Old Iron start up

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Janice Bedford : Spray it down with a decent coating of WD40 and it will last another 100 years.

deweys : Does it have GPS and power steering?

Dalek Anonymous : If it ran under load, its musical time is 4/4 and it was a super-basic beat that loads of song run to.

jmar1371 : 1909 International Harvester. What make produced today will still be running in 106 years?

Jack Paskievitch : I see those Freon containers on those old engines all the time. could someone explain what it does?

Robert Ford : Is it just me or does it sound like it's ready to drop a new mix tape

Red time lapses : When in movies a parent gives a kid there old car,

coc0s : It may be old but it's still got rhythm.

Doris Moser : how many hp?

mason methot : Wow farmers back then had some good beats while workin

ScottyAllenDay : I was saying that beat was awesome!

Chad Is Rad : Damn, they cut this video off right before the bass drop.... smh

clydeburkey : Chitty chitty bang bang we love you

HISTORY HIKES W/ JASOWN : I thought it was a music band... XD

Playxbox_Makemusic_ 83 : That fuckers huge

Reima : Somebody spray it with rust converter

Lifted_Above : 4-wheeled Harley Davidson!!

Kaulid Esau : Nice beat

Johannes Vildmarksskola : A little bit uneven 👍😅

Dan : This old guy sounds like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang's Grandpa. You can even sing the song to his rhythm. Jeremy: What a funny noise it's making! Caractacus: It's talking to us--all engines talk! Jemima: What's it saying? (at 35sec) Chitty chitty, chitty chitty, chitty chitty, Bang! Chitty Bang Chitty Bang Chitty Bang chitty chitty Bang Chitty chitty chitty Bang Chitty Chitty Bang Chitty chitty Bang chitty bang Chitty chitty chitty Bang Chitty Chitty Chitty Bang Chitty Bang Chitty Chitty Bang Oh you pretty Chitty Bang Bang, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Bang Bang!! We love you. And in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Chitty Chitty Bang Bang What we'll do. Near, far, in our motor car Oh! What a happy time we'll spend. Bang Bang Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Our fine four fendered friend. Bang Bang Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Our fine four fendered friend.

pat ryan : So that's how rap music came about.

Fishing Mojados : Drop that mix tape

Lee Spitzer : Okay, I'm dancing in my chair listening to this.

Sambo Rambo : Let's see a Komatsu do that . . . .

Gran's Stuff : Thomas the beatengine

Spirit of the wolf Bush shaman : Looks like a international titan model or the titan mougel model

jacob mutti : IT LIVES!!!

Śńípér Háćkér : I will do anything for this tractor

The J Channel : Dude I swear this was a perfect beat to beatbox with

360 Noscoper : no that aint got rythm

Random ville : this tractor start is interesting

Flats the Flounder : now 2jz swap it

Nonc3 69 : You know I had to pull up in the foreign.

Dom vlogs : this sound of the machine can make a rapper beat and make supa fire music

Curt Chase : Can you still get a ECM for it?

Eric Petrovich : SO COOL !!

MANUEL AMBROCIO : loooooool it reminded me of those old disney cartoons where everyone is happy and moving up and down :V

Josh Hutch : this thing could pull the gates off of hell.

endorphinsFTW : 1.25 speed is lit

Gods tenor Gods tenor : Sound like music

Steve Leahy : I give the beat 8 out of 10 how long was it sitting and how long did it take to get running

lightningNAjar : it hasn't been sitting too long the grass under the Wheels wasn't even dead

notagoon695 : Peep that beat

hakosukaftw : turbo boost it

wholemanatee : Awesome song

Jack o : that thing is old............... school

Miron Klescik : 1:43 those nice front BBS wheels though :P

WV Redneck : Take a tractor from today and try that in 100 years wouldn't happen

Fvck Off : They don't make things like they used to when people took pride in things.

Fionn O'Brien : aaa the old beat boxer ☺