Knocked Up Child Molester Argument

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Angel Salvador : Rudd is a very underrated actor !

joseph rivera : HAHA "don't do this in front of Ben" Paul Rudd rules in this movie

T Abel : This is probably the most realistic marriage bickering youll ever see in a movie.

OfficialEVANLUTION : "It looks like your computer has chicken pox." LOL

TheChlozie : This is pure abuse.

Freddy Cellophane : This exchange affected Ben greatly, so much so that he didn't even show up for Debbie's 40th birthday party.

Elias Woolfolk II : it's funny because their both right lol

christian rodriguez : I'm kinda glad he went off on her. He said she was an anti vaccine person. Cares enough to keep the kids from getting mercury poisoning but not when they die of polio or whooping cough

shihoblade : Lmao Ben steals the scene with the the perfect finish.

Andrew Miller : I get the feeling that we're supposed to be rooting for this couple to stay together? Same as the sequel?

SHINIGAMI_CHIKUBI69 : Can you babysit LMAO

Carlos Parra : that woman is unbearable

BlueJWay999 : "I'm not gonna go to these people's houses and say 'Hey, can you babysit?'" lmao

DrewGee 502 : This scene is hilarious, but I would never stay married to a woman that talked to me like that geez.

MultiMrMiles : pretty much.....loool

Paige Smith : love leslie mann's scenes!😂 She was so awesome in this and adam sandlers Funny People!

Rafferty Keegan-Sharief : What movies does Leslie Mann got slapped by a person??

Nozomi T. Tanimura : forgive me ladies, but this movie truly portrays what guys humor is all about.

d w : "Don't get them vaccinated?" What??

Winona Tsan : Debbie is the kind of woman who reminds me of how much I can't stand other women.

Marady Mon : Paul Rudd has gorgeous green eyes

Brad Erlon : "Care more!" How does one quantify that anyway?

Ádám Ticz : "dont't get them vacinated" this is the attitude why polio is coming back...

Sean Holton : his sarcasm "dont do this in front of ben" is priceless

Jaycee COOL1227 : At the end she said she didn't care about Ben. Ben agreed lol so hard

Rizwan Aswad : Damn she remind me of my ex-wife

Sidisbored : Paul Rudd for president ROFL

Edwin Ombac : Glad I skipped this movie

Yelling Hayfire : this lady is hilarious, and right

eddieyyy3 : Child molesters and mercury 😂💀

algerae1984 : She was soooooo damn annoying

domydishes : Probably just dudes who got caught peeing in public at night..

omieg89 : This movie should have won an Oscar for original screen play. The dialogue in every scene is brilliant.

Jose Gomez : She’s nice..

M Ragunathan : And this folks, is why you should never get married. Marriage is modern societies way of imprisoning the guy.

difranchise : Who would let a woman talk to them like that.

ros1tony : White women are the worst.... geez

Los Angeles Chargers93 : I wonder if Leslie Mann actually treats Judd Apatow like this?

Matt M. : i hate the girl actor in this movie.

Eddy Charles : How is it they are not divorced?

Jack Sprat : She has to be the anti-marriage poster girl.

HereticVII : hahahahaha. He's good because he doesn't care. He has a good point. Don't go trick or treating by their houses and don't ask them to baby sit.

The Stuport : I thought Ben handled this very uncomfortable situation like a true gentleman! I'd have blasted that talking tampon twat.

Cash Back : Ooo that's lovely heavenly sound around me........ Silence. Scenes like this (which of course women and couples will deny is the truth) are why I continually feel glad and at peace to be single. What does she expect him to individually do? If she is that concerned about the problem campaign for longer sentences for Sex Offenders or for them to not be allowed to live in residential areas where there are lots of kids about? They know where they all live that's enough information to be able to keep their kids safe, if after knowing that if they allow their kids to get in trouble they are just shitty parents.

theblacksamurai646 : This is exactly what it's like third wheeling with a couple in a car 😂

Florida Dad : If ever a movie scene was in dire need of Bill Burr....

Batman Blood : We can watch taxi cab confessions

i love narrows : Haha she's the best, these sex offenders are a serious problem.

Zachito15 : Paul must watch Infowars and ignore it

Rundown YT : paul rudd