You Can Never Have Too Many Cat Videos

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The Un Und Unly : One word to describe this video... Meow :3

Alena W : That guy look just like the cat!

Cassa Nova : That cat has got better moves than Drake lol

Javier Santana Jr. : hotline bling cat has the rthym down

Rey's Music Channel : idiots try to act smart and say how the cat was doing that, while normal people just enjoyed it. what's the point saying it's fake, it's still cute and awesome. Go away you partypoopers

Owl Han : I hate those people who ruins everything, i mean even if he's moving the cat's head can't you just enjoy how cute it looks?

TheSimcraftFixion : I want a cat now! 🐱

Lamia Mahpara : Is the hotline bling cat real! omg. that is soooooo cute.

realfahan : Wow that guy is malaysian tho 😂

KiKi Pepper : oh yeah go Ellen!

xy luo : 哈哈~肚臍上艾倫秀了!!

8polander8 : Dogs need attention too ellen

Adeline Tang : 肚臍太可愛了啊啊啊!

Mohamed Moniem : The most asian cat ever

Morgan Thompson : Dear Ellen I want to meet u my mom is a single parent and she is going through a hard time my dad is a hard drug addict for about 9 years now and I want my mom to have something special because she's going through a really rough time you could help me out thats great I love you love Morgan love Morgan

little fish Love : 小冰跟肚臍???

Valerie Lewis : lmao i love this man and his cat

Zoey Wang : this cat Facebook fans page is 肚臍是隻貓😹😹😹

Kristie Dunlop : You can tell that the cat's head is being moved by that guy

Addison Neria : Guys how do cats move their head to the music like that

Magdiel Bosch : The last one was hilarious omg

Wickedjr Reads : True, there is no such thing as too many cat videos <3 Meow

王蓁 : he's Taiwanese!!! I'm Taiwanese so proud of him and his cat haha 😂

L¡n Sam : 肚臍耶 朝聖一下

Maya Germain : the hot line being cat made my whole family laugh😂!!!#adorable 😺😸😻😹😽

Anna Novakoski : Ellen u should have motivational toddler from Ellie and Jared on your show

abert bing : obviously moving the cat's head with his hand behind it

Taiwan is my country氣魄原在 : Taiwanese

Amanda Stevens : What's better than 1 cat video? Two cat videos! And why should we stop there?

HaloSalo : HAPPY 2000 EPISODE ELLEN!!!!

KE BILL : 小冰!!

Aaliyah Lo A Njoe : 0:20 "cant stop wont stop, get guap" Sorry couldn't help it.

Radion : The cats high on cell phone

GoldenMineCupcakes586 : That was the most adorable thing I have ever seen!

Emil Meldgaard : I really do hope people know he was obviously shaking the cats head with his hand..Probably before he at it as well..

yahya ali : looks like the same guy who got beaten by the land lady in the kungfu haustle movie ?

danae pfeifer : It looks like he's holding a puppet in the last cat video😂

Sharon : It's 小冰&his cat 肚臍from Taiwan!!!!!So proud!keep making great music and adorable videos!!

tea time : #cantstopwontstop

S. Rodriguez : Lmao the last kitty ❤️

Catherine Davinna : guys the last one is not a cat tho 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

antiglue : that dog gets the bed at the end in another clip

kiwi qween : What's better than cat videos dogs in some cases

Filifina JBfan : The hotline bling cat is so cute 😁😂😘😘

Mikayla Nicholas : That cat moving the head looks like a puppet

Jinx The Kitty : if you like kitties you will love me!

Momen Akod : That was really funny. next time try to make it less obvious that you're moving your cat's head to the beat with your hand, which isn't showing in the video, but still pretty obvious.

Video Upload : Ellen haha burst out laughin @ the second video LOLLL

Tyree Mathis : drake is cute. and rhianna woek work

Emily Santiago : i have seen on fb