Aqua Teen Hunger Force Intro

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Vilatoro : This was My first adult swim show

Internet Anarchist™ : So damn catchy!

Sid P : Series finale tonight guys. :( I'll always love you Aqua Teen. You were part of my childhood.

NRG Buster : Truly they were an Aqua Teen Hunger Force.  #1 In the hood, G.

BananaPhoPhilly : this show ranged from TVPG all the way to TVMA. Amazing, right?

I SUPREMEMADE : I remember after family guy would end at 12:00am all the weird but cool cartoons like aqua teen, space ghost coast to coast , brak show, and robot chicken would come on lol when all the regular kids would be sleeping so they can have a good nights rest for school tomorrow i would be up all night watching these shows ahhh good times good times

FlowJoe : Dancing is forbidden.

epic gamer : Frylock was always my favorite of the trio. Anyone else?

young thug’s intern : Top 10 Anime Intros

germby hanson : This show was my childhood

I SUPREMEMADE : Only 90's baby that stayed up till 3 in the morning on weekdays when they were supposed to be sleeping know about shit like this :)

Tomoki Kuroki : My name is... Shake zula the mic rula the old school wanna trip I'll bring it to ya.

Dr. Strangelove : RIP Aqua Teen Hunger Force..forever. I GREW UP WITH THIS SHOW CMON WHY YOU END

Deputy David : Harvey Birdman Sealab 2021 Aqua Teen Hunger Force The shows that created Adult Swim

Inic : Haven't heard this is years

strawberrybones : *MY NAME IS*

cartoonswim : RIP Aqua Teen Hunger Force, 2001-2015 If this show isn't safe, NO adult cartoon is. Let's be prepared to see all of them, even the biggest hits, drop like flies in the next few years. I saw this coming when Fox cancelled Animation Domination, and now it's happening.


AKFGFan : I sang this theme song to I girl I liked once. Why.... I don't know.

bad sushi : When I was 4, this was my favorite show. I was a weird child.

JR Ewing : This show was one of the shows that made Adult Swim Adult Swim.

Louche : Wow, remember how awesome all those scenes that never happened were?

Trent Terry & Friends : Frylock is the best character

Pingasatchi : This shouldn't have been my childhood xD 8 year old me had no idea

Christine Martin : Well a year ago from Tuesday was the cancellation of the best Adult Swim classic. Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever, rest in peace, you're already missed, truly an aqua teen hunger force and will always be number 1 in the hood! 😭💔

BubblegumBeeAJ : sounds like BEASTIE BOYS

SoopaKoopa4494 : The last episode was pretty emotional. R.I.P. Aqua Teen Hunger Force 2001-2015

Love Train : RIP ATHF May your demise marks the end of an era for [AS]

Galactic Specter : Numbuh 1 in the hood, G.

SnowyDude74 : I watched this show since it was first premiered. Back then, Adult Swim didn't exist. R.I.P You demonic McDonalds experiments gone wrong.

Kush Alien King : 2016 and I still remember all the lyrics from like 6 years ago damn!

Riki EX : Master Shake is my favorite character from this show. Also, I really like Meatwad's dance moves. LOOOOOVE this show!

DatCarGuy310 : The holy bibble

Treyworld : Anyone else ever wondered why at the end Shake is eating spaghetti?

NineSniper : rip this show :( ended last year


Boomer Jojo : Dancing is forbidden

MiguelYT Gaming : When I saw the schedule to adult swim this show made a return! 😀😀😀😀😀😀😍

Deep Six : Meatwad got the honey he got the money he got the car and he got the ice on his finger

Xeno Gaming : nothing like a McDonalds meal Like a McFlurry Large fries and A Sandwich #1 in the hood G

Rainy Wednesdays! : Dance is forbidden

George Young : I like how in the description "ALL RIGHTS RESERVED TO CARTOON NETWORK" but it's Adult Swim.

Cheesus God amongst men : My favorite [adult swim] show

PKDeluxe : I'm surprised this whole song was written in the span of a limo ride to the recording studio.

Mariana Aguirre : when I was little I used to watch this

Joshua Foote : The Aqua Teen Hunger Force are gangsters!

Freddyfazbear396 Child devourer : MAH NAME IS...

genn : 2018?

Serpent Lordz : Meat Wad get the honeys G

Guy Kabwe : RIP Aqua Teen Hunger Force 2000-2015