years ago : * Gets the apple * * Scorpion bursts out of it *

Miksi Cvijovic : What a cute dog

Top 10 Archive : Guess it's time to burn down every country that bananas come from.

No this is patrick : *GAME OVER MAN GAME OVER* the Xenomorphs are becoming a reality

Robo Knight : That's it, no more banana's ever again. Wtf.

nameless Manuel : he protecc he attacc but most importantly *he bursts out of snacc*

ReasonsToSmile : I believed it up until the terrible CGI of it falling out and trying to stand up. *FAKE*

Marie Julshede : I don’t like bananas, I force myself to eat them because they are healthy af. Never going to be able to eat a banana ever again, never, this is like that one story about the sprite and the frog, still can’t drink from a can.


honestlyxceci : Person recording: “I sure love bananas!” Spider: “Hold my beer”

Kennywa : Fake Spider is a paid actor