How to cut gemstones - A whopping gem
Man takes a golf ball sized chunk of Tanzanite and laboriously cuts gem facets into it Great payoff at the end and strangely relaxing to watch

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How to cut gemstones - A whopping gem! See a 270 carat gem being cut in a Portuguese Style cut.


Rheo Milvus : I have a newfound appreciation for gem workers. Beautiful gem and a fantastic video. New subbie!

Tammy Burke : That needs to be on the end of a wand. Stunning rock!

renavik : probably the most cinematic and .....easy to understand gem cutting video ....those macro shots <3

3warsGunsmithing : Now you need to go back in time to before they had cubic zirconium and sell it as real. You will make millions and then come back to this time and pay a small 10% fee to me for the idea. LOL That was great work on all the cuts. Good job.

Ray Rusaw : Good Lord you are talented

Exaupbring : How do you insure that rod mounting was perfectly centered? Sounds like a nightmare to accomplish perfectly.

Deadpool Von Doom : Reddit brought me and I wasn't disappointed.

Sharon Stromley : Wow..who knew beauty was hiding in that plain piece of rough? It takes a genius and we see one at work here for sure. Thank you!

Unfeathered : Beautiful - I admire your patience, and your skill.

Burks : Amazing how accurate you are with lining up all the facets.

Random Youtube Comment : Me At the basement. Mom: what are you doing, keep it down Mr. Or else!! Me: I'm cutting a gemstone!!!

kevin perry : I subbed, how could I not! Your talent is amassing, especially freehand! Good eye. Very inspirational. True craftsmanship. If I ever unearth a genuine diamond, I would want only you to sculpt it. Bowing out...

Tyler Dane : I had no idea so much work went into cutting gemstones. No wonder they cost so much. The labor is most of the price!

Guigaguto : The gem and the process were so amazing, i not even realize how much annoing it was to listen the same f song for 15 minutes, Good job!!

Mike Marley : I remember back in the early 60s we were getting 7 dollars apiece for crystal door knobs.

Terese Board-Kay : All I can say is WOW..... It's gorgeous 😍🤩

TripTripleTimes : Whao! It is so beautiful and the hard work you have put makes me appreciate that gem even more! The shines looks like CGI effects hahah.

Lee Lowry : I love the old Portuguese style...lots of personality...charming...and your photography of the process...excellent

Eri Vodica : I dont know but its so amazingly meditative n calming whereas interesting to watch at your videos Thanks for sharing

eyecan8 : You are amazing to me - your talent is interesting - respectfulness for the gem equals great play 🥰 - what a good time ☺️. Sparkling good times!😂☺️

SuperGman314 : New subscriber here. Magnificent craftsmanship and artistry! Thank YOU for making this video- turning raw materials into such an exquisite gem !

Ritercrazy : Now I understand why the diamond is my best friend. ;^)

Pittsburgh coin hunting : Awesome stone. U do amazing work. All the best. JOE.

Francesca S : Great gem cutting video. 👍What is the music from?

Modather Abo.zaid : Ma shaa Allah, That a beauty.. Good job.. 😊

Yvonne Burns : Starfire gem that's what I'm calling it😃

Youssef Ahmed : thank you for beautiful for this video .

lizzymoore54 : Gorgeous! Who knew Cubic could be so beautiful. Now, how to set it ?

NoLuckManNoLuck : Absolutely stunning, good work mate!

Michael King : Impressive cut. I think you could have thrown a few more facets at it lol..... amazing work. Great video showing the skill of A REAL artisan. Again great work man

Robert Bogan : The music strongly reminds me of silent hill 2. Awesome gem. Can you cut like those apoxys like this?

Shazam Shazamski : Wow dude !! How many hours went into this beaut ??


Stein-Reich Edelstein Schleifer : You can be VERY proud of your selfe. The endresult is simply amazing

Melanie McMahan : End result is absolutely STUNNING but I'm curious about how to mount that monster. Because I would 100% wear it. Anything that sparkles that much is my friend.

Upside diy : Great video man. It looks like the red one. I also noticed there's crystal sculptures, and even glass crystals dishware. Very amazing stuff.

Светлана Матерова : it amazing!!! can you please say where can I get the diagram of Portuguese cut

Kathleen Copeland : Absolutely breathtakingly magnificent! I'm very impressed. Well done!

tatyasutar : OMG ! It requires too patience ! Great work ...

yusuf paarekh : That is just so beautiful, the guy is good.

Bev Youngberg : Out of curiosity, how long did the entire process take: start to finish?

Quiet_shy_girl : Amazing! How long does the whole process take?

Jody Crutchfield : Omg that's beautiful wow

SG B : Amazing work!!! Thank U!!

Morag Tong : Vintage time....... I'll give you $2000 for it. That's fair market value

S. U. : What would be the value of a cubic zirconia cut like this?

The2011tahoe : Wow is all I can say . What a beautiful cut on such a beautiful stone

Zian Zsyach : @Vintage time : Please shared music backsound name?

Johnathan Carman : ill give you 1.50 in USA real world market based on 2018 year