Cards Against Humanity Saves America

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UnPhayzable : When's this gonna premier on Animal Planet?

ThunderHawk : You got my attention

TheHolidayPyro : This is fake news, I still have homework

AllRandomAndMore : For the people that are triggered, do you even know what "Cards Against Humanity" is? *THEY ARE TROLLING YOU* (and Donald Trump).

jice12 : Why doesn't CAH just build a business branch in Mexico so they can help them get jobs while in Mexico itself and help economic growth there?

Nigerian Supermarket : lolwut


Kyledude97 : So I can buy a part of the land so I can help build a wall on it 🤔

jice12 : Tomorrow: "CEO of Cards Against Humanity is lambasted with allegations of sexual harassment" Honestly wouldn't surprise me at this point.

Carlos Saldana : Since when did Peter Skully get out of prison and star on a board game commercial?

Maliha Intikhab : I'm sorry Carter, but I am probably going to steal your shirt.

AllRandomAndMore : *Cards for Humanity*

Submersed24 : This game is honestly dumb af. They write poop jokes on cards and people string them together

TheCraftedNexus : what is worng with the wall they are taking are money and jobs

Free Diugh : Incoming comments from youtube heroes with PhD's in eminent domain law

UnPhayzable : When you bouta bust a nut and they tell you to please leave the funeral

Jameson : Hate to break it to ya kiddos, but if the Gov't wants your land, no amount of law firms on retainer will stop them taking it.

Heath Tuck : So many soy boys

Matt Man : lol eminent domain

Jaypex : *eminent domain says no*


M J : #1 Eminent Domain or #2 Build the Wall around and expel the land to Mexican side of the boarder. This is coming from a liberal. Spend your money and time on something that actually would help people. Losers 😂

VGLO : Haha you really think this is going to stop the government?? this just shows how really stupid people are to believe this.

Daniel Gomez : The border wall thing is funny because the US could actually just take it legally and pay them a small sun without their say

William J. Donovan : So, these people are for more crime in America/Mexico, and more overdoses?

Maximum Overdrive : I also agree that pickle Rick needs to stop.

Griffin Hooper : couldn't they just build the wall around your land

Carlos 11220 : This whole video is a meme

Padpaw22 : I love how snopes fact checking gives this an unproven rumour rating. They dislike Trump so much they would rather say it's a rumour than report on it being true. 1 more question of a political nature. Did you protest against Obama building a wall around his home to keep the riff raff out? After he very publicly stated that walls were bad and divided communities when Trump announced he would build a mexican border wall. Just curious if your company is against walls that divide us, or pick and choose which walls you go after depending on who is behind having them built.

Barrybensonn : Has everyone forgotten about eminent domain, Trump could very easily take that land and pay them bare minimum what's it's worth to put the wall up. They essentially just hurt their company by wasting a ton of money on something that they will get either less or equal payment back for.


Don Murphy : Not surprised they are from Chicago. Liberals need their low wage slaves coming over the border. Why pay an American citizen$12 an hour to print your cards, when slave labor at $3 a day will do it out of fear if deportation. Democrats hasn't changed since the civil war. They loved their slaves then, they love their slaves now, and will do anything to keep them.

luisnumba10 : Lol “stop saying pickle rick” 0:38 ....

Kyle Brooks : These jerks must love illegal immigration. Or Nancy Pelosi who says Trump wants a white America again. Thumbs down on this video! Know the facts first.

Sarah MacPherson : At 0:07 that is jackflims fidget spinners. XD

Travis C : The Kelly Osbourne segment is disgustingly cringe😖

Tech Master : TF is this?! 😂😂

senterion iv : #cardsforhumanity

Singing Goat : #DeportThemAll

Zero H : Yeah, except national security and federal government has the right to build that wall...

Grace : The "millennial" with the avocados shirt is the best part

Hans harris : Its funny this little company thinks they matter. Not only have then entered the political shit show IE suicide for companies but they have also made a joke which was even funny. I am more offended by the latter. Also the government owns everyone we literally have numbers and predetermined worth's. If the government wants that land they will have it. Ill take a knee when anyone decides to play CAH and sit this one out.

Alexis : So I can give you AND the government my money to take land? What a deal.

cam : This is a troll guys. If you've ever played cards against humanity you would know they would do something like this

Nuker145 : That money could if been used to help people in poverty in mexico But that requires making contact with a minority

LowTemp : I'm just here to say I want that dudes avocado shirt.

Jeiku Anime Review : If a wall “isn’t going to do anything” Why are some people oppose to its construction? 🤔

Mason Wood : Buy all the land you want, the government has the ability to secure it's borders and build the wall. You can't own the border.

Veiled Sky : 0:38 It's beautiful.

Patbumbo : Stop saying pickle Rick