Cards Against Humanity Saves America

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Grace : The "millennial" with the avocados shirt is the best part

Malia Intikhab : I'm sorry Carter, but I am probably going to steal your shirt.

jice12 : Tomorrow: "CEO of Cards Against Humanity is lambasted with allegations of sexual harassment" Honestly wouldn't surprise me at this point.

AllRandomAndMore : *Cards for Humanity*

AllRandomAndMore : For the people that are triggered, do you even know what "Cards Against Humanity" is? *THEY ARE TROLLING YOU* (and Donald Trump).

LowTemp : I'm just here to say I want that dudes avocado shirt.

Ryan Pham : Yu-gi-oh "saves" the internet from dank memes


Alexis : So I can give you AND the government my money to take land? What a deal.

Harlan Hite Jr : Wow, too bad the fifth amendment says that the government can take any plot of land under any condition if they feel it necessary. Cards against humanity has accomplished wasting their money

Nate Kushnirsky : They had me at Stop saying Pickle Pick

Gordon B : Build the Wall!

Maui Caui : Trolling done by a card game. Cool.

Saul Pompa : Yeahhhhhh.. they're still going to build it

Jameson Sloan : Hate to break it to ya kiddos, but if the Gov't wants your land, no amount of law firms on retainer will stop them taking it.

Nathaniel : Or this could be a campaign to just mine the ensuing comments for possible white cards. Exploit the left and the right to fight and shamelessly steal quotes. ....Hey, why not.

Redux18 : Avocados

Mike North : leaving a sovereign nation's border open by force is saving that nation?

Zackariah : Why are you trying to impede the progress of building a stronger border?

Nuker145 : That money could if been used to help people in poverty in mexico But that requires making contact with a minority

Miss Susan : I enjoyed your short film. Is it a documentary? My favorite part is the triumphant musical score.

Kyledude97 : So I can buy a part of the land so I can help build a wall on it 🤔

Internet Anonymity : I agree, the people have become lazy and stupid, we need to fight the Liberals people!! Rise up!!

Wesade : These Trolls haven't saved anyone.. Stoping a wall isn't shit, what about helping the homeless

Singing Goat : #DeportThemAll

Dennis : I'm so confused. It's narrated by Peter Coyote, so it HAS to be real. But if it's real, then somehow it has been transmitted back in time from the future. That's all well and good, but if it's from the future, how is Peter Coyote still alive and sounding as great as he does today??? Hmm... unless it is narrated by Peter Coyote's head in a jar... That must be it. Now I just have to figure out the whole time traveling video thing.

The Sealer : So, these people are for more crime in America/Mexico, and more overdoses?

TheS1E2A3L4 : Can’t the Government just seize the land.

TheHolidayPyro : This is fake news, I still have homework

ThunderHawk : You got my attention

samuel harnum : Best shit ive seen in a while

Carlos Saldana : Since when did Peter Skully get out of prison and star on a board game commercial?


Semystic : I dont care much for trump either, but by attempting to hurt our wonderful country just to get at Trump because you dont like him is immature and straight up ignorant!

M J : #1 Eminent Domain or #2 Build the Wall around and expel the land to Mexican side of the boarder. This is coming from a liberal. Spend your money and time on something that actually would help people. Losers 😂

Poots : Is this actually the Ken Burns narrator guy or just a pitch perfect impression

VGLO : Haha you really think this is going to stop the government?? this just shows how really stupid people are to believe this.

SpecialKillerJ : This was shit.

Eugene Garner : BUILD THE WALL!!

TheCraftedNexus : what is worng with the wall they are taking are money and jobs

This Really : I always wanted to live next to the cartel. Thanks!

Submersed24 : This game is honestly dumb af. They write poop jokes on cards and people string them together

Leonardo Castiglioni : I fucking hate libtards. SO MUCH.

Don Murphy : Not surprised they are from Chicago. Liberals need their low wage slaves coming over the border. Why pay an American citizen$12 an hour to print your cards, when slave labor at $3 a day will do it out of fear if deportation. Democrats hasn't changed since the civil war. They loved their slaves then, they love their slaves now, and will do anything to keep them.

Gabe the Genius : I fucking love cards against humanity now

killertoyson : Make family game night great again

Samuel Isger : The wall is to stop illegals if people come legally there is no problem y are people defending criminals when we should be focusing on the legal immigrants helping the people who are willing to follow our laws make a new lifestyle I think the only real reason people are against this wall is because trump is for it but trump is against suicide does that mean you are going to kill yourself the legal way may take longer but doing the right thing always does come on people if someone disrespects the law just to get into the country what makes you think they will uphold the law when they live here come legally or stay put Ps: I'm not a fan of Trump I'm just a guy with an opinion

Matt Man : lol eminent domain

Kang Tut : When the fuck did cards against humanity turn liberal??? They were like the least liberal politically correct card game ever made. Wtf is going on

Ryan Melikian : Liberal companies now are cheating their liberal customers into scams that claim to liberate them from do the math