Don't Stop Smashing!

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Syrmor : The fact that smash bros has all this iconic orchestral music and they left the original trailer so empty makes me really believe this was planned

itsannachloem : I can't get over how good this is. Thank you!

The Mystical Fox : Less than 24 hours until release everyone! Thanks for liking, sharing, subbing, and your kind comments! I don't know who's interested, but I'll probably be doing streams! Have fun!

Mr Neddlemouse: The legendary Sanic Master : That title just sounds wrong

onlyabidoang : I will never believe that this is a pure coincidence. It's just too perfect

Owen Bucher : Nintendo: *Makes a trailer with no music* Community: It’s free real estate.

Brian : That moment when Nintendo managed to get it's entire fanbase to advertise for them.

General Banana : Freddie Mercury wrote this song specifically so it would fit with this trailer released almost 17 years after his death.

Alex Freeman : You can't convince me this wasn't planned. It. Fits. Perfect.

indiejacob : Nintendo planned this. They had to. I KNOW WHAT YOU DID!

Farhan Suyitno : What do we learn from this trailer? 1. Mario and Link is having a good time fighting each other 2. Fox and Kirby is leaping through the sky like a tiger. 3. Marth, Samus, and Pikachu is defying the laws of gravity by jumping over Mewtwo's attack. 4. Pikmins and Isabelle is passing by like Lady Godiva. 5. There's no stopping Pit, even Ridley couldn't stop him. 6. Charizard is burning through the sky. 7. We should call Mega Man Mr. Fahrenheit. 8. Captain Falcon is traveling in the speed of light, thanks to DK. 9. Sonic apparently want to make a supersonic man out of Villager. 10. And Inkling is having a ball in her eye.

Loudgroaning.jpeg : HAPPY SMASH ULTIMATE DAY YALL!!!

Insert Name Here : Lady Godiva = Isabelle You can't change my mind.

Jellycar18 : Millions and millions of years of evolution and human culture and technology has lead to this... perfection


White Sand Cosmos : "Shooting star, racing through the sky like a tiger" *Shows Kirby and Fox* "Burning through the sky, 200 degrees" *Shows Charizard* "Like Lady Godiva" *Shows Peach and Zelda* "Wanna make a supersonic man outta you" *Shows Sonic* It makes too much sense to be a coincidence.

Task1000 : Mario's *having a good time,* Fox and Kirby, *shooting to the sky like a tiger,* Marth, Pikachu, and Samus *defying the laws of gravity,* Mewtwo notices Pikmin *passing by* Isabelle, who they think is *Lady Godiva,* Look at Pit and Ridley *go, go, go, there's no stopping them,* (also Peach and Zelda are here). Pokemon Trainer summons Charizard to *burn through the sky 200 degrees,* through Megaman aka *Mr. Farenheit,* Ness, and Ice Climbers, Donkey Kong punches Captain Falcon *to the speed of light,* Sonic tries to *make a supersonic man out of everyone* but fails. *Don't stop* Inkling girl *now*, she's *having a good time,* she's *having a ball,* there's a smash ball logo inside her iris. *kill me now*

Mastere72 : My replay button broke because of this masterpiece. EDIT: I JUST GOT THE GAME TODAY AHHHHHH

Flayzuh : User on Google: “meaning of fits like a glove” Google:

Vannamelon : Officially watching this everyday until Smash Ultimate is out.

Compa Yoshi : This video gives me hope in humanity again

Zorou : The part where the pokemon trainer throws out charizard is so perfect

Meh Space Dorito : 4 DAYS LEFT BOIS!!!

Phil Rivers : I hope this reaches a million views before December 7

Artsy Omni : This is like 99% perfect. I'd personally have just omitted the music before the "don't stop me now" at the start.

TheBigBeaRCometh : We have one week to get this to 1 million views before launch. BROTHERS AND SISTERS, LET'S DO THIS

Soothers ‘ : You can’t convince me this is not the canon trailer. This fits too good.

Dexter Gonzales : 1 MILLION VIEWS BABY!!

Ilikecheese0910 : Weirdly, the lyrics fit, sorta... 0:08 - “Don't Stop Me” is begun when Link and Mario, two of the original fighters begin the cutscene 0:11 - "Shooting star leaping through the sky, Like a tiger" once Fox/Falco (the tiger defying the laws of gravity) and Kirby (the shooting star) 0:22 - “Lady Godiva” is sung just before Peach and Zelda, the princesses of our two heroes, appear on screen 0:26 - “There’s no stopping me” with Pit, an angel who can’t even fly without Palutena, is fighting the space demon-thingy Ridley 0:29 - “Burning through the sky” and Red sends out Charizard 0:33 - “Mr. Fahrenheit” as Mega-Man, who is shooting a fireball (he can also use the powers or robots, with Mr.[power] but that's a stretch) 0:35 - “I’m traveling at the speed of light” as DK sends Captain flying 0:39 - “Gonna make a super-sonic man out of you” as Sonic himself jumps out with friends 0:43 - “Don't stop me” again now with our -besterest- newcomer, Inkling who's doing some cool parkour moves *And don't even get me started on the pure timing.*

Elliot's Toons : They might have actually timed the commercial out to this, and then subbed it out to avoid licensing the music.

ESPguitaristozzy : Its like they made this trailer while listening to Queen or....Queen made this just for the trailer many moons ago....

foxila pro : Me before: oh how is YouTube such a boring website Me after: *DON'T STOP ME NOW!! I'M HAVING A GOOD TIME!! HAVING A GOOD TIME!!!*

Lamie02 : This is the best one by far “Leaping through the sky” shows falco flying “There no stopping me” Pit and Ridley non stop flying “ I’m burnin through the sky” shows Charizard flying “Traveling at the speed of light” Captain Falcon FLYING after getting punched. “I wanna make a supersonic woman out of you” shows sonic

Yamama Mofanda : I get chills during the Pokemon Trainer and Megaman part. Soooo good😭

Happy Hoovy : Humanity has finally achieved perfection

matthew2837 : It’s amazing things like this that stop me from losing all faith in humanity

The True One : I watched this before the original trailer and thought that this is real and a pretty good trailer.. then i saw the originial trailer...

Seanski2 : Super sonic man outta you... *Sonic appears*

LA Gaming : This is filled with so many coincidences

Need Backup ! : Freddie Mercury join the battle, hail to que Queen !

iamthrillhouse : Finally 1 million views!

Bo Cartiglia : Please make a ten hour version of this.

GalacticGamer : On your way to 1,000,000 views dude

ASquared : Wait, I just realized that Inkling and the Belmont's are the only fighters that aren't associated with any IP already in smash. They're the only TRUE newcomers, everyone else is a character from a series that already has a character in Smash.

Video Game Remixes : It's scary how well the track fits I love it so much <3

Keepers of Light : Proof that this trailer was made for this song: --------------------------------------------------------- 1. 0:09 Music picks up perfectly as Mario hits the ground, not just because of song time placement, but Mercury sings "having a good time" once for Mario and once for Link, with perfect timing. 2. 0:14 Arwing and Kirby flying through the sky as Mercury sings "through the sky." 3. 0:15 Pac-Man jumps out after "like a tiger," not meaning anything symbolic, just good timing. 4. 0:17 as Mercury sings "defying the laws of gravity," Samus, Pikachu, and Marth, dodge and defy Mewtwo's energy ball that symbolizes gravity. 5. 0:20 Pikmins race after Isabelle after the lyrics play "racing by," and Isabelle jumps and lands in literally perfect tempo and synchronization with both notes in the last two syllables of "Lady Godiva!" 6. 0:26 as he sings "There's no stopping me," Pit pushes back Ridley with all his might and literally stays on screen right until the vocal cuts out. 7. 0:29 He sings "through the sky" again, and "at 200 degrees," just as Charizard gets out his Pokéball which was thrown in the air, and he flies threw the sky... at 200 degrees Fahrenheit 🙄 also the Megaman scene timing with lyrics was impeccable. 8. 0:37 "Traveling at the speed of liiiiight" while DK launches Captain Falcon, and the word "light" is only released when CF releases from DK's fist, and the word stops once the next scene is being transitioned to. 9. 0:39 we don't even have to talk about how he sings "Super Sonic man," and then Sonic shows up... do we? 10. 0:43 the song slows down, more relaxed, and talks about having fun and a good time while the trailer reaches it's end, with the Inkling having fun, and a good time. ~~~~~ Honestly the creators of this trailer probably did it WITH this song played in the background of it, and planned on getting the right to use it later, couldn't, took out the song, and realized how amazing it was anyways 🦆👌 idk. Just my theory, but there's no way this wasn't intended.

Kanthad Kuharuangrong : 0:34 Rockman has become Mr. Fahrenheit.

Finnjr63 : Huge congrats on 1 million views! You deserve it all! :D

Dark Spyro Gaming : So, I watched the original trailer, and I loved it. Then I watched this, and felt like I was in Smash Bros. heaven, IT FITS SO WELL! Then I went back and watched the original, and it now seems boring without this song. I CAN'T SEE THE TRAILER WITHOUT HEARING THIS!!! AND U GOT THIS SONG STUCK IN MY HEAD FOR THE PAST 2 WEEKS AND I THANK U FOR THAT XD

Franzeco333 : This is so beautiful that I'm literally crying, and when I say literally, I mean it, teardrops and everything. This is like the 20th time I replay this. If I can find someone that hasn't seen the original trailer, I'll make him/her whatch this instead.