How to cut gemstones - A whopping gem

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3warsGunsmithing : Now you need to go back in time to before they had cubic zirconium and sell it as real. You will make millions and then come back to this time and pay a small 10% fee to me for the idea. LOL That was great work on all the cuts. Good job.

Tammy Burke : That needs to be on the end of a wand. Stunning rock!

polarstarcurly : I want to put that in my mouth

Deadpool Von Doom : Reddit brought me and I wasn't disappointed.

renavik : probably the most cinematic and .....easy to understand gem cutting video ....those macro shots <3

Ray Rusaw : Good Lord you are talented

Rheo Milvus : I have a newfound appreciation for gem workers. Beautiful gem and a fantastic video. New subbie!

Jack's Gems : Where did you purchase the rough from? Also, a stunning result!

Sig Urther : What would be the value of a cubic zirconia cut like this?

Milaad Rohi : Looks lab made !!! The markets are flooded with lab made stones, even gemologists can not tell the difference anymore... GREAT INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO!

Omar Camarillo : Amazing and beautiful!!!!!💍💎💍💎

Patrick Harper : You need better music

chintan tandel : this is magic.. .

TheLiasas : You even share where you get your stuff from! So glad I found you. Loved this so much I can promise I'll be -at least attempting to- make one myself! So relaxing, genuinely frustrating to watch bc I wanted to to thru all of it, but I kept closing my eyes lol

Benedict Dwayne Jacinto II : You did make white diamond gem in steven universe

TripTripleTimes : Whao! It is so beautiful and the hard work you have put makes me appreciate that gem even more! The shines looks like CGI effects hahah.

liz kb : Wonderful work, I like the new ones with narration. What did you do with the piece?

Taylor Delma : Ughhh this is my favorite cut of a gemstone just fantastic work!

SG B : Amazing work!!! Thank U!!

Mia Mia : Breathe taking 😍

Javier Ortiz : Guauuu fantastic the BEST

Burks : Amazing how accurate you are with lining up all the facets.

johnknoefler : Amazing. I want that sooooo soooo much. I'll never forget this stone or your excellent video. Loved it for everything. Stone, cutting demonstration, music and video editing. Well done sir!

Nike Calunsag : I am a fan of the work and the result but with better shots, music choice and video editing, this would have been a mini docu.series.

Filipe Monteiro : How beautifull I didnt know there was a Portuguese cut and Im Portuguese. Your an artist congrats!! :)

Virginia Keim : New subbie here. The work you do is amazing! Do you sell these gorgeous gems?

Miss Holly Ann H : WOW! It can out so beautiful, good job on the gemstone.

Unfeathered : Beautiful - I admire your patience, and your skill.

ElGatoLoco698 : That thing's a beast! I ordered some flat laps today and I think they're the same one's you use. I haven't got them yet but the picture showed the same label.

Ranjit Subrun : Beautiful bravo l'artist

Bryon Axelsen : Beautiful

Dakota1gt McMichael : Beautiful video! It’s so relaxing to watch this. Your gemstones are absolutely gorgeous! I just wonder how link a large stone like that takes. I could imagine that a smaller one wouldn’t take too long but that is quite a large stone and it has many small facets.

Pro_Fan : А что это за камень ?

hugo monteiro : Por que vc não vende??

opencabinets : Very shiny human likey

Gregory Tangalos : Fantastic my brother.... I love your brain..... You don't follow the book.....!!! You use your brain and come up with something that works better.....:) :) :) Love people with real brains and skill Hope you live forever......!!!!! :) :) :)

Tyler Dane : I had no idea so much work went into cutting gemstones. No wonder they cost so much. The labor is most of the price!

Farhan : Lovely

Cicero Batista : ... Que maravilha !!!

Fritz Fondona : What is the value of this piece. Its is stunning.

Legion Sator : Napaka husay, mopo :)

Jiaqin Chen : good video,but shit music is ruining it

Özgün Demir : I wonder how they were cutting and polishing gem stones back then?

Sam Merino : Nicest door handle I've ever seen.

greg king : Bling bling

KlangTanz : eine tolle Arbeit und ein wunderbares Video

Fanesh Bhaisare : Excellent work.

Madison M : I wish I could learn how to do this

Call Me Mom : Now that is some sparkle. Very pretty.

MineKorn TH : Ummmmm.... Diamond? 😀