World's Greatest Drag Race 7!

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S2kTi : People arguing in the comments lmao fanboy's be fanboy's I guess... The one thing I've learned over the past few years is that power and numbers on paper don't mean shit. Drive what excites YOU and ignore the rest. If it's fun to drive, it's fun to drive. Doesn't matter if it's 128hp Miata or a Zo6 Vette.

JordanMandas Official : GT-R has slipped so far behind what it used to be lol. But I still can’t believe they don’t use the top of the range cars in each class. Race should have been: McLaren 650s/720a instead of 570GT and Corvette Z06 instead of whichever low powered variant they used, with an Audi R8 since it’s in the same class as these cars.

Ngan Nguyen : I knew the Tesla wins

king PEEDEN : I feel like the tesla truck will be featured at some point.

Tom Brady : Oof

Game TL : Tesla ROADSTER 2020

Hii Tze Siang : Its time to breath clean air again... Fuck petrol...

현철정 : Tesla is fast

Biplab Das : Waiting for Tesla Roadstar 2.0 to join the race....

Adidasp4 : Behind the scenes?

BroImLeandre : Go Tesla! Progression over time indeed!

Jameriquai Erna : America for the win!


dat boi : Also I don't get why there's so much hate, relax we all love cars so quit being fanboys and act like adults

Ford Guy : Tesla has that instant torque, but no top end.

blasteroid : nxt year it's going to be the tesla roadster

fusedchalice : In 2020 do the Tesla roadster 2.0

Scot Wilson : Fuck sake, I was begging for that cocky little fucking Tesla to be beaten, but no-.- Yes it's an amazing work of engineering, and electric cars are gonna replace the combustion engine, but I just prefer the sound and feel of an engine

Abram Murphy : Tesla number one!

Max Drax : I hope the demon will ne in the next wgdr

luis luis : I want a tesla now 😁

Everts Štāls : NICE TESLA

John mclaughlin : Gtr looking soooooo out of date now

Rohan Saxena : Tesla Roadster vs Buggati Chiron vs All

FinesséMakesDreams : Who else been waiting hella long for this😂😂??

2013brzsubaru : The new tesla coupe will crush all those cars!

Muhammad Na'im Syuaib : Johnny Lieberman: can you tell who will win this drag race? Tech Seargent: I can't tell you who will win but,I can tell you who will lose Johnny Lieberman: who??? Tech Seargent:That little Miata Johnny Lieberman: Change that Miata with the four door sedan Tesla. Johnny:Now tell who will win,sir. Tech Seargent:That eletric Tesla. Johnny: Others?? Others:The AMG GTR after Tesla quick launch Others:Holy shit! That Tesla quick as hell!! So that why Tesla is the best. #Teslathewinner

Abdul Ahad : If a Model s can do this. just think of what a roadster might do?

Caden Selvi : I wanted the Porsche to win

bfmvownz99 : 7:08- You can see all the cars sleeping at the starting line Lol

Aca Kurumi : Fake!!!

Anthony Celiberti : Where the fuck is mustang

rzaner : stupid montage, the race is shown from 20 positions in just 5 seconds. less is more..

TrippyMcNuggets : The Lexus is last.... And that's just fine

Diesel fitness : the intro was like a start to a transformers movie

ACE GTR : Once again the GTR runs 11's lol... you Americans are a funny bunch even the 2012 GTR runs a high 10 second pass.. that was 5 years ago and now the nismo is still in the 11's lol..

Skylax : Now test on the track maybe?

Skylax : Soo cool and hype!!

Draco Mass : Oh my goodness!!!!! I want a Tesla so bad I don't know what to do!!!

15october91 : I always look forward to watching these yearly drag race videos!

srijan visen : I didn't think Tesla going to win but ......

Atm 819 : Do Tesla roadster vs lambo vs Ferrari and bugatti

Matthew : Now I’m scared to see the new 2020 roadster.

William Wesemann : i friggn love tesla. #elonmuskissuperdupercool

ALI SHARIYAT : no lamborghini? no party.

Psychrolutes Marcidus : World's Greatest Drag Race 8 ! Buggati Chiron Zonda Pagani Koenigsegg Agera McLaren P1 LaFerrari Nissan GTR Nismo Dodge Viper ACR Ford GT Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Lamborghini Aventador Lamborghini Veneno Dodge Challenger Demon Aston Martin Vulcan Tesla

Mao 69 : man tesla is damn fast

juan brasil : "Tesla is the new drag strip King... Until next year" Little did they know that the Tesla Roadster will dominate next year.

MasterKert The Yellow Master : In 2020 do the new tesla roadster that do 1.9sec in 0-60km

GETUP AND GO : That's an awesome drag race