How to capture a seagull

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HyperDragoonHx : That seagull looked angry.

Tukang Trik : Now you should make video "How to capture video horizontally"

TechThatYT : What am I going to do with this information

Fat Jiggly Cheecks : To understand a seagull one must speak it's language. *"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA"*

PowWow Animations : CircleToonsHD would be proud.

That1TechDude : you now have rabies

DonaId Trump : "Unhand me you brute!"

MrRune : In soviet russia, seagulls capture you.

R Gartner : *Ahhh me esta picoteando banda!!!!*

Madara Uchiha : Instruction not clear lost a whole arm

melfakir elfakir : Wow. My uncle is the seguall you caught and he is looking to move forward in legal segual actions.😂😂😂

StanceNation : 2k were offended by him not releasing it right away

Lazy Lauren : NANI?!

Takumi Fujiwara : The seagull was yelling “rape”

Mr. DeSomber : Gotcha bitch

Yo Mama : What about mental damage

Black_N_White Andrei : I caught a steven seagal instead, what should i do now?

Sam W. : When you're out of pokeballs.....

Cloudslushie ! : law and order: special victims unit

•Alex Oswald• : Guess who's doing what tomorrow ;)

Justin Y. : I'm surprised the seagull didn't bite your face off, have you seen these things eat a sandwich?

Justin Y. : Seagulls are the rats of the sky I'm surprised you haven't died from dysentery yet

Roostoe Multimedia : These are the dumbest birds in existence. I remember going to a retention pond in town where there's at least a dozen of them, and I saw a long piece of metal on the ground. I threw it next to a swarm of seagulls and they all flew up and each of them tried flying away with it, but it was too heavy.

Crimson Rey : 0:50 *bites* *bites* oh... Hi camera! Am I being recorded? *Flaps* bye then

Scott Jostad : bear grylls would be proud.

Gravypot Media : Why you let it go that dinner sorted

Nyarome 2 : poor thing

Shakedro : You had luck he didnt transformed yet

SleepyLeeks : 97 seagull's disliked

Dominic Perez : Wingull was captured!

Justaway Jones : That's not just any seagull. It's Steven Seagall.

Mark NC : Alls fun until it craps in your car.

Cory : This is how i got my wife.

neat heatman : The bird had a calm moment, where the bird realized it was ok *THEN IT STARTED GOING AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA*

Hyperdead_Goat : OMG how dare you! Recording in vertical, you should know better.

le iboy : I love how it stopped looked at them both then went back to wiggling

Delsin Rowe : When you touch a sjw by the shoulder 😂

Pimlico williams : Thought he would shidd everywhere and take ur fries

Lord Beerus : Last time I was on the beach I had a cheeseburger with some ghost pepper in it and a seagull took it out of my hands. I was mad but then realized that seagull going to have some serious karma😂

Pineapple Pig : Abuse to da seagull who just wanted french fries

Shelby _8000 : Lol sooooo cuteeeeeeeeee. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

TheNinJustice : Why.

DUSKIE STUDIOS : A wild seagull. Screaming for its life as it believes it's predator will rape them.

IRFZ44 : It's all fun till it took a shit there.

Eurose : McDonald's in the car park Seagulls flying everywhere Of course it's Northern Ireland

Laphing Hyena : Not cool

lilyvampwolf : Actually I felt bad for it. It was scared.

MrEmaxxfreak : enough internet for today

Zapper Zapped : You must be super lucky to catch a seagull. Now try catching a crow and post a video to prove it.

Kingslayer WWE : Damn guys got balls