Spider bursts out of a Banana

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MattMzansi : This is a perfect video to have that screaming face at the end. I was waiting for it....

PRXJEK : Shoulda ate it before it burst out, give it that extra crunch

Roberto Villani : This is the way vegans secretly eat their meat

MoonShepp : Sponsored by Apple.

Lucifer Morningstar : Lucky you was hungry and not horny otherwise a spider may be bursting out of you...

I BATMAN : Bear grills : excuse me, there's a banana in my spider.

k PewDiePie : This is how babies get born in japan

peace : How did you predict there was a spider inside and started taking the vide?

FlipFlop FishFlake : I’m never gonna eat spiders again, never knew bananas came in with them.

smh. kellyy : Don't worry. He explains that this was fake and computer animated.

Sunny Burrito : Why did I have to go and watch it...now even my beard hair is standing up.

Naveen P Nair : *Welcome to another episode of **_"Why Is This In My Recommendations"_* 😂

Nikhil das : Great animation.... Foolish people still believe it.... Lol😂😉😂

spess explorur : Roses are red Violets are blue You wanted to eat a banana Spider wanted too

Ray Mak : I see food with extra snack

nameless Manuel : he protecc he attacc but most importantly *he bursts out of snacc*

Debonair Flair : Oh no! No way! No more bananas! Hello oranges and apples!

Kevin Kaol : Fake,,,,, that Banana is a paid actor

NIFTY : 🍌+🕷 = Spider banana.

Pokerface : excuse me wtf

Darren Young : It's like Leo Dicaprio sleeping inside the dead horse in The Revenant.

Tot Slayer : I read it wrong, I thought it said that the spider crapped out a banana

Arthur Shaww : Welcome to why the hell was this in my recommended part 48.....

Scott Pool : Yes Philippines and such like that they love to get in to a soft shell. Yes definitely good eaten😂😂😂😂😂

S_gamez_8 ;p : Why is this age restricted!? 🤣🤣

nikhil varghese : Why I'm watching this with eating 🍌 banana?🤤

Cartel Jr : Eeeeeeeewwwwww but I clicked the video anyways 🤷‍♂😂😂

lilkoolaidman93 : *Hey mista taliban come bomb me banana*

Big Boksi : In philippines we'll call it "Gagambang Saging"

S_gamez_8 ;p : Now I feel things crawling on me...

No Name : not real people but spiders do live in the end of a banana

Joshua Khakhria : Who else was reminded of alien when they saw this!?

Tin Tin : Plot twist: There's a spider in your Apple too. Extra CRUNCH

Busty Debutante : well im never buying bananas again

iiVinyl_Plastic : I'm never going to eat a banana ever again O.O

W S : Ohhh hell no! I’m throwing that banana to the floor and stomping on it! Nvm I feel bad for killing that spider sorry!

Maximillian Osaben : Why is this person holding a camera instead of a machine gun?

ZillaStudios •-• : I just spit out my banana, in front of all my friends. Sorry banana.

Alec Feagan : You ate an apple mf?!?! I wouldn’t have eaten nothin for at least 8 hrs my guy

Emily Colimon : I’m going to nopeville

W S : As a kid I had a lemon tree and I was throwing lemons around and saw 2 beetles burst out of a soft lemon when I threw it against the wall. Morale of the story don’t play with your food just eat it.

O dau Prea divin : Welcome back to "Why is this in my recomended" episode 107

Vinit Kamble : I thought it was the screaming at the end video so l turned the sound off.

Eight Trailer : Welcome back to "Why is this recommended" Season 3 Episode 5

TheBmans bunker : Nature always finds a way.

Vergmo G. : So, that's what spiders are hatched from! 😌

Mr. Potatoes Head : How is this age-restricted. WTF?!

THE UNKNOWN : 1:12 he shakes the camera like the little guy is gonna run and eats his cheeks

gacha show : Spider: heyyy im go out of a banana! Me: i dont care i eat this banana at all.... 🍌

Bad Vloggerb-Mica : Can someone explain why this is age restricted