World's Greatest Drag Race 7!

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GLOFISH VIDZ : Do 2018 with dodge demon and huracan performante

Omar Massaoudi : can't wait to see the roadster destroy everything else in this

BadDriving_SA : All good until you come back to the real world. Try take a road trip across europe in the tesla see how far you get LOL!

Pagani Zonda : If Venom F5 and 2018 ZR1 is not on the next year's WGDR list im going to make million accounts to dislike it.

813Productions : Those shots with the Humvees were beautiful

seboufdu59 : we need a mile's drag race, seriously ...

Rodrigo Gabbana : Tesla S P110D 2018 under 2sec

Kimi A : Fakeee just look at 5:40 porsche driver brakes its fake race

OneTT : Gotta love how the Tesla still gets hyped because of its performance from a dead stop. Just look at the trap speed. Almost 700 Hp and traps only 125mph. Let them race from a 30mph roll and make it a full mile race. The Tesla would lose against anything that develops like 500hp.

Paul Bou Jabbour : Why?

Adithya Nanda : Today is my birthday can i get 30 likes? Thanks

tv show : no BMW in these cars ... that's probably because the winner would be evident .

Azhar Sharif : Electric is the future Gasoline was the past

mohamed khald : Where is the Mustang? Seriously?

Literal Potato : OMG YES

William Wesemann : i friggn love tesla. #elonmuskissuperdupercool

Josh : Go Tesla!!!

Backwardsfirealarm person87 _ : Man Tesla was fast

Chendo Smit : "Tesla is the next new king... until next year." Elon: I want that crown *reveals 8.8s quarter mile Roadster*

Tom Brady : Oof

Joey Skidmore : Once the dodge demon comes out there won't even be a competition. Even if you're not a dodge fan you have to admit the demon is an amazing machine.

Z. Jones : Motor Trend is so high on Porsches they put two of em in this race lol and I would've liked to see if the Mazda could beat the Lexus or even the Vette

MoToRcYcLe : No Audi RS7 ?!!! nah fu*k this race

MrSwartc : I call Bullshit. At 5:04 the Tesla destroys everything at the start, then at 5:08 the Porche does? I just looked again and the lineup has diff cars in diff spots wtf

Doreen Green : The tesla looks so out of place on that lineup its crazy

Stijn de Heus : "Just like that, America is on top!" Yeah... if you leave out the 918, laFerrari, P1, bugatti's, Zonda's, Koenigseggs etc. Then of course you can do your little patriotic America First act. Massive biasty MTC

danis vadaviya : Guys if you notice...all car is like a race and sport car....but TESLA is just a SUV just SUV...and still win

Andrew Mayer : No one gives a crap about a Tesla! No car guy anyways

Son IQ Bükücü İlber Ortaylı : Setup trick race , at the beginning of race GTR don't go and its driver wasn't drive good.GTR must be in 3 cars...

Adidasp4 : Can't wait till next year for World's greatest drag race 8

Hinaio : If the tesla model s won that....just wait for the roadster 2.0 with 0-60 IN 1.9 SECONDS

The GrowingPlant : tesla roast the ferrari

Olli Syvret : These r the best car videos

Romio Niz Romio : Hhhh tesla began race with 100% battery when race done battery 20% left hhhhhhhhhhhh other cars does good job

Mai Dude : I am very pleased Crap now i have to wait another 6 months for another one ;-;

J Taylor : A quarter mile test for supercars is worthless. They need to be at least half mile race that's a real race for those type cars they're just getting started at a quarter mile! That Tesla would lose its ass after a quarter mile anyway.

Daniel Flores : Electrical dude!!!

111915 528518 : Even though the Lexus is last that's the one car you can live with, because it's more roomy, comfortable, and reliable. It's a luxury car, not a race car.... But I'm still impressed it got to race with the big boys. Now Tesla I can't judge that car. It's literally a GOAT for an electrical car !

JordanMandas Official : GT-R has slipped so far behind what it used to be lol. But I still can’t believe they don’t use the top of the range cars in each class. Race should have been: McLaren 650s/720a instead of 570GT and Corvette Z06 instead of whichever low powered variant they used, with an Audi R8 since it’s in the same class as these cars.

Mohamed.S Khan : Petrol you have failed me

Ngan Nguyen : I knew the Tesla wins

go miron : Tesla lol

Damon Salvatore : I'm an Electrical Eng. This video make me the happiest person on the planet

Ralph Smallblock : Gm needs to not track and test with the consumer as gm is famous for . example 700r4 transmission I remember in trade school the that what we were taught on as for some one who works on cars and trucks last thing I want to do is wrench on my own shit especially new we role Nissan 370Z nismo current 2nd one amazing and camaro ss don’t measure up to them even mustang Shelby 350 in that matter but I guess driver makes the difference

Dood76 : That four door family sedan 😂😂 Tesla ain't fu***** around

The singh :

Optimus Prime : Let's all pretend that every car in the US is now electric. Let's pretend. How are we going to produce the extra Tera mega giga billion quadrillion KW MW of power that we now obtain by burning pertolium fuels? 75% of all electric worldwide comes from burning oil. Or gas. Or coal. And No one wants a nuke in their back yard to produce electricity. So what are we doing? We will burn oil to produce electricity and then charge our electric cars with that oily electricity and then proclaim to ourselves that we don't use gas because we drive soulless electrics????? Not to mention the millions billions of giga oil burning required to make batteries. Which are totally toxic and cause cancer and an environmental disaster. This whole process is 1000 times worse then just making clean burn engines. Ahem. Without cheating there VW and Germany not to mention any shameful nations.

Ralph Smallblock : Such a runway and only a quarter mile drag race weak motor trend Carlos that use to do the testing was way better than Santa clauses nephew

Ralph Smallblock : Let’s face it they don’t want a decade old gtr beating all the latest greatest supercars good work nissan you guys did what none of the gm dodge ford were able to do make legendary supercars that are loved and hated due to there superiority world wide

Engineering Explained : We were all rooting for the H1.