Knocked Up Child Molester Argument

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Angel Salvador : Rudd is a very underrated actor !

carla diaz : "... and you're cool because you don't give a shit?" "YEAH" lmaoooo

joseph rivera : HAHA "don't do this in front of Ben" Paul Rudd rules in this movie

christian rodriguez : I'm kinda glad he went off on her. He said she was an anti vaccine person. Cares enough to keep the kids from getting mercury poisoning but not when they die of polio or whooping cough

TheChlozie : This is pure abuse.

OfficialEVANLUTION : "It looks like your computer has chicken pox." LOL

Freddy Cellophane : This exchange affected Ben greatly, so much so that he didn't even show up for Debbie's 40th birthday party.

shihoblade : Lmao Ben steals the scene with the the perfect finish.

Andrew Miller : I get the feeling that we're supposed to be rooting for this couple to stay together? Same as the sequel?

SHINIGAMI_CHIKUBI69 : Can you babysit LMAO

T Abel : This is probably the most realistic marriage bickering youll ever see in a movie.

Yelling Hayfire : this lady is hilarious, and right

Paige Smith : love leslie mann's scenes!😂 She was so awesome in this and adam sandlers Funny People!

Rafferty Keegan-Sharief : What movies does Leslie Mann got slapped by a person??

BlueJWay999 : "I'm not gonna go to these people's houses and say 'Hey, can you babysit?'" lmao

Rizwan Aswad : Damn she remind me of my ex-wife

bcsurf7 : She is a really good actor.

Elias Woolfolk II : it's funny because their both right lol

Marady Mon : Paul Rudd has gorgeous green eyes

sushant deshmukh : "Don't get them vaccinated?" What??

domydishes : Probably just dudes who got caught peeing in public at night..

Go home and get your shine box : She plays such convincing "bitch" roles

Teun de Heer : "Care more!" Translation: BE AFRAID!

Los Angeles Chargers93 : I wonder if Leslie Mann actually treats Judd Apatow like this?

DrewGee 502 : This scene is hilarious, but I would never stay married to a woman that talked to me like that geez.

Derek Gleeson : ...pretty much

Jose Gomez : She’s nice..

Edwin Ombac : Glad I skipped this movie

eddieyyy3 : Child molesters and mercury 😂💀

Matt M. : i hate the girl actor in this movie.

Rofee305 : .....yeah. lmao

Rundown YT : paul rudd

Mathias Løkke Madsen : care more!

Andrew Ridosko : Your saying i molested my nephew when i was 17? I disagree hole heartedly. So thats why i still can have split custody of my kid and im paid fat as fuck? Something doesnt add up here, redo your math. #checkmate

SCHY MARK : This chick is a C U N T

Rawsilver : Common sense+reality versus whatever stupid ass factoid is trending right now.

joe cooly : Another cunt bitch that demonstrates why men don't want to get married. I'm real life the man would have yelled at her old ass and divorced her.

CocoaVanderbeak : How children turn women into total cunts.

Petr Frolkin : Wouldnt fuck such liberal bitch even that hot. Typical "pseudo good person" Trump protester

cypresspuz : Ive been saying this for years, Pauld Rudd is fucking gold and everybody's sleeping on the guy.

The Warriors : Lmao "you fucking dipshit!!"

DaCruelGamer83 : "Cuz I wanna rip your fucking head off because you're so fucking stupid! This is scary, these are our children, you fucking dipshit!" Wow, she tear him a new one and then

Michelle Georgeson : mmm...mmm...mmm

Travis Warren : Deb and Allison were little bitches in this lol its soo fucking realistic that's what makes it soo damn funny. Its like watching a younger newer funnier version of Everybody Loves Raymond.

Lsdude420 : God damn Debbie is such a fucking stuck up cunt.