Why Mars? Why NOT the other Planets?

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Jesse Hammond : I’m super proud of this video, I’ve wanted to do a great science video on my channel for as long as I’ve had my channel and I feel this is perfect! Big thanks to ripstar who did an INCREDIBLE Job editing this one! If you enjoyed it please tell him how much of a great job he did! Papa bless ❤️🙏🏻😂

[channel moved] [CLICK FOR NEW ONE] ShockMouths : Hey how come you didn’t list the names of all the moons? 🤔 hhhhmmmmmmmMMMMMMMMMmmmmmMMMMMMmmMmmmm

Rifaz Khan : Wishes from Madagascar!!

Heikki T : 1.40 You should really put the volume down my other half of headphones started playing a really high pitch noise and it won't go away. Just so you know that if someone want's to hear you from a little more away you shouldn't put anything with that amount of desibel boost.

Martian Wolf : I really enjoyed this video! Great work!

Daylightgraphy : WE ARE LEARNING!

CodaBear : Wait. . . Uranus isn't pronounced _Your Anus_ ? My life is a lie

Scribble Fix : ITS YA BOIII

Strudel : “Beach weather I reckon” 😂

Scribble Fix : Ripstar you legend 👌🏻 the editing was lit 🔥