A Family Dinner | True Stories!

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Internet Superstar David Elliott : Gratz on secret link of the day

m1 : Amazing video. Much love!

cavv0667 : Didn't much care for the video. Philip DeFranco had this video as "the secret link of the day"... however, I love the register of your voice and you've a good looking young lady... keep it up!

Devanshi : HAHA LAUREN I LOVE THIS. My family is also insanely loud when we're together. This was cute & funny!

Ton Chii : I hope you make it big

dreamanimation54 : Congratulations on Secret Link of the Day!

Dave Rabbit : I've immediately fallen in love with your style and now I need more. Keep up the awesome work dude, this is hysterical.

Othniel C. Mbamalu : When your videos are anticipated, you're on to something, loved it, it's different.

Lorenzo Media Productions : The Octagon Club is going to be pissed

Reynaldo Dirksen : Grandma reaching for the bottle is literally the cutest thing ever

Joe Miller : I just love how real and relatable your videos are. "Can we have cake now" that killed me

Texas Vlog : Your family is hilarious! I hope your channel blows up with subscribers!

PinkishFloyd : You're such a cutie.

Louis Bayne : whos here from Philip defranco

RyudoDragoon : Octagon Club 4 life.

omgwtfgreg : Did your grandma really take a shot? if so, that is amazing for 99. She's amazing! Go Nana!

1990ryang23 : Philly D!

Sean Eik : What a great secret link, and I see there's more!

Smug Girl : I want your family.

UnfortunateFreakNo1 : dam ur family is dysfunctional af

JONCAST : Audio is much better!! Keep it up I love when I get updates of your stuff!

Bridgett Beardsley : Thanks Phil Defranco!

Phill Walker : Wow get more loveable

Leetwheats : Amazing as always. I dont think Ive ever watched an animation of yours without smiling like an idiot the whole way through.

Jeremy Smith : Your family seems pretty functional actually.

BrooHaHA : Here from phil .. . Liking much subscribed x

fjompen : You're amazing



Inspector Steve : Under age drinkers at this dinner

Chrissy Fellmeth : I watched it

Paula Clarke : Hi Ell. I enjoyed your animation but after seeing you at the end I'll say I'd be super happy to see more footage featuring you. You have a great face, very expressive - some people have faces for radio but others (like you) should be seen x

Jump : Liked this so fast

that80sguy dave : Love it! thanks again for the keyframe lesson :). Also... open a patreon you heathen. Some of us want to throw money at you!

Walkin'Cat : wow such disfunctional family, indeed.

ZesuRodriguez : why do I love this so much...

ig0rsky : This is so comfortable, I don't know why but I feel like I'm there and it's such a good feeling. :)

Chrissy Marty : You're welcome

BreezeTV : That was magical

tinyophe : Grats on being the Secret Link on the PDS. This was cute.

Symphony : With love, from the secret link of PhillyD.

josh lusby : i love these also googling the octagon club

MrShadowy1 : It's like a segment of Rick and Morty.

G E : As a man in my 50's that spent a little while in Art School in the 80's with hopes of being an animator i have to say your animation was pretty funny.

Frank Norris El Farsi : I have a sudden urge to watch goodfellas

More Complex : LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TigerBren : This reminded me of Home Movies. I loved it!

Daniel Danielsen : Adopt me....plz

Careless' VOD Reviews : I don't get it.

ddavel5441 : I don't have any family, so this made me feel very sane, lol.