just asking alexa what tin foil is made of

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Jamie Grossman : hope this wasn't too spicy of a meme for ya, sub if you want more http://bit.ly/2A1hO59 still not sure which is right tho

R1pZone : /r/VideosThatEndedTooSoon

Awok3n Pho3nix : This is what I need more of.

Amos Pritchard : Top 10 photos taken before disaster

V Z : Funny and you're very cute.

General S. Patton : This is gold!

xApemanx : this was actually kindof funny

rsachount : keep it up subbed

Артур Пирожков : Поссорились из-за куска алюминия))

i'm caleb : Beautiful in every way.

Oleksandr Zubchenko : Does it mean that there will be no rise of the machines (because they'll destroy each other instead)?

No Name : American Alexa is more cocky. It first started to being rude, despite the fact that it was not right in principle. Because the American English a derivative of the British English, only slightly simplified(as it is heard, so it is written). Btw, sorry for my English , I'm not native speaker.

Danny Graham : Top 10 anime fight scenes

Mr Mike Hilliard : Ladies, Ladies, calm down....

D.Joker : this is g.o.v.n.o.

maidpretty : What is wrong with that knobhead bot? It's aluminium!

Damian Silveira : I love your expression youre just like "oh shit whatttt"

Kievvik : Great video , thanks from sharing ! Im not fanat of those things but this video was funny. I wonder if they could to do same on ukrainian lang : ))

Медников Владимир : По-русски диалог колонок звучал бы примерно так: - Коза! - Сама коза! - Ой, понаехала тут из Козлоплюйска! - Сама из понаехалова! - Я тебе сейчас патлы-то повыдергаю! Дальше визг, крики и прочие признаки неумелой драки.

Сергей Романчуков : Poor funny robots! The correct answer is алюминий.

Aldor : That AI is getting out of control THE END IS NEAR EVERYONE

Major Moron : This is how you make robots grow sentience. You caused Skynet. I hope you are proud.

En Dry : А-ха -ха, твой дом труба шатаппппп)))

ACuppaBrit : This is how the world ends

Morgan Lee : This has sparked a new theory for me... How world war 3 starts Ai vs Ai

Сергей Белоусов : no it is spelled as F.A.K.E.

Yasuo The Unforgiven : Nice! South park in real life.

Boney Mcbrain : Is this the artificial intelligence Musk and Hawking are warning us?

JR Mcgovern : mor!!!

Marcin360360 : 100% womens!!!

jscbbo : А что если такой же эксперимент провести между украинской версией и русской?

ArchiURURU : two girls in your room ah you lucky bastard!

Daisaun White : Annnnnnnnd this is how you get your channel to take off. Swag.

Stephen Palmer : so this is what the kid from spy kids has been up too.

JJ K : Women.

The John Dorian : Stupid american spelling


Nico The Rabbit : What did the Tin Man say when he got run over by a steamroller? ------------ “Curses! Foil again!”

Spoopy Spoons : This is the quality content I signed up for

Giacomo Masini : women

Ro Su : SkyNet is coming! )))

Ден Заг : Вот же стервы блять!!!

Grigor Tarasoff : ...missiles are launched

Jason Kotolski : They do not make tin foil retard! It is aluminum foil. There for aluminum. You both shut the fuck up!

Sylma Jimenez : lmao

Somnium : checkout SmartCash

Delicious Cake : Thats how american independence war begins

Snooby66 : Words that Americans pronounce incorrectly: Almost all of them. (Oregano being one that really grates, but "twat" rhyming with "swot" !?) Words that Americans use incorrectly (i.e. do not mean what they think they mean): Ass Fanny Bum Pavement Biscuit Chips Tramp Words that Americans invented for no good reason: Tunafish

Andy S : Possibly FAKE?

Benjamin Malave : I have never seen tin foil, only aluminum foil.