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This Is Beetle He's As Bad As Can : F you, Howard. You knew. Howard already had personal info that Harvey was a pervert because an actress had told Howard, off the air, that Harvey tried to force a bj from her. Type in "Eric and Artie 14" and go to the 3:39:18 mark. Howard is so obsessed with being "in" with Hollywood that he didn't even ask Harvey about it. "Greatest interviewer ever," my ass.

djf750 : I can't wait for Howard's take on him now

LastAvailableAlias : 39:36, Howard's tongue is fully inserted in Harvey's butt

bitcoinmeetups : Two mega creeps endorsing each other and patting each other on the back.

beastofman77 : Jews stick together

drz : 10:12 You know now.

Shamus McFly : Proof that Weinstein is a scape goat and diversion for Hollywood pedophillia

Gabe Stagg : Seems like a nice guy.

TazeMeBro McCleskey : 24:30 this is what you're looking for

Little Bigman : Weinstein....was a serious Hollywood player but he was a serious mega creep....too bad.

AndyFromCALi : This vid didn’t age well 😂

Trista Love : it seems that he was turned down more than not.

Michael Amato : What a fantastic interview.

supremejoseph : Skip to 24:48 for the good stuff

chima chibi : Howard has been sexually harassing women verbally on the radio for decades. So this is like two peas in a pod, lol. And they're both brilliant at what they do professionally.

OH Yeh! : Meryl Streep the filthy kkkuntt thinks he's god - priceless

Sunshine Pardo :

David Joyce : Hahaha at 24:45

Th' Great Scrubblepuss : meryl streep does not have the authority to deem a person "god".

Happy huWhite Man : fucking degenerate kikes

BlackIrishRy : Harvey and Trump have one thing in common. They are both pigs.

BRUE TENN : Pervert,he would be advised to stuff his ass with broken glass before he's locked up!

justpinahy : Omg when Harvey its as if he sounds smart and respectful of the ppl he works with. He tries not to belittle them but this is just a facade hes trying to play

Defer Payment : did he dieded

Jay Amin : Great interview! Love Howard!

Diane Lucido : Oh and as a Knicks fan this goes to show James Dolan needs to gtfoh ... Def a creep aswell

Diane Lucido : Harvey wasn't lying Lola apparently it didn't work out that way for him. You see now he clearly tried