World's Greatest Drag Race 7!

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Grayson Hardy : Tesla had race gas

Tac : That green is crazy

John mclaughlin : Gtr looking soooooo out of date now

Game TL : Tesla ROADSTER 2020

Abdul Ahad : If a Model s can do this. just think of what a roadster might do?

Erik Sandoval : Love this the only thing that sucks is that we got to wait a whole ass year for the next one

현철정 : Tesla is fast

IFTEKHAR SAFI : That is why I bought a Tesla.


Caden Selvi : I wanted the Porsche to win

GLOFISH VIDZ : Do 2018 with dodge demon and huracan performante

Nissan Skyline : They're lucky I wasn't in the race.

Hayden Henderson : I don’t understand why they used a grand sport and not a z06

Brian Mak : So many pathetic Tesla comments, Im pretty sure Teslas are boats that are only good on drag tracks. And in 1 mile even a Golf GTI clubsport can catch up quickly.

Troy Jaimes : For the next world greatest drag race put the 720s.

Adidasp4 : Can't wait till next year for World's greatest drag race 8

daniel ibarra : That Tesla killed everyone off that line !!

Montebello 5 : I hate Tesla

Atm 819 : Do Tesla roadster vs lambo vs Ferrari and bugatti

Skylax : Now test on the track maybe?

813Productions : Those shots with the Humvees were beautiful

Daniel The karate kid : That telsa is fast faster than the Lamborghini avetodor

2slick35 : Tesla won the dig race...not surprised. Roll racing...what would happen then? I'm not a Tesla hater. It's an impressive machine. But so are all of the other cars in this lineup...each in their own individual ways.

s song : bring that youtube guy with the gutted tesla and it will beat that tesla. that's power of electricity for ya

arnold kamau : Correction, Rimac is the drag racing king

Engineering Explained : We were all rooting for the H1.

TheBlackCat1997able : 4:50 Start of race.

Skylax : Soo cool and hype!!

Alex S : Do that 5 times in a row. See what happens lol

iamcool333 : Next year use a roadster 2.0

Grayson Hardy : Gg Elon. I wonder what would happen if he actually wanted to make a drag car.

Ichigo : I love the GTR but I hate Nissan, they have done a horrible job with the car, you have the 2014 GTR track pack edition it is faster then the 2018 GTR Nismo and it costs 60.000$ less and it's 4 years older like wtf, you are suppose to make the car faster not slower

DoSe oF MoE : Lexus Is last yes ironically it will travel a greater distance than all these vehicles

ThatBrute650 : Next race make sure you use a automatic Camaro 😑

ThatBrute650 : They used a manual on the camaro😑 camaro could easily been at least fourth place

Mai Dude : I am very pleased Crap now i have to wait another 6 months for another one ;-;

Marvin 37 : Make a drag race that all cars has close price range

Al : Now I want to much of this is driver skill and the car??

Bobby Bish : I want to see the demon get smoked

gor beats : We need dodge demon on 2018 race!!!!

S2kTi : People arguing in the comments lmao fanboy's be fanboy's I guess... The one thing I've learned over the past few years is that power and numbers on paper don't mean shit. Drive what excites YOU and ignore the rest. If it's fun to drive, it's fun to drive. Doesn't matter if it's 128hp Miata or a Zo6 Vette.

anmoldeep gill : Demond👀

DJ_Pancake33 : If yall dont do the dodge demon in wgdr 8, i will be very disappointed!!!!

Josh : The starting looks like something from transformers

Pineapple Sauce525 : Fiat 500 abarth

Doreen Green : The tesla looks so out of place on that lineup its crazy

zoie mama : America! Guns, cars, the only thing ur missing is booze

fazil 786 : Camaro zl1 1le❤

Cynical Obelisk : We need the new Dodge Demon up there

Shivraj Chauhan : Yea dude tesla won its the best but expensive. Put in the 2020 tesla rodester that will be instering