Joe Rogan Remembers Anthony Bourdain
Joe Rogan Remembers Anthony Bourdain

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Joe Rogan talks about Anthony Bourdain.


Rover O'Ryan. : I started cooking because of Anthony Bourdain, in one of the old No Reservations episodes he came to Dublin and went to a seafood restaurant in a town called Howth, i told my dad about it and said it looked like a great place to eat, he said one of the guys he works with is friends with the owners son, so about a week later im at home bored and my dad came home and said basically ''you know that place you were telling me about?, i said ''yeah'', he goes ''you have an interview there tomorrow''. And i went along and that was that, i got the job in the restaurant i heard from through Anthony Bourdain, all the staff were saying how much money they had made since his visit from all of the American tourists coming over since his visit. I would even go to other places in Dublin that he visited; i got his cookbook Appetites, i watched almost all of his shows and i was watching them the day before he died. Here's to the great Anthony Bourdain.

Gabriel G. : I almost lost my friend to suicide. Talking to him on the phone to stop him from trying again was one of the scariest moments in my life. He's a lot better now though thankfully.

Creative dogs : Alcohol is the biggest to blame for depression, not anxiety meds. Alcohol is so under estimated on how powerful it is. It is a drug. A major one, that is abused all the time and no one thinks its a big deal.

Donnie Blanco : R.I.P. Anthony Bourdain, Robin Williams and Hunter S. Thompson. Brilliant minds gone before their time.

Soulfulosophy : Nobody really knows anybody.

Bath House Becky : I’ll never forget the work he did in Lebanon.

MMA THAILAND : RIP Anthony Bourdain. Huge fan. Loved your honesty and joy for life. Sad you won't be around anymore. Peace !

bodhisattva99 : this is the wrong guy to have this conversation with, Joe...

kevin Rudd : I rarely watch any of Anthony Bourdain's shows, but I thought highly of him. He seemed so real and at ease. His death shocked and saddened me a lot, just wish it were different.

Sonny Everywhere : Such an annoying guest constantly talking loudly through Rogan with: Woah, Ooh, Really, Yeah, Right, Hmm.... arghhh

Timelapse Experimentals : Man hes just one of those people its hard to picture them actually going through with the act, i dont know why

Blythe Guvenen : Joe "I'm No Doctor" Rogan

jsnification : people that don't suffer from depression don't get it at all. it gets tiring to listen to it all the time. all the people suffering with serious depression, and there are millions, are potential suicides. they just fight it. eventually you can lose the fight. it doesn't make you evil or a bad person or weak. fighting it your whole life takes more strength than anything else.

WarlordRising : Bourdain felt accessible, intelligent, and wise in all the ways we wish we could. He openly discussed about battling his own demons in the same way Robin Williams did. He was more than his profession. He was an ambassador of humanity. Damn shame he couldn't slay his dragon this time. RIP to someone most of us grew up with and cherished.

golf-n-guns : I lost a friend to suicide after his girl left him. He was mid-40s. She was mid-20s. Older guys fall deep. RIP Anthony.

samuel rogers : "SUICIDED"...

Alicia Veal : My 💖 is heavy

Gillian Duggan : He did everything hard core. Jujitsu drinking relps travel work

Joe H : The sad part about meeting someone that has made you 'happier than anyone ever', is that they can have an equal and opposite effect on you. I know this too well. 61 is probably an even more horrible time to deal with loneliness and depression. RIP Anthony Bourdain, you gave so much to the world.

DOOMJESUS : "food is a fascinating thing to me." -J.R. 2018

Craig Riverman : Dam he was one my most favorite dudes to watch on tv super sad to find this out just now may he Rest In Peace thanks for the awesome show and the real ness that you brought

drumstick74 : Anthony Bourdain made the best travel+food programs I've seen. He always found the exotic places and people, and had an open mind towards life, which he lived to the fullest. I also loved his sense of humour and knowledge about food. R I P Bourdain, you will be missed.

toto rey : I can't help but think of his daughter

Ian Ford : Lost my best friend to suicide 23.5 years ago while in HS. It still hurts to this day. And what hurts the most is I'll never know why. I last saw him on Friday at study hall, and once we left for next period he said, "I'm coming over tonight". I said, "yeah right!" He retorted, "Seriously, I'm coming over!" and he smiled. I stayed up that night until 6am in our basement, watching movies on DVD and VHS (yes, this is 1994), but he never came by. But the whole night something felt off. I found out Saturday, after work around 6pm, from a mutual friend he committed suicide around 3am. I honestly believe, if he could've done it over, he wouldn't do it. But...I don't know. Just tell those who are close to you that you love them. You never know what someone is grappling with and isn't sharing.

Super E 420 : I think it was a set up

Shawn : Back when Anthony was a heroin addict he said what helped him fall a sleep at night was imagining himself jumping off his 10 story buildiing. My best guess is that his girlfriend played a major role in what happened. Everything that makes you feel good in life can and will make you feel just as bad. You really have to be cautious and cognizant of these things that bring us such happiness. Rest In Paradise Anthony Bourdain

Abiy BattleSpell : this was the only time i actually got pissed bout a celeb dying. he was a great guy

Sliske Project : Yeah ... ok .... uhum ... yeah ... uhum ... yeah

Mjolnir Lightning : In my unprofessional opinion, I think the majority of the depression these days comes from the way we've built our society. Everything is geared towards making people feel alone, because then you can make money off people seeking happiness, when they're only buying fleeting pleasure. Everyone I know feels alone, there's zero sense of community anymore, nobody talks in person, people only talk on social media, there's no community safety net. It's extremely sad, I have dreams of changing this but there's only so much you can do when you're broke :(

David Fox : It was once described to me like "Depression medication is like poor oil ONTO your engine, not in it." It trickles down and works on some parts but inefficiently.

Christian Terrill : people that kill them self are looking for relief the only thing that kept from doing it was my best shrink telling me you won't feel any relief in death that your looking for... I was just looking for relief of the 24/7 pain of depression and i thought death was the relief, But after hearing it made sense to me. I started using heroin to numb the pain, Thankfully it kept me from killing my self. I got a horrible addiction but it kept me alive to fight another day. 4 years clean now off that DOPE BTW!

Benjamin Franklin : It was his girlfriend, the vicious backstabbing black widow Asia Argento. He had attached his sense of worth and happiness to her. When he discovered she was screwing around with some younger guy (the two were photographed at the Cannes film festival looking like high school kids in love for the first time) it probably devastated Anthony. Lesson men: Don't ever make any woman your world, whether it's a lover, girlfriend, wife, anything. Treat them well, protect them, honor them. But understand they are there to compliment your life not become your life.

stephen trupp : lack of sleep...excessive alcohol...failed relationships...jet lag...aging...death of loved ones...oneitis...anome...just a guess...

D Benz : All my culinary friends always had a massive respect for Mr. Bourdain. I feel like this is a similar blow like when Robin Williams passed away and how comics felt from it. Amateur and profession.

Kitten Katt : Dear Mr. Joe Rogan, Have you ever interviewed Dr. Joe Espinoza or Dr. Bruce Lipton? I think you would love their views on biology, consciousness, anxiety, depression, etc. They are legitimately interesting and thoughtful men. Thanks for the content!

Twobarpsi : There are typically three parts to his podcast. It starts off with a genuine topic, degenerates into talking about marijuana and smoking weed, then how hunting your own food is good for you.

Gory Yogi : If you're delusional you can't really see true reality... Anthony was exposed to many life experiences and gave up...

Nx Doyle : Well now, from what I understand, Robin's Lewy body dementia was discovered, as it most commonly _is_ discovered, post-mortem. So while there is every possibility that Robin was feeling the effect of LBD, which is second only to Alzheimer's in terms of neuro-degenerative diseases. It would be nice to think that we could pull back, collectively, when someone with a public profile takes their own life. All the conversations we're supposed to be having almost make manifest the tail end of the post-Lady Macbeth death short soliloquy: "Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player, That struts and frets his hour upon the stage, And then is heard no more. It is a tale Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing."

Kannon McAfee : Joe, Runner's high = endorphins.

On 2Wheels : It's "hanged himself" not hung, but AB will be missed dearly.

Chiyori Nakanishi : I thought Rogan said hill climbs and toe shoes fix all depression and all they have to do is work out more?

Tsetsi : Oh my gosh the predctions

C O N S T A N T V A R I A B L E S : His wife cheated on him with some younger lad, apparently.

HOTBALLZ : It’s amazing how much better you feel when you get up, walk around, eat clean, workout, and go meet people outside every day. That can literally be the thing that gives a person who’s barely hanging on a second chance to be happy again. It is only there that you will find purpose in living - not on the computer.. sitting down inside, not around people or doing things you enjoy. Get out and live ...... YOLO

H C : He will be missed.....😞

Steve F : REDRUM..>WAKE UP...these "doorknob" killings aren't a coincidence.

Richard Alpert : How the hell you drink and do jiujitsu at 60? I barely can do it in early 30s and im in pretty good shape

John Matier : Joe “speak softly” Rogan

MetalSammie : Joe Rogan ! I Care for you man :'(, I hear it in your voice, BUT IM NOT EXPERT on Brazilian Jujutsu. AND Itndoesent make person "dumb" if the person never needeed to to research on somwthing. SO I AM And lisyen to me...:( i love you arw not corrupted, but dont younremember when you and i was too laughing when you watched those Abilify (Antipsychotic poison)" IT ALLMOST HAPPENED To me!, And its happened many of my close buddys. I RESPECT YOU JOE...BUT... THERE'S NO! No! CHEKICAL IMBALANCE! I Woukd aay myself 10years ago that (Wow that"me" is idiot and crazy and inaane conspiracy theories ) Bur nope, HOW. LITTLE I KNEW!!! its not TOO LITTLE SEROTONIN ETC THATS BULLS***!! Suicide committed people qho parents etx gave to research theyre brain, THEY Sliced rhe ABRAINS Half and it was about 29 suicide committed person. And it qas non prihed like theyre own scam tests what they do as long as it hits qhat they want. But anyway 27/29 PERSON suprisingly Had MORE SEROTONIN! THAN NORMAL PERSON! And only way to get it is to use Anridepressant Ssri,snri=Serotknin drugs) Andd serotonin is vigilant cell not HAPPINESS. And Last but not least x'[ is this that many looked happy first and then They might eve. Know that they snapped some kind of CATALYST (=Which is DIVORCE, Surgery, Feeling that "immtok old" (FALSE 20X AMPLIFIED THIUGHTS WHIDH YOUNCANT CHOKSE ) BECOUSE The Drugs impact , even when stopped might take 18months ) SO Anthony Bourdain = REST IN PEACE ! -'.- And this wasnt the reason why i knew that its so bad, and corrupted. So Watch in youtube = Psychiatry, INDUSTRY OF DEATH. And if you still beleave same as before i will shut up! -forever. JOE ROGAN NEEDS TO SEE THAT ! AND Its 99.7% caused Massacres and 90% Caused suicides. In US And many plade in the world qhere jsnt guns allmost nobody than Police! Please , Watch = ( Psychiatry industry of death on youtube, (Its not whacky conspiracy Document ) Its Legit! AND Another after that is Documenr ( Enemy With in ) Therrs, Soldiers, Generals and parents, friends and Padenfs who have lost theyre Friends on suicides. AND allmost themself, but they quitted just in time (One was cocking and loading, cocking and loading etc the gun(Army Pistok on afganjstan of iraq) and the General said what you doing??? , and he didn't answer there was many soldiers on the room and the General said again??? Why you doing that what you are doing??! THEN HE Answered, "I dont know. .. i don't know that SHOULD I Shoot my self ornevery one of thia room and myself. I WARN TOU THE PSYCHIATRY INDUSTRH OF DEATH And the Enemy with us or hidden enemy. Its Disturbing BUT REAL AND MIGHT SAVE IF YOU ARE USING PSYCH DRUGS OR IF YOU KNOW SOME ONE (Daughter,Son,Friend,Relative,ANYONE! ) Sad years X'( have been i wish all the luck and peace for everyone.