just asking alexa what tin foil is made of

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Jamie Grossman : hope this wasn't too spicy of a meme for ya, sub if you want more http://bit.ly/2A1hO59 still not sure which is right tho

General G. S. Patton : This is gold!

R1pZone : /r/VideosThatEndedTooSoon

Awok3n Pho3nix : This is what I need more of.

Amos Pritchard : Top 10 photos taken before disaster

Major Moron : This is how you make robots grow sentience. You caused Skynet. I hope you are proud.

V Z : Funny and you're very cute.

D.Joker : this is g.o.v.n.o.

Oleksandr Zubchenko : Does it mean that there will be no rise of the machines (because they'll destroy each other instead)?

xApemanx : this was actually kindof funny

Сергей Романчуков : Poor funny robots! The correct answer is алюминий.

i'm caleb : Beautiful in every way.

Артур Пирожков : Поссорились из-за куска алюминия))

rsachount : keep it up subbed

No Name : American Alexa is more cocky. It first started to being rude, despite the fact that it was not right in principle. Because the American English a derivative of the British English, only slightly simplified(as it is heard, so it is written). Btw, sorry for my English , I'm not native speaker.

Dan Gee : Top 10 anime fight scenes

Mr Mike Hilliard : Ladies, Ladies, calm down....

JR Mcgovern : mor!!!

jscbbo : А что если такой же эксперимент провести между украинской версией и русской?

Медников Владимир : По-русски диалог колонок звучал бы примерно так: - Коза! - Сама коза! - Ой, понаехала тут из Козлоплюйска! - Сама из понаехалова! - Я тебе сейчас патлы-то повыдергаю! Дальше визг, крики и прочие признаки неумелой драки.

maidpretty : What is wrong with that knobhead bot? It's aluminium!

Damian Silveira : I love your expression youre just like "oh shit whatttt"

En Dry : А-ха -ха, твой дом труба шатаппппп)))

Amstrad Vs Atari : This has sparked a new theory for me... How world war 3 starts Ai vs Ai

foil : can confirm

Corrillian Euphonix : This is how the world ends

Сергей Белоусов : no it is spelled as F.A.K.E.

Allen J : Nice! South park in real life.

Boney Mcbrain : Is this the artificial intelligence Musk and Hawking are warning us?

Kievvik : Great video , thanks from sharing ! Im not fanat of those things but this video was funny. I wonder if they could to do same on ukrainian lang : ))

Aldor : That AI is getting out of control THE END IS NEAR EVERYONE

Marcin360360 : 100% womens!!!

Ден Заг : Вот же стервы блять!!!

Kenny J : This is how the robot wars began.

Tyler Evans : Your youtube channel is the best. Its not to crazy and not to boring.If i gave a look, it would be a 5 star. I got to tell more people about your youtube channel

Stephen Palmer : so this is what the kid from spy kids has been up too.

JJ K : Women.


Nico The Rabbit : What did the Tin Man say when he got run over by a steamroller? ------------ “Curses! Foil again!”

Spoopy Spoons : This is the quality content I signed up for

Timbobway : If the argument got anymore intense, would it be a cat fight or a bit brawl?

Bob : 120k views, 66 comments?

БАРСУК BADGER : when cat doesn't kno what to do - he licking his balls =) but people that time - troll assistants )

Dufffaaa93 : Whats the AI on the right side?

Шмфт Шмфт : made FROM or made OF?

Max Lisitsyn : Thanks god AI has no access to any weapons... yet

cutiegirl60000 : Lol the A. I fought with each other

Scocasso Vegetus : Of course, Tin Foil is made of tin, and Aluminum foil is made of Aluminum. Some people simply haven't been able to adjust yet to the 'new' Aluminum foil and continue to call it Tin Foil... after production stopped about 70 years ago... some people are slow to change.

MSN Gamer : hmm