Michael Jackson's Drummer Jonathan Moffett Performs "Beat It"

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Drumeo : Looking to start recording your drumming? Learn from the man behind this mix: http://www.Recordeo.com/

Rob Brown : Whenever my self esteem is low, I’ma set up two crashes behind me and choke them suckas 😑🔥

N A S T U : 1:25 wow that was the cleanest cymbal choke I've ever seen

MigGy Chubby : his head is the metronome

tmrthiago : Michael was obsessed by perfection. So you know exactly what to expect from his official drummer.

Jolly Wolly : Holy mother of all that sacred! The symbol catch at 1:25 was on a Jedi level...

Nathan Ferrazzi : This is why I pay the internet.

Nava : My respect, I was waiting for him to go crazy and then I remembered This is what a real drummer is supposed to be about.

Jimmy Ayele : 1:25...holy shit...to me that's more impressive than a 260 bpm blast beat. Way harder than it looks. Visually stunning too!

Joel M : 1:25 has the cleanest cymbal choke EVER!!! WTF

Soy el Bananoide : 1:26 I LIKED!! WOW!!

Briseur De Lance : Man, he has aged, sure. But his arms are still seriously muscular, despite that. The wonders of staying passionate about something and working out. :-) Age is no excuse. P.S.: Even when you grow weaker because of age and illness, keep working out as much as you can. It gives something to fight for, a sense of purpose.

Vic Cypress : Awesome!..That's where a drummer should be.. Sitting comfortably in the pocket..Just feeling the rhythm and grooving to it..locking in tight with the bass..Not over playing or doing unnecessary drum fills, and showing off, disrupting the flow and dynamics of the song. Having the discipline, and not being selfish is very important for all musicians!. I personally​ can play​ this drum track comfortably and tight, also with the additional​ extra fill, or whatever I'm feeling..haha. But I know it has to be something "special" for Jon Moffett to play..He can play these songs with the memories of MJ in his head. Awesome video!!..Bless Jon for his talents.. 🤘😝

Randy Porter : Wow, THAT’S precision ! His breathing is even timed and precise. That first cymbal grab was FAST ! Like someone else said, this is the value of the internet, right here. Thanks for posting !

marre321 : The most cleanest snare sound I've ever heard.

Ben loves music : Ohh!!! So thats how he beat it!!!! 😎

raiderfanlb : Nobody gives credit where credit is due. TOTO was a huge contributor to this song with the great late Jeff Porcaro on drums, Steve Lukather on lead guitar and bass, and Steve Porcaro on synthesizers for this song TOTO did alot of session work and contributed to Michael Jackson's best selling album, "Thriller".

KingOvHell : the original drummer is Jeff Porcaro (ex Toto) Rip

Jamie Hammond : You sir do have the beat . Just beat it. 😀

Randy Porter : Was that Drew Carey’s little brother over there jamming in the corner ?

Bird Man : He looks just like Lester Holt from NBC Nightly News and Dateline. This video would be raw with Lester doing the moon walk

C. K. : A legend...this guy is so much fun to watch. #flawless

Teacher. Austin. saiful Khan : So talent. Respect bro

RhegorP : 1:25 greatness😍

Fran : Respect from Argentina 🇦🇷

Vishwadeep Sonawane : Eddie Van Halen? Anyone?

Benjamin Davidson : That slightly enhanced opening of the hi-hats during EVH's solo adds such a perfect dynamic. Perfect example of how less can be more

Alexander Angelkovski : This man beat it and is still not being defeated... epic...

caronte008 : What a legend.

jazi ayon : Beautiful sound


Marcos Campêlo : Pra quem não sabe,esse era o baterista official de Michael...

Moses Odhiambo : I need a year to choke cymbals like that....sigh...self esteem has gone to the dogs now!

Tiger Lai : I like the way he placed his cymbals!

Maddin 77 : Half human, half drum-machine😏

Bushwacker : Part robot, part Hummingbird. So much fun to watch😊

Callum Murray : How he plays this groove so exactly like the record is beyond impressive

Isaac : I love the look on his face when he hits both of the splash cymbals at the same time

Rhythmatist Jr. : 1:26 also known as the "double crash behind the head , no look , steal your girl" combo... lmao

Jorge Diaz : Crack! 👏👏👏

Prince Westerburg : I heard the snare was packed with glass on the original - Or was that Billie Jean?

Lizard gaming iceblaze : Yeah beat it just beat it

Nelson Farias : Gênio 😎😍

BRBCuber : When he double chocked those cymbals I fell off my bed

LA Live Percussion : He is keeping beat, rythm and timing to perfection!!...exactly what a drummer should do!!...he plays for the song!!..not for himself!!..brilliant!!!

Black Sabbath70 : Mad at 1:25

BoardSports : 1:25 was on eof the best things i have ever seen on youtube :D just insane!!! watched it for almost 100 times and i am still impressed

J. B. : How about some love for Eddie Van on that guitar track! Fantastic drumming too, of course. Man... If I hit cymbals behind my back like that, i'd throw a shoulder out!

Cringemaster007 : Sugar foot be like my head is metronome but shit the cymbal choke on 1:25 is cleaner then my search history