Old Iron start up

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Robert Ford : Is it just me or does it sound like it's ready to drop a new mix tape

Janice Bedford : Spray it down with a decent coating of WD40 and it will last another 100 years.

Dalek Anonymous : If it ran under load, its musical time is 4/4 and it was a super-basic beat that loads of song run to.

Chad Is Rad : Damn, they cut this video off right before the bass drop.... smh

deweys : Does it have GPS and power steering?

clydeburkey : Chitty chitty bang bang we love you

jmar1371 : 1909 International Harvester. What make produced today will still be running in 106 years?

HISTORY HIKES W/ JASOWN : I thought it was a music band... XD

Red time lapses : When in movies a parent gives a kid there old car,

Drew Jones : This beats dope

ScottyAllenDay : I was saying that beat was awesome!

Ken Allen : Great video bro, would be a bugger to push start with just one person though.

Greg Offenback : What make is it?

Moe Szyslak : Wow farmers back then had some good beats while workin

chasebh89 : i love the camera man , he sounds like he just lost $20 betting it wouldnt start

jambocoo : That was amazing, would have loved to have seen more of this old iron.

Steve Leahy : I give the beat 8 out of 10 how long was it sitting and how long did it take to get running

Mat140809 : I like this beat

Dell Griffith : You can sing billie jean to this beat 😀

jeffmack57 : Seems to be a bit simpler than the current crop of tractors

Blue Bird : the rythm.as if it had its own life....

joe Vulcan : nice!

Antifoul Awl : they really make things to last back then. A modern engine could never do this.

Dreez76 : After Trump's had his ww3, that tractor is going to be the most hightech thing on earth.

Kevlar Vrus 57 : They are driving it off to the iron foundry to be melted.

coc0s : It may be old but it's still got rhythm.

Doris Moser : how many hp?

Reima : Somebody spray it with rust converter

William Schutz : Amazing!!

Fishing Mojados : Drop that mix tape

Luper Repul : ty for sharing

todd epperson : insert the music to green acres

Spirit of the wolf Bush Wiccan : Looks like a international titan model or the titan mougel model

Manorfarmdenton : Absolutely gorgeous! And I love the yard too - there's obviously some interesting stuff there!

Rene Descartes : Driving to school like: whaat`s uuuup!

Dimian Dimian : 1L / 100 km

Greg G : Wtf is the banging

mechatrain150 : that rythum thou

Chris Rohrback : It's ALIVE!!!

360 Noscoper : no that aint got rythm

Bill Skoros : Video needs to be longer! That sounds great!!

Doms channel : this sound of the machine can make a rapper beat and make supa fire music

Timber The therian wolf : Back from the dead!!!

kihei rc : Very cool

Gods Tenor : Sound like music

igaerick lasrado : How tractors beat box

mebo39 : Best music ever

cattywampus jake : we got it pretty easy now back then it was a little more hardscrabble

Wholemanatee : Awesome song