Cards Against Humanity Saves America

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UnPhayzable : When's this gonna premier on Animal Planet?

Maui Caui : Trolling done by a card game. Cool.

ThunderHawk : You got my attention

TheHolidayPyro : This is fake news, I still have homework

Kyledude97 : So I can buy a part of the land so I can help build a wall on it 🤔

mohammed sultan : "STOP SAYING PICKLE RICK" words to live by.

Carlos Saldana : Since when did Peter Skully get out of prison and star on a board game commercial?

Heath Tuck : So many soy boys

Free Diugh : Incoming comments from youtube heroes with PhD's in eminent domain law

Grace : The "millennial" with the avocados shirt is the best part

Jaypex : *eminent domain says no*

Carlos 11220 : This whole video is a meme

Padpaw22 : I love how snopes fact checking gives this an unproven rumour rating. They dislike Trump so much they would rather say it's a rumour than report on it being true. 1 more question of a political nature. Did you protest against Obama building a wall around his home to keep the riff raff out? After he very publicly stated that walls were bad and divided communities when Trump announced he would build a mexican border wall. Just curious if your company is against walls that divide us, or pick and choose which walls you go after depending on who is behind having them built.

luisnumba10 : Lol “stop saying pickle rick” 0:38 ....

Nigerian Supermarket : lolwut

Arturo Fuentes : Trump impeachment has begun it OFFICIAL look it up

Sarah MacPherson : At 0:07 that is jackflims fidget spinners. XD

Gravity : This is a troll guys. If you've ever played cards against humanity you would know they would do something like this

Darryl Haycock : I wonder if they know the government can take any land they need for "federal government use" and no lawyer can do anything lmaoooooplus I mean what of they went with army they couldn't do shit these people are idiots


senterion iv : #cardsforhumanity

Veiled Sky : 0:38 It's beautiful.

Wild Borego : Didn't save shit

Gravity : Reasons why I know this is a troll: 1.) The fidget spinners 2.) Jake Paul was in the beginning 3.) His shirt 4.) 2:08 This part pretty much sold it for me 5.) if you're not already convinced, ITS CARDS AGAINST FUCKING HUMANITY. Anyone that's ever played this game knows this is something they would do..

Ryan Pham : Yu-gi-oh "saves" the internet from dank memes

Hans harris : Its funny this little company thinks they matter. Not only have then entered the political shit show IE suicide for companies but they have also made a joke which was even funny. I am more offended by the latter. Also the government owns everyone we literally have numbers and predetermined worth's. If the government wants that land they will have it. Ill take a knee when anyone decides to play CAH and sit this one out.

Jeiku Anime Review : If a wall “isn’t going to do anything” Why are some people oppose to its construction? 🤔

Sean Dennis : Yup, just a prank that hurts the United States

Dima Sorochynski : So whats with these leftists wanting to prevent border security?

LowTemp : I'm just here to say I want that dudes avocado shirt.

Patbumbo : Stop saying pickle Rick

cooper collins : over a year and the snowflakes are still throwing a temper tantrum

Hyde Takarai : *Cucks Against Humanity Fixed.

cougcheetah : Thank you !!!

Kenny Boone : I hope Mike Judge sues their sorry asses for ripping off his movie - idiocracy!

jice12 : Why doesn't CAH just build a business branch in Mexico so they can help them get jobs while in Mexico itself and help economic growth there?

Dan Gomez : The border wall thing is funny because the US could actually just take it legally and pay them a small sun without their say

jice12 : Tomorrow: "CEO of Cards Against Humanity is lambasted with allegations of sexual harassment" Honestly wouldn't surprise me at this point.


Andrew Cawthorn : Yeah no, first of all there’s no way you all will be able to raise enough to buy the land on the Rio Grande (that may not even be legal). Next, even if you do manage it, or just buy a small section, it still wouldn’t work. The government has this thing called eminent domain, and with it they can seize land (and compensate it for its value) if it’s being put to greater use. This would most certainly apply here. short...keep dreaming liberals.

jack benny : BUILD THAT WALL. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Don Murphy : Not surprised they are from Chicago. Liberals need their low wage slaves coming over the border. Why pay an American citizen$12 an hour to print your cards, when slave labor at $3 a day will do it out of fear if deportation. Democrats hasn't changed since the civil war. They loved their slaves then, they love their slaves now, and will do anything to keep them.

Shawn Barbour : President Trump 2020

RAZ0RGAM1NG : Wish they couldve done something on corporate greed which is a way bigger problem in this country than Donald Trump

Kyle Brooks : These jerks must love illegal immigration. Or Nancy Pelosi who says Trump wants a white America again. Thumbs down on this video! Know the facts first.

2pumpedupforu : Is a 20 billion dollar wall needed. Maybe not. Should we let people cross the border illegally in order to get into the U.S. No. So unless there is an actual reason to say no to the wall, fight for a more cost effective option with video monitoring or something along those lines. A country should protect its borders from people who would get in to take advantage of the system and not give back. There is having empathy and being compassionate, then there is giving grace. There is only so much grace people can give before they become affected by it.

virtual flames : This shit is legendary. Massive props to them.

Eric Martinez : Mini Ladd would be proud

JawBurst : "Stop saying Pickle Rick." <3

Gabe the Genius : I fucking love cards against humanity now