Joe Rogan Remembers Anthony Bourdain

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Ian Ford : Lost my best friend to suicide 23.5 years ago while in HS. It still hurts to this day. And what hurts the most is I'll never know why. I last saw him on Friday at study hall, and once we left for next period he said, "I'm coming over tonight". I said, "yeah right!" He retorted, "Seriously, I'm coming over!" and he smiled. I stayed up that night until 6am in our basement, watching movies on DVD and VHS (yes, this is 1994), but he never came by. But the whole night something felt off. I found out Saturday, after work around 6pm, from a mutual friend he committed suicide around 3am. I honestly believe, if he could've done it over, he wouldn't do it. But...I don't know. Just tell those who are close to you that you love them. You never know what someone is grappling with and isn't sharing.

SPINAL TAP : It’s amazing how much better you feel when you get up, walk around, eat clean, workout, and go meet people outside every day. That can literally be the thing that gives a person who’s barely hanging on a second chance to be happy again. It is only there that you will find purpose in living - not on the computer.. sitting down inside, not around people or doing things you enjoy. Get out and live ...... YOLO

Don Holbert : All I can see from Google search, is literally hundreds of links saying "don't be a sexist and blame asia argento for his death" Based purely on how many times that statement has been repeated and basically used to overwhelm anyone who googles Anthony's name, I'm starting to think she had a major role in his suicide, and her and the metoo movement are in damage control. I think she pushed him, pushed him too far.

Bath House Becky : I’ll never forget the work he did in Lebanon.

Alicia Veal : My 💖 is heavy

Vincent Salamatino : Joe knows.

Benjamin Franklin : It was his girlfriend, the vicious backstabbing black widow Asia Argento. He had attached his sense of worth and happiness to her. When he discovered she was screwing around with some younger guy (the two were photographed at the Cannes film festival looking like high school kids in love for the first time) it probably devastated Anthony. Lesson men: Don't ever make any woman your world, whether it's a lover, girlfriend, wife, anything. Treat them well, protect them, honor them. But understand they are there to compliment your life not become your life.


Where's my money : I've never seen suicide as selfish. You didn't ask to be born so you have the right to take your life or not if you truly feel like there's no other way. Everyone has a breaking point and yes you have to consider other people but I'm not going to keep suffering just so that they won't get hurt. I used to be depressed I'm not really life should be great but it's just meaningless like what's the point. I gave myself a purpose that keeps me happy but at the end of the day what's the point.

Bitcoin Baller! : You really believe Tony took his life, while starting a new TV show, and being as happy as ever?

Smokeydogg : Sad

MMA THAILAND : RIP Anthony Bourdain. Huge fan. Loved your honesty and joy for life. Sad you won't be around anymore. Peace !

Braden Purcell : Anthony Bourdain was murdered.

Tsetsi : Oh my gosh the predctions

FlatTimes : No medication is perfect, but Joe always forgets about the millions of people that SSRIs have actually helped and suicides prevented. I know several myself.

D Benz : All my culinary friends always had a massive respect for Mr. Bourdain. I feel like this is a similar blow like when Robin Williams passed away and how comics felt from it. Amateur and profession.

Christian Terrill : people that kill them self are looking for relief the only thing that kept from doing it was my best shrink telling me you won't feel any relief in death that your looking for... I was just looking for relief of the 24/7 pain of depression and i thought death was the relief, But after hearing it made sense to me. I started using heroin to numb the pain, Thankfully it kept me from killing my self. I got a horrible addiction but it kept me alive to fight another day. 4 years clean now off that DOPE BTW!

Brandon P : No way he killed himself, check out his twitter account. Great job he loved, in love with his girlfriend, loved his daughter, loved life. He was speaking out on twitter all the time about Weinstein and Clinton. He even mentioned being harassed by Clinton's goons. It's not always black and white like the media or government portray's.

Truth Seeker : Rest in Peace Anthony Bourdain. I was very saddened to hear about his death. May he rest in peace.

Catherine McDearmon : Sorry Joe Rogan you are wrong about Chester Bennington being on alot of drugs when he died. He had only trace amount of alcohol in his system.There were 2 beer bottles found in his room, one of which was still partially full of beer. OH, AND NO DRUGS DETECTED. NONE! Yes he took tons of drugs during his life and battled depression which he was very open about.But he died clean. Check facts b/4 you speak to however many people listen to you.That should be 1st priority as you have a platform and there are even some people look up to you and believe what you say. Look up Chesters tox report. Correct yourself. You have a duty and responsibility to uphold his or any other persons dignity and character especially if theyve passed or cant speak for themselves.This is what stops people from wanting to talk to anyone. They've been lumped into a few generalized categories. They're either on some meds, antidepressants that they may NEED but now they're ALL addicts or relapsed addicts like Cornell allegedly was (bullshit his tox screen showed different) or they're not exercising enough or bc of our DNA (bullshit). Who's going to confide in anyone in a society that categorizes,stigmatizes, criticizes and comes off like it knows all? Suicide is not a one size fits all.For every celebrity suicide there are hundreds and thousands of regular men women and children that take their lives as well. They're all human. We're all human. Anyone can snap. Kids can and do snap from bullying.The kid youd never think anything like that would happen to is the one its happening to every day. We all have a long way to go to fully understand and then hopefully solve this issue. Lets try compassion and open minded listening and learning. Obviously something's wrong. Its multifaceted and complex and can take down anyone. Really cool basdass people. Bright loving people, introverted shy fragile people.People suffering illness and severe chronic pain and people who've been through alot of lifes suffering and survived alot of shit. Theres no "type" No ones immune. Throw out the lables and boxes and we might have less coffins.

Billy Beane : If you really look at the anxiety medication and people that had been drug users it really starts looking grim. Bourdain, Cornell, Williams, Bennington all known past addicts that used drugs early to get over that anxiety, now they get past that and go on big pharma and next thing they are committing suicide. These people that look like they have made it. I agree about the anesthesia issues. I had a workplace accident having spinal issues. Went through 4 back surgeries and a Gall bladder surgery in under 2 years and I was depressed, and my short term memory is gone. I can remember things from decades ago but remembering what I did 2 days ago I couldn't tell you without a serious pause to try to remember. I am kicking opiates now and going into using pot for pain management. I'm in my last 2 weeks and and sick and weak. Big Pharma is a death factory.

bodhisattva99 : this is the wrong guy to have this conversation with, Joe...

Sonny Videos : Such an annoying guest constantly talking loudly through Rogan with: Woah, Ooh, Really, Yeah, Right, Hmm.... arghhh

Shawn : Back when Anthony was a heroin addict he said what helped him fall a sleep at night was imagining himself jumping off his 10 story buildiing. My best guess is that his girlfriend played a major role in what happened. Everything that makes you feel good in life can and will make you feel just as bad. You really have to be cautious and cognizant of these things that bring us such happiness. Rest In Paradise Anthony Bourdain

Hearth Yoga : He was probably murdered

WarlordRising : Bourdain felt accessible, intelligent, and wise in all the ways we wish we could. He openly discussed about battling his own demons in the same way Robin Williams did. He was more than his profession. He was an ambassador of humanity. Damn shame he couldn't slay his dragon this time. RIP to someone most of us grew up with and cherished.

Bibi Love : Lost my father to suicide when I was 5. I feel really bad for the kids. Of Anthony and Kate. Until you actually understand depression you feel like you were not enough for someone to want to stay. Just like their kids, I was the only child and a girl. I had trust issues with males, if my dad wouldn’t stay for me then why would anyone else want me. It took me until I was about 23 to understand him having experience some depression myself. RIP

samuel rogers : "SUICIDED"...

Kannon McAfee : Joe, Runner's high = endorphins.

Z Landeez : Would Rogan shoot and kill a wild Bourdain and eat him?

Timelapse Experimentals : Man hes just one of those people its hard to picture them actually going through with the act, i dont know why

Erik reyes : I think it was a set up

Sarge : Been following AB since beginning of his career. Immediate thoughts were: - it's odd he left no note - authorities declared no foul play way too quickly - if it was suicide, brain-wrecking Rx drugs were involved

Madeleine VL : God love him.... rip Anthony,

Soulfulosophy : Nobody really knows anybody.

toto rey : I can't help but think of his daughter

Rauol Acosta : Nobody truly knows anybody. The mask we all wear for society.

Gory Yogi : If you're delusional you can't really see true reality... Anthony was exposed to many life experiences and gave up...

bill bo : I don't get the love for a guy who ironically hated white people and said he wanted to poison the president amongst about 5 million other horrid and bigoted things he did and said. Sad for his little girl though.

Joe H : The sad part about meeting someone that has made you 'happier than anyone ever', is that they can have an equal and opposite effect on you. I know this too well. 61 is probably an even more horrible time to deal with loneliness and depression. RIP Anthony Bourdain, you gave so much to the world.

Wilhelm Henderson : Stop saying ”yeah” baldy!

Jason Niffen : Is joe still going to be friends with alex jones after what he said about Anthony bordains death? Alex jones is a fuvked up person.

IrishBard : I started cooking because of Anthony Bourdain, in one of the old No Reservations episodes he came to Dublin and went to a seafood restaurant in a town called Howth, i told my dad about it and said it looked like a great place to eat, he said one of the guys he works with is friends with the owners son, so about a week later im at home bored and my dad came home and said basically ''you know that place you were telling me about?, i said ''yeah'', he goes ''you have an interview there tomorrow''. And i went along and that was that, i got the job in the restaurant i heard from through Anthony Bourdain, all the staff were saying how much money they had made since his visit from all of the American tourists coming over since his visit. I would even go to other places in Dublin that he visited; i got his cookbook Appetites, i watched almost all of his shows and i was watching them the day before he died. Here's to the great Anthony Bourdain.

Azez Nassar : Anthony Bourdain was pro-Palestine, un you like Joe, you Israeli shill who laughs over the death of Palestinians

Ray Her : Never let someone make You happy because they can take that away. -Patrice O'Neal

Conor Mctapout What is cardio Mcnugget Mcquit : joe "if u smoke weed exersise and do hill sprints you wont be depressed" rogaan. no its not that simple

Gabriel G. : I almost lost my friend to suicide. Talking to him on the phone to stop him from trying again was one of the scariest moments in my life. He's a lot better now though thankfully.

Charlie Dillon : Anyone who's read Bourdain's book Medium Raw knows he was suicidal years ago. It's a terrible tragic shame but not a surprise. Of course there's a bunch of retarded conspiracy theory trolls here because it's a JRE video.

CBS67 : Guy Fieri wins.

WarlordRising : Maybe Asia Argento did break his heart, but you can't blame her for his actions. He ultimately made the choice himself. However, the pictures of her mingling with another younger man in Rome almost coinciding with Bourdain's death does raise questions. No one should point fingers, though.