The Ross Sisters - Solid Potato Salad (DVD Quality) Full Video

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NorthernChev : ...did NOT see that coming...

omsnaga : wow! this escalated quickly from old time singing gals to some exorcist gymnastics!

Sarah S : I really hesitated to click on this video. It seemed like it would be kind of corny. Now I'm speechless. I just don't know what to think. Stunned basically.

Steve Mogan : Ah back when people had actual talent.

JohnE.M. : And at death the x-rays showed they had no rib cages or spines, and there was a strange flexible gel like tube that ran from their necks down to their buttocks.

Ranger099 : I dropped a penny on the floor 3 years ago. It's still there.


romanticwarrior97 : Oddly enough, this is my routine each morning before breakfast.

Willow MacGregor : I can do this.... hold my beer...!

assmane999 : If that doesn't sell the barn, I'm not sure what will.

Sean : That three-person cartwheel exit added a whole new dimension.. Damn, gurls..

Anjili Veach : What shocked me most was reading on their wikipedia page that they were 14, 16, and 17 when this was filmed 😮

ufewl : When America was great.

Graham Houston : The world seemed better when men were men and ladies were ladies

ANTIQUEFOTOS : That one trick where she came back up after bending way past her ankles on the tractor took amazing calf strength!

JokerLokison : Then in the 50s they got hooked on Macaroni Salad and things just got too weird for the wholesome American audiences of the time.

Glenn Gilday : Gosh that was a swell show.

1234OTAKUANIME : They traded their bones for potato salad. That's how they became so flexible!

schink24 : What if this had existed but had never been filmed? There must be a shit-ton of awesome stuff lost in time because nobody could capture it.

J.R. Vasquez : Beautiful and talented girls with an extra dash of physical freakishness.

11green11 : Wow! If that's the standard then America's " no longer" got talent 😮

Jack OBoyle : Lots of comments as expected, but I gotta say that when they open their act, the gal on the right (our right,, not stage right) is awful cute. Hell, they all are! And great gymnasts. That's all it is, you dirty minded perverts; gymnastics! With singing and dancing. In other words, ShowBiz. Vaudeville. Nothing more, nothing less. I likes it!

Powertuber1000 : They said, Groovy in the 1940's? 02:15 Over twenty years before 1967.

jmzr65 : Did I just take acid?

TheBudgie29 : This was Recommended, I am so Glad It was. What control those Girls had. Pre MacDonalds Era Clear Skin no Tramp Stamp Just wholesome Beautiful Girls. Thanks for sharing.

Robert Collings : Sister acts where big back then and these girls must have gotten plenty of Wolf whistles and cat calls,cute and sexy acrobatics.

Andrew P : 661 people tried to pick up the apple with their teeth and broke their back .

Solomon McQueen : When this was viewed back in the day, the theater was echoing with wolf whistles.

v1e1r1g1e1 : The Ross sisters were born in West Texas, to Veda Cordelia Lipham and her husband Charles Adolphus Ross. Their performances were first reviewed in Billboard in September 1942, when they appeared in Boston in the show Count Me In. The reviewer wrote, "The acrobatic antics of the Ross Sisters stop the show on two occasions. These kids are fresh, and their work is sensational." In May 1943 they appeared in Post War Revue, presented by Billy Rose at the Diamond Horseshoe nightclub in New York City,    where a review praised their "amazing acro contortion work".  After performing a "grand acrobatic dance"   in the 1944 MGM musical film Broadway Rhythm,   to the song "Solid Potato Salad" co-written by Don Raye, Gene de Paul and Hughie Prince,   they appeared regularly in nightclub shows around the United States. In May 1944, a reviewer noted that: "Girls are weak in the voice department but go over on the contortion stuff. Trick back bends with hanky pick-ups raise a flock of oohs and aahs from customers. Gals walk off to a good hand."    In October 1944 it was reported that the sisters were resuming their school work.   However, they soon left to perform in Europe. The sisters arrived in Southampton, on the Queen Mary in September 1946.   Several weeks later, they performed before King George VI and Queen Elizabeth at the 1946 Royal Variety Performance at the London Palladium.   They were featured in Piccadilly Hayride, a London stage revue starring comedian Sid Field, that ran from 1946 to 1948,   and performed the song "Five Minutes More," a song by Sammy Cahn and Jule Styne,   which was a hit for Frank Sinatra.  By 1950, the sisters had all married.

Mike McKelvey : They don't make them like they used to....

Jackie Rose : now that's what I call talent

hippomancy : a fun bit of forties silliness, but the "color enhancement" moves it into uncanny valley territory

Kathleen Thomson : Does anyone else find this mildly disturbing?..

Jim Koral : Posted by Lidia: Wow!!! These three sisters were way ahead of their time, even for today standards...I can't even bend to put on my socks. They should have been super famous.

SireSquish : This is like a real life version of a cheesy 50's cartoon.

Rin Wesley : A hot sister singer-contortionist trio? Man, they had 10x more talent back in the forties than they do now.

Gerald Lamp : I think my wrist just shattered!

Miss Kitty K : Just when you thought you'd seen it all...

John Me : that gave me a solid potato for sure!

Jake J : these were the good old days..... TRUMP WILL BRING THEM BACK!!!!

Don Diego Vega : I guess those farmers daughter jokes were true!

mickypoo4622 : Incredible stuff! Another time, another age ....

TheOMGsee : Way better than the talent they put on TV now

Candy Smith : That was fun to watch! Nice to see the good ole days when women acted like ladies. I wish I lived in a different era!

Spam Sandwich : I watched this 3 times! Man, I would love to have a woman that can fit in take on luggage.

eizhowa : 05:00 I believe I saw this in the game Inside.

kez kezooie : What flexibility, and to do this wearing shorts that aren't even cut on the bias to give some stretch in pre-lycra days!

Time's Up People : Without a doubt the best contortionist act ever.

Bobby vance : I've never seen anything like this and I can't stop watching it. Such a beautiful group of talented girls. What have we become.

David Sain : Wow! Ow, get the chiropractor! That is some skill & lots of practice. Also, I didn't know people said "groovy" in the 40s.