Howard Stern Show - Harvey Weinstein Interview (01/15/14)

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This Is Beetle He's As Bad As Can : F you, Howard. You knew. Howard already had personal info that Harvey was a pervert because an actress had told Howard, off the air, that Harvey tried to force a bj from her. Type in "Eric and Artie 14" and go to the 3:39:18 mark. Howard is so obsessed with being "in" with Hollywood that he didn't even ask Harvey about it. "Greatest interviewer ever," my ass.

djf750 : I can't wait for Howard's take on him now

LastAvailableAlias : 39:36, Howard's tongue is fully inserted in Harvey's butt

Papa Grams : i can't wait for the next interview! I think Howard would still kiss his ass

bitcoinmeetups : Two mega creeps endorsing each other and patting each other on the back.

climbeverest : Howard Stern is disturbing on what he thinks manhood is, this scumbag has not grown up, people should boycott him

beastofman77 : Jews stick together

drz : 10:12 You know now.

Shamus McFly : Proof that Weinstein is a scape goat and diversion for Hollywood pedophillia

John Wilkerson : two kikes

Gabe Stagg : Seems like a nice guy.

TazeMeBro McCleskey : 24:30 this is what you're looking for

Dizzy Blu : 24:50 heres the part you want, Harveys views on sex in the industry

Little Bigman : Weinstein....was a serious Hollywood player but he was a serious mega creep....too bad.

Pyro 2000 : Harvey isn't even that bad of a guy. He gave all those whores careers in exchange for sexual favours and then they go and stab him in the back? This is a legitimate argument and defence for Harvey. It's not like he just raped them and ditched, he fucking gave those whores careers, and they accepted his offers. The whole thing is shady business, sure, but I would hardly call Harvey a evil person.

AndyFromCALi : This vid didn’t age well 😂

Trista Love : it seems that he was turned down more than not.

Michael Amato : What a fantastic interview.

supremejoseph : Skip to 24:48 for the good stuff

chima chibi : Howard has been sexually harassing women verbally on the radio for decades. So this is like two peas in a pod, lol. And they're both brilliant at what they do professionally.

Tim DaSilva : Rich fucking Jew too cheap to pay for sex!! Fucking idiot!! Lets see if Howard still licks his ass!!

bigblue62220 : So...this guy likes hot chics and gives them an OPTION....suck his dick, get a movie deal. Or.....leave. THEY, choose to or NOT to. Goes on every day in millions of businesses. Men do whatever they can to get pussy. And women can SELL it or TRADE it.... if they want. Oldest game on earth. whats everybody shocked about?

OH Yeh! : Meryl Streep the filthy kkkuntt thinks he's god - priceless

Jim Kirk : Death to the fucking Jews. The Islamic take over of Europe assures it.

Sunshine Pardo : two nasty , pervert guys, howard and harvey

Sunshine Pardo :

Mike : Harvey is so down on gun's and what happened with the jews during the holocaust, why not do a movie on the jews running the federal reserve or thejew owned bankers financing Hitler so he could kill other jews? All jews are phonies.

David Joyce : Hahaha at 24:45

Th' Great Scrubblepuss : meryl streep does not have the authority to deem a person "god".

Happy huWhite Man : fucking degenerate kikes

BlackIrishRy : Harvey and Trump have one thing in common. They are both pigs.

BRUE TENN : Pervert,he would be advised to stuff his ass with broken glass before he's locked up!

justpinahy : Omg when Harvey its as if he sounds smart and respectful of the ppl he works with. He tries not to belittle them but this is just a facade hes trying to play

Defer Payment : did he dieded

Jay Amin : Great interview! Love Howard!

Diane Lucido : Oh and as a Knicks fan this goes to show James Dolan needs to gtfoh ... Def a creep aswell

Diane Lucido : Harvey wasn't lying Lola apparently it didn't work out that way for him. You see now he clearly tried