The Ross Sisters - Solid Potato Salad (DVD Quality) Full Video

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NorthernChev : ...did NOT see that coming...

Bridget Stoli : I can not think of an appropriate comment.

Ranger099 : I dropped a penny on the floor 3 years ago. It's still there.

MeMad Max : Every, single, woman, in this vid is a million times better in every way compared to todays purple haired... crazy sjw....

assmane999 : If that doesn't sell the barn, I'm not sure what will.

J.R. Vasquez : Beautiful and talented girls with an extra dash of physical freakishness.

Eine kleine Nachtmusik : Ah, the Ross sisters... Sparking sibling sex fantasies since 1942.

Glenn Gilday : Gosh that was a swell show.

Graham Houston : The world seemed better when men were men and ladies were ladies

ANTIQUEFOTOS : That one trick where she came back up after bending way past her ankles on the tractor took amazing calf strength!

S.R. Starbird : Now I'm craving potato salad ... and pretzels!

11green11 : Wow! If that's the standard then America's " no longer" got talent 😮

Toreshammere Celt : Women were classy, thin, good looking and best of all... ink free. Beautiful girls of America’s past. I should have lived back then. Thank you greatest generation. 🙂👍🏻🇺🇸

ufewl : When America was great.

linafelina : so i want to know more about this potato salad

swmita : Well for sure this one was not a click baited video !!! And out performed what was advertised.

Luke Maynard : I totally thought the girl at 3:25 was just filmed going down, then had the film reversed to bring her back up. But no, the movement of her hands is different going down and the arm flourish at the end tells you it's one continuous shot. Amazing. In general, I miss the days of long-takes in everything from dance numbers to fight scenes. The camera is too close and the cuts too quick now, to hide the fact that no one has this level of talent anymore.

omsnaga : wow! this escalated quickly from old time singing gals to some exorcist gymnastics!

Mike McKelvey : They don't make them like they used to....

gmaqwert : Those chicks must have been fun on a date

Miss Kitty K : Just when you thought you'd seen it all...

Sandy G. : Wow!!! I was going to say they were similar to the Andrew Sisters but then they did some most extraordinary flexibility contortionist moves I’ve ever seen! Their back and core strength is incredible! I can’t believe that I’ve never heard of them before! Bravo!!!

bill westrup : Back when people were much fitter, smarter and freer. Weakness and degeneracy have become the new normal. So glad I grew up before the country went to hell.

Meep Meep : Grandpa Meep told me that back in his day porn was weirder and kinkier, i didn't believed him. Sorry grandpa Meep.

Jeff Ghendar : The stuff that dreams are made of

hippomancy : a fun bit of forties silliness, but the "color enhancement" moves it into uncanny valley territory

Jim Koral : Posted by Lidia: Wow!!! These three sisters were way ahead of their time, even for today standards...I can't even bend to put on my socks. They should have been super famous.

rambo man : these girls would win America got talent

Charon58 : SO they start with three sisters, pretty, great voices and excellent harmonies and good dancing. Then the crazy contortionist thing starts. I was totally unprepared for that.

Shiner Dude : They don't make girls like that anymore.

ufewl : when people in showbiz had talent, now they are bitter feminists.

jmzr65 : Did I just take acid?

JW Pev : Those girls were terrific, a lot of talent there.

Красная Шамбала : This is what feminism has taken from us to give us degenerate and tattooed transgender mulattos with blue hair instead.

Slappy : Aaaand that's enough internet for today.

Don Diego Vega : I guess those farmers daughter jokes were true!

romanticwarrior97 : Oddly enough, this is my routine each morning before breakfast.

Andrei Lee : That tall woman looks like mia sabathy of Asia's Next Top Model

ChefGiovanni : How come girls cant do this today ?

AL T Tude : That's not a stage show, thats a carnival act!

freespeechisdead isdead : 4:02 OH's that scene from the exorcist they cut out for being too scary! (It's making me feel funny tho)

Kau Ph'aart : Well, that certainly gave me a solid potato.

cherkarman : I was fine, even amazed until the end and I couldn't stop 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 thank you for posting this.

Spam Sandwich : I watched this 3 times! Man, I would love to have a woman that can fit in take on luggage.

Double E : Back in the days of varied yeast products, no fast food, and only men had tats (mostly sailors).  As a result clear skin and awesome flexibility.  Now we're well on the way to becoming Asgardians (Stargate SG - 1 reference).  We need more potato salad.

Music Shoppe Gerald Braden : These young ladies were amazing! They sang well, danced well, and I have NO idea how to train a body to do all of the feats they accomplish in this video. Like SO many other film, dance, musical and vocal entertainers from the past, they are FAR more talented than what we have to watch in today's world...Peace!

v1e1r1g1e1 : The Ross sisters were born in West Texas, to Veda Cordelia Lipham and her husband Charles Adolphus Ross. Their performances were first reviewed in Billboard in September 1942, when they appeared in Boston in the show Count Me In. The reviewer wrote, "The acrobatic antics of the Ross Sisters stop the show on two occasions. These kids are fresh, and their work is sensational." In May 1943 they appeared in Post War Revue, presented by Billy Rose at the Diamond Horseshoe nightclub in New York City,    where a review praised their "amazing acro contortion work".  After performing a "grand acrobatic dance"   in the 1944 MGM musical film Broadway Rhythm,   to the song "Solid Potato Salad" co-written by Don Raye, Gene de Paul and Hughie Prince,   they appeared regularly in nightclub shows around the United States. In May 1944, a reviewer noted that: "Girls are weak in the voice department but go over on the contortion stuff. Trick back bends with hanky pick-ups raise a flock of oohs and aahs from customers. Gals walk off to a good hand."    In October 1944 it was reported that the sisters were resuming their school work.   However, they soon left to perform in Europe. The sisters arrived in Southampton, on the Queen Mary in September 1946.   Several weeks later, they performed before King George VI and Queen Elizabeth at the 1946 Royal Variety Performance at the London Palladium.   They were featured in Piccadilly Hayride, a London stage revue starring comedian Sid Field, that ran from 1946 to 1948,   and performed the song "Five Minutes More," a song by Sammy Cahn and Jule Styne,   which was a hit for Frank Sinatra.  By 1950, the sisters had all married.

AncientManBeast : But did they get the job????????

TheRisingforce2000 : Americas got talent says there going to vegas !

lazarus921 : It always amazes me there some really miserable people out there. 756 thumbs down, really?