How to capture a seagull

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Brakernight : Mine?

dazhibernian : Chip bait.

MetroVerse : Instructions unclear. Car stuck in tree.

JTsuits : Here comes the seagull activists

Isagail : *MINE.*

sithjohn80 : "AHHH AHHH AHHHHH!!" _pauses briefly to look at humans_ "AHHH!!!"

Justin Y. : I'm surprised that seagull didn't claw your face off, have you seen these things fight over bread?

Boxing Physique : they are audi drives, this explains a lot

londontrada : Now, how do you cook them?

Aaron Dears : There's a weird looking dog.

Zuzu : But how can I catch them when I don't have fries

Diet Bleach : The French Fry is my money. The Seagulls are my Ex

Pear : Poor cat

Bardh Xhemaili : look at all of those chickens

Julia Ikmal : wish me luck. im gonna try capture jungkook soon

David Lape : Birb was a paid actor.

thegrimreaper916 : That bird is gona tell tales of that

Fuck Off : Why did I click on this so fast?

BecauseICan : Is no one going to applaud the credits of this video

Cliffford : Somebody in internet: *Triggered* Me: lmao

Im Not A Robot Or Am I? : Would've been funny if he said ( GOT YOU NOW LITTLE SHIT) while catching the seagull

Holly Canning : Poor Seagull 😔 but good that you let it out after 😊

The Laughing Man : GOTCHA BITCH

KillerPink Fox : the bird was screaming: IM BEING SEXUALLY HARASSED!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

ThatRetardedKidInYourClass : Fishing in the parking lot


JustASmolBean : Who has the free time to just stop and think “why don’t I capture a seagull”

Apagado : Why??? Leave they alone!

Real Awesome Network : Human: You are my Pokemon now, Wingull! Seagull: AHHH!!

TechThatYT : What am I going to do with this information

Danny Wood : The things you find on youtube

Evelyn Amaral : They were definitely high

Mr Bubbles : Poor dinosaur

맥클린 Mck : Justin seagull - jungkook

Peach Rose : I think your dog is broken

Dom’s Bizarre Adventure : You should take your dog to see the vet?

Karina Pratiwi : *HOW TO CATCH JUNGKOOK*

Mr Pink : That bird would not have got off with a warning if it was black.

thatonefkeraisha : I’m coming for u jungkook

Brandon Allen : I caught my first fry when I was 3.. I flew a hundred thousand milles on my wings. I grabbed a piece of bread and a chip or four. And a french fry or two from an SUV door. But when I went back for number three I began to understand..... There's something you can't trust about a HUMAN..... You can toss a crumb of bread.. Or a big saltine.... Or a chip from a bag that is bright green. ...... You can toss a grape... Or a chip filled with spice.... Or a cookie filled with a cream that's white... BUT I'll never ever again trust a MAN WITH A FRY!!!!

Yosz ღ : "Quiero pvto no me estés picoteando >:v"

Hague Films : Love it when the bird just stops when he asks him "whats happening" haha

FeathersKitten AJ : That’s a dog

Gryffindor girl : But why would I want too

Tumeli : Idiot

Robloxgamer09 Im a little funny : Seagull: HELP ME PLZ!!! Man: never muhahahaha Seagull: plz don’t hurt me Man: ur mine now! 😈

Aesthetically pleasing ASMR : I’m bald

zack 95 : Don't toch me hooman

PowWow Animations : CircleToonsHD would be proud.

Brionne Davis : Why just why....