World's Greatest Drag Race 7!

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vicesat : Electric cars are the fu... oh wait, they are the present.

JordanMandas Official : For god’s sake... use the fastest version from every marque. Obviously wanted the Tesla to win, otherwise y’all would’ve used a 650s. Would have included a Huracan too, and why the grandsport when there’s a Z06? Just doesn’t make sense

Wave Man Mike : Next year Americas coming even harder. Corvette ZR1, Tesla Roadster, Dodge Demon, Hennessy F5( if they can get one), Ford GT.

WORLD RACING ELITE WHRE CREW ON YOUTUBE : lol, who was the idiot driving the Nissan GTR? obviously had a bad start

Spirit Zee : At vannanburg we launch rockets At motor trend we launch cars Elon musk does both

Doreen Green : The tesla looks so out of place on that lineup its crazy

Wave Man Mike : Corvette ZR1 fir next year

ali heyavi : Well its 2018 waiting. ....

Ichigo : I love the GTR but I hate Nissan, they have done a horrible job with the car, you have the 2014 GTR track pack edition it is faster then the 2018 GTR Nismo and it costs 60.000$ less and it's 4 years older like wtf, you are suppose to make the car faster not slower

Khadija Akmal : There should be nsx honda

Forrest's Auto Reviews : Imagine what Tesla will be building in 2-3 years! Insane!

YamezRiddell : When a four door five seater family sedan beats all these performance oriented vehicles👏👏

Lance Hondrade : Electric is the new muscle.

Borisi : Koenigsegg Agera

Gabo Cejitas : can't wait for new Tesla Roadster to beat everyone haha

Ryan Smith : Where's the Demon at?

Toxic Word : Please add the Mercedes Amg E63 s for the next race


ZAIRK- 007 : Cmon everybody knew the tesla would win in a drag, instantaneous power!

I RXMPXGE I : The 2 cars in the middle always win...

Grayson Hardy : The Tesla is the most American car in the lineup. Most of its materials are produced in the states.

Di Basser : oh my gooood....camaro zl 1...that's amazing...

willem hardjosemito : i wanna see another drag race 8 i wanna see the devil sixteen,the new buggati divo,buggati chiron,lamborghini sv,apollo,venom gt,koenisegg and wat car you want

Greatgaming2345 : Porsche 918 spyder would have a easy win.

Shahab Azizi : *MERCEDES* and *PORSCHE* ❤❤❤

Mohit Aggarwal : Instead of Lexus they should have put Jaguar f type SVR or Ford Mustang

Don't Read My Profile Picture : Mustang?

alex Serrano : I don't think Nissan gtr is ever going to win anymore. They never upgrade it.

Pineapple Sauce525 : Fiat 500 abarth

Initial DIY mods : So I guess you wasted that 15000 foot runway to only ran 1/4??? Should have ran to the half and mile then done break downs at the quarter, half and mile for comparisons. Even running one mile, you still had another 2 miles left. Waste of a nice venue

Chethan Mark : Race begins at 4:50

Theo Baer : We all knew the tesla was gonna win deep down 😂👌

Fiesty Flouride 5610 : After i watch this video few times,i still can't believe that Telsa Model S P100D win the race...Good job Telsa Company,i like that Electric car!!!!!:D

L2K_ Legend : 1 like = miata in the next race

Engineering Explained : We were all rooting for the H1.

Иван Фомин : 911 👍👍👍

Geno Jay Acpal : Come on. Please compare cars that are at their years. Comparing a 2018 car with those 2017s, you even bothered to have the lexuz insulted at the begining. Here is a thing bro, get the cars that are merely released at the same year with the same categories. Dont get cars that are built by anyone. You put them shame bro. Here is a challenge for you. Get cars that are released at the same year, with the same class and let it be done. There you go, thats the worls greates drag race. What you did is the worls worst mod-der. Hahaha. You destroyed the supra and the Porsche bro. Feelings bro it hurts what happened. They were beaten, oh you know they would loose right. Come on. Make sence bro

DoSe oF MoE : Lexus Is last yes ironically it will travel a greater distance than all these vehicles

ElementX • : Lexus is last and that’s just fine xD

Daniel Sadjadian : So all these super cars and GT cars, got beaten by a 4 door family sedan.... that’s just too funny! Elon Musk must be proud!

Gen Vuelham : Yawa akong mama🖕🍚🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

DingDongChingChong : I'm not a Tesla fan, but you CANNOT BEAT an Electric motor with conventional engines. That's just the science. If you tried RC Electric Cars VS RC Glow Engine Cars. You will know. So to summarize, it doesn't matter if it's 2017, 2018, 2019, 2100, EV Cars are ALWAYS the winner in acceleration and will beat all ICE cars in the World's Greatest Drag Race show.

Tomás Carvalhadas : Bro that is so fake... tesla sereously?

DJBATMANGOLD : Second, A Camaro beat and Aston Martin.........😮,😦,😒,😀,😂,😷,👌👌👌👌 good job Camaro. And the aston is an Automatic! XD

Grayson Hardy : Gg Elon. I wonder what would happen if he actually wanted to make a drag car.

Power Ranger : Watching from INDIA 😍😘😘😘😘

Rolando Cordero : Please do the Performace model 3 this year!!! That'd be awesome, even if it gets recked, it'd just be really cool to see how it fairs!

Cesar Villagomez : rip miata

Jdor D : I cant believe the grand sport almost lost well I guess for 2018 we will see the ZR1 perform better, great race..."Yeshua/Jesus is the way"

Erik Sandoval : Love this the only thing that sucks is that we got to wait a whole ass year for the next one