The Ross Sisters - Solid Potato Salad (DVD Quality) Full Video

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Master0fHyrule : 2:24 That's some good flexibility ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Jim Koral : Posted by Lidia: Wow!!! These three sisters were way ahead of their time, even for today standards...I can't even bend to put on my socks. They should have been super famous.

OneWomanAndSomeSongs : All you need is some rum and Coca Cola to go with this solid potato salad.

TralfazConstruction : That's some real Americana. I need a forklift to get my jaw up off of the floor.

Mulder Scully : Aaaahhh back when things where more innocent.

dimllc : Do you Yoga? No, I Potato Salad.

Kau Ph'aart : Well, that certainly gave me a solid potato.

Saya : Omg I’m so glad I discovered this!! Btw in the beginning I was like this is so corny but once they started with the gymnastics I was amazed. Especially that back end to get the Apple 😱

jmzr65 : Did I just take acid?

Kevin Potts : They were doing a 70 right there. That's a 69+1.

Going Full Retarded : My Proudest Fap

jeffwads : Considering this is 2018, I can't imagine some dude in the theater watching this in the 50's. Dude must have been going nuts.

1Rdby : Just amazing!! Can you imagine being one of these ladies and watching this movie in your old age, perhaps with bad arthritis, and recalling your insane flexibility?

P Hampton : This was pretty good but really I'm more a coleslaw man.

Nick Pollard : Came here to find out what a 'perpetual muff slam exit' is. I am NOT disappointed.

Ego Alters : Worked hard for that apple, but then decided on some pie instead.

rob farris : I was breathing like Darth Vader from the get go!

assmane999 : If that doesn't sell the barn, I'm not sure what will.

TheOMGsee : Way better than the talent they put on TV now

WillieRants : This is pornography! I'm flagging this video.

Rascal77s : Wow! That takes incredible strength and muscle control! This was back in the day when women didn't have to look and act like whores to entertain and be attractive.

Tanya Kathy : 3:45 I am gob smacked. Oh my god, I just saw the apple thing. DAMN!!!

russell carter : Beautiful ladies. No tattoos. Just naturally beautiful. I would take one of them over today’s women any day. Flexible too, lol

schink24 : What if this had existed but had never been filmed? There must be a shit-ton of awesome stuff lost in time because nobody could capture it.

Vic Toria : Gives new meaning to Ass to Mouth!

Mike McNally : when it ended, I had this strong urge to start clapping. ....most unbelievable act I've ever seen. Bravo

CmdrPwn : That made me aroused and creeped out at the same time.

JoeyRetroRockets : I bet this started out as Flaccid Potato Salad!!!

Frontman Video : Wow they just rolled on out of there at the end like it was nothing.

Rand0m411 : Best non-porn nut ive busted in years. 10/10 will view again.

bobbelonie : And nowdays all you have to do to get completely world famous is get some muscles in the gym and rap....It's ridiculous, being able to rap is NOT that great a skill, look at these girls...and I am a black man saying this, we all should be ashamed for lowering our standards to zero. And it's not just rap, that was only an example.

Ima Paine-diaz : Sorry I never heard of these girls before. they are a least as good as the Andrews sisters and way more athletic. The got out of the business way too soon!

Mike Tayon : Them Ladies could sing the phone book to me, and I'd pay to listen!!!!!

swaramant : At 4:13 one of the triplets performs the most amazing version of this feat, a deep backbend going down 3 or 4 feet below her ankles without the use of her hands. A mind boggling feat of flexibility, strength and courage.

mikegan73 : Amazing! Olympic Gold Medal aerobics on display here. Super talented ladies.

M : That muff eatin' triangle at the end was kind of neat.

bluejeans_Canada : oh man beautiful western culture.

Endtimescoming : Not sure why they are singing about potato salad...and Im likewise not sure I want my potato salad to be solid amazing talent with the gymnastics I've seen flexibility before but I have never seen someone drop down below feet level and then stand back up again the way the girl with the apple does or the thing on the cart...pretty amazing.

Alan Fregtman : Best potato salad song ever.

Scott McClure McClure : Somebody has to show this to Ron White

phdfxwg Fischercat : why cant I find some girls that good to ad to my stable ?????

James Dunn : Wowzer! Them gals are flexibility personified.

PaulOfThebes : It's not real, clearly a fake! The red apple I mean, not the right weight :D I thought the close harmonies were impressive but I was just floored by the flexibility and shocked by that stunt with the fake apple, you'd never be allowed that these days, insurance wouldn't cover it. Wow! Talented ladies, no doubt, but obviously not appreciated one bit with the way they were treated in this clip. Thank you for uploading it, most likely I would never have seen it otherwise. I'm somewhat stunned.

rideswithscissors : When she went for that apple, I said, "Oh no she can't". But she did!

Love AndPeace : My pants are getting tight

Justin Holloway : This farm is possessed! The power of Christ compels you!

sitearm : and .. take THAT, Cirque du Soleil! .. ty for posting this : )

Frank Grimes : "i'm just gonna climb up here in the hay loft and grab this apple in the most difficult way possible...and got it..nope I changed my mind I dont want it anymore."

Goalie Dave : Boy, that's back when lyrics really meant something!

Queen_Of_Domination : This was considered “smut” for the time (their attire and the fact that their faces were buried in each other’s pussies when doing flips). However, in spite, it’s just classic. I loved the creativity and loved this video since forever. Thanks for the post!