The Ross Sisters - Solid Potato Salad (DVD Quality) Full Video

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Master0fHyrule : 2:24 That's some good flexibility ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

JohnE.M. : And at death the x-rays showed they had no rib cages or spines, and there was a strange flexible gel like tube that ran from their necks down to their buttocks.

assmane999 : If that doesn't sell the barn, I'm not sure what will.

Tanya Kathy : 3:45 I am gob smacked. Oh my god, I just saw the apple thing. DAMN!!!

Kau Ph'aart : Well, that certainly gave me a solid potato.

Jim Koral : Posted by Lidia: Wow!!! These three sisters were way ahead of their time, even for today standards...I can't even bend to put on my socks. They should have been super famous.

Andrew Boush : I wonder if they had Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. That level of flexibility isn't normal, and people with hyperflexibility syndromes have a lot of health problems in middle age and up. Dixie (Elmira) overdosed on barbiturates at the age of 33, but her two sisters lived much longer. Declining health may have been the reason we didn't see more of them. They were very charming and talented though!

Janik Bollh von horst : Now we have the Kardashian’s to teach us how to take the perfect selfie

Ego Alters : Worked hard for that apple, but then decided on some pie instead.

TheBudgie29 : This was Recommended, I am so Glad It was. What control those Girls had. Pre MacDonalds Era Clear Skin no Tramp Stamp Just wholesome Beautiful Girls. Thanks for sharing.

dimllc : Do you Yoga? No, I Potato Salad.

PtolemyJones : Sad to learn the youngest, Dixie Jewel, died at 33...

Justin Holloway : This farm is possessed! The power of Christ compels you!

C. J. Kristel : People used to have to be so ridiculously talented to make it in show biz. Makes me sad that we live in the age of attitude and auto-tune.

Sean : That three-person cartwheel exit added a whole new dimension.. Damn, gurls..

OneWomanAndSomeSongs : All you need is some rum and Coca Cola to go with this solid potato salad.

sitearm : and .. take THAT, Cirque du Soleil! .. ty for posting this : )

bobbelonie : And nowdays all you have to do to get completely world famous is get some muscles in the gym and rap....It's ridiculous, being able to rap is NOT that great a skill, look at these girls...and I am a black man saying this, we all should be ashamed for lowering our standards to zero. And it's not just rap, that was only an example.

Sarah S : I really hesitated to click on this video. It seemed like it would be kind of corny. Now I'm speechless. I just don't know what to think. Stunned basically.

bluejeans_Canada : oh man beautiful western culture.

Kathleen Thomson : Does anyone else find this mildly disturbing?..

omsnaga : wow! this escalated quickly from old time singing gals to some exorcist gymnastics!

Anjili Veach : What shocked me most was reading on their wikipedia page that they were 14, 16, and 17 when this was filmed 😮

romanticwarrior97 : Oddly enough, this is my routine each morning before breakfast.

Willow MacGregor : I can do this.... hold my beer...!

Scott McClure McClure : Somebody has to show this to Ron White

Joshua Levitt : Those must have been some pretty risqué outfits at the time.

Solomon McQueen : When this was viewed back in the day, the theater was echoing with wolf whistles.

schink24 : What if this had existed but had never been filmed? There must be a shit-ton of awesome stuff lost in time because nobody could capture it.

Gerald Lamp : I think my wrist just shattered!

kez kezooie : What flexibility, and to do this wearing shorts that aren't even cut on the bias to give some stretch in pre-lycra days!

eizhowa : 05:00 I believe I saw this in the game Inside.

Melanie Haendel : They must have had spines made of rubber...😮

TheOMGsee : Way better than the talent they put on TV now

Andrew P : 661 people tried to pick up the apple with their teeth and broke their back .

bsanaee : Welp, looks like I'm going to be having nightmares tonight.

GODZGANG100 : I'm scared

ANTIQUEFOTOS : That one trick where she came back up after bending way past her ankles on the tractor took amazing calf strength!

P Hampton : This was pretty good but really I'm more a coleslaw man.

Judy Osborne : Amazing and absolutely gorgeous! So much REAL talent back then!!!!! Thanks for sharing this!

The Raul Guerrero G : My back hurts!

JokerLokison : Then in the 50s they got hooked on Macaroni Salad and things just got too weird for the wholesome American audiences of the time.

modern studies : whatever they got paid they deserved it , what a show

Frontman Video : Wow they just rolled on out of there at the end like it was nothing.

funtime : Aaaw it ended. I wanted to watch more.

1234OTAKUANIME : They traded their bones for potato salad. That's how they became so flexible!

Jake J : these were the good old days..... TRUMP WILL BRING THEM BACK!!!!

Rascal77s : Wow! That takes incredible strength and muscle control! This was back in the day when women didn't have to look and act like whores to entertain and be attractive.

TralfazConstruction : That's some real Americana. I need a forklift to get my jaw up off of the floor.

carcucov : God! They are impressive!