Phish sings the National Anthem

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stones391beatles : The most black people Phish has ever played to.

elitt : that's how it's done Steven Tyler!

DFitzTube : the should've done Grind

Dabeydoo62 : i've watched about 20 other national anthem performances by other artists in the past half an hour and this is the best by leaps and bounds!

Freepeat : ...or a few games later, at the end of the series ;-)

duffmann2000 : This perfomance by the boys parallels their live expect them to be good, but they somehow surprise you with their greatness.

masssh0le : wow that was great!

EliWhitney314 : This making me very excited, because they sound great. We know their vocals are still strong.

Hans Gruber : I love how on one hand it's so traditional, while still sounding very Phish. The Mike Gordon lines make it very unique. Love it

bebopPete : ...which would of course be sung later in the game, at a faster pace, and in a higher key. :-)

BugziMerit : they should make write a national anthem reprise...

Sharik Matroskin : Also Sprach Zarathustra > New Jersey Nets Jam > Tweezer > AC/DC Bag > National Anthem > Mike's Song > Haley's Comet > Tweezer Reprise. E: Horn. Cavern.

radium141 : The best ever.

ajmcdavis : haa!

Stephen Theriault : Wow, the boys sure do clean up well.

Kevin Briggs : They were a class act all the way. I wish we had them back.

louswire : Zoles... was that you doing the intro?

webb10588 : What other band does that, i mean its so great

drummergirll : i have this song on my computer so its sooo goo!!! i also like that waving flag... very weird how the sun is glowing though it.. never seen it quite like that be4

Paul Cantillo : Very cool and they can sing great together. Too bad they broke up. I've listened to them since 97'.

CutLoose : man that really shows that they have a lot of singing talant as well as instrumental.

Evan Hughes : Lol. Good shit! I have to say, that has to be one of the best renditions I've heard. Not overblown or overly dramatic. I'll add this to my roster for sweet shit that's happened in Jersey.

dafimjam : i just love phish!

thebiznacho : My god, Mike's voice is so prominent.. prettay sweet.

augustw3st : fucking DOPE.

Davon Ebert : 'Go Page, Jon, Mike & Trey! "Land of the Free!"