Townley and Gallagher go at it after wreck

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John Wes Townley and Spencer Gallagher get into a fight after a wreck late in the Drivin' For Lineman 200.

Comments from Youtube

Eric Estepp : This was a bigger wreck than the actual crash...

Chrysalis14 : I couldn't tell if they were actually fighting or just messing around?

the8jrfan : My little sisters fought like this.... when they were 3.

KahneRacing945 : "Bah Gawd he hit him with the DDT"

BackflipMotorSports : Both should be fined for actions detrimental to fighting. Even sadder yet, the FOX booth couldn't even hold back their laughter during this waltz. What a disaster.


Dirty Balls Podcast : the officials stepped back because they knew it wouldnt be much

NASCAR Crashes 2018 : Jon Wes Townley is no chicken.... you see what I did there ?

JaRk : This looks like a friendly fight then a real one...

Geoffrey Toussaint : Looks like they're just hugging it out

TheJrMizzGamingLounge : you can here production in the background laughing lol

What Happened To This Channel!?? : Get these fools off the track. Tony, do your thing

Bruno Tavares : hahahahahahaha. Essa foi a pior briga que já vi. Parece dois moleques da 5º série

Legacy1776 : Dear NASCAR....PLEASE teach the drivers how to fight because this was awful. it's like they were hugging each other to death, and i almost died watching it.

Derek Roig : That sure was entertaining for the 13 people in the stands.

Sean Taylor : this looked like a hockey fight between Wayne Gretzky and Sydney Crosby

Harry Loomis : Love that the officials didn't jump in

reshiram202 : that was the wimpiest fight i have ever seen

Marty Czekala : BREAKING: The new main event for UFC 200 is John Wes Townley vs Spencer Gallagher

John Mallekoote : wow that's nothing compared to the fight between Cale Yarborough and Bobby Allison.

john leininger : expel them from the championship and remove all owner points that was a pathetic excuse for a fight ive seen ice skaters do better

Luciano Oliveira : briga de trânsito!

Liam Gallagher : the name gallagher makes sense... look like noel/liam gallagher personality

Griffdawg : Drivers were meant to race... not fight

LucchiniSW : Can't tell if they're hugging or slowly going into cardiac arrest due to fighting.

Pedro Paulo : acho que eles não levam jeito pros dois esportes


daniel albuquerque : IS THAT THE NEED F1 FOR BE MORE EXCITING .

Hunter Nixon : I love how the safety workers just let em do it lol

Ederaldo Correa : pareciam 2 saopaulinos brigando

Stosh!, the Djentleman : Somewhere, Cale Yarborough and the Allison brothers are watching this, thinking "These kids these days don't know how to fight".

Lucas Mauricio : hahahahahha q merda

Lijevi Desni : this is the wimpiest fight I've ever seen

Daniel Romansina : this is ridiculus.

Sam Erehart : this was the saddest thing ever xD

Caio Is Back : quem ta aki por causa da materia da globo?

Fagner F Souza : Fighting? They were almost kissing each other!

Bart2278 : Was this a fake fight? Like WWE stuff?

Benny Blanco : Tão tosco que ninguém separou kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

cemporcentomicro rib preto : Cade o pessoal do deixa disso, ninguém separou kkkkkkkkk

Hunter Nixon : Lol!!!!!!! Went to a NASCAR race ended up going to dancing with the stars

Erick Ribeiro : briga de baitola. ...kkk

Joe Hatch : Just hug it out guys, then PUNCH EACH OTHER IN THE FACE

JProductions 48 : The two guys who crash the most in the truck series fighting. XD

Mike Honcho : I have the richer daddy, mines better than youres, no my daddy is better...

bendsomemetal Ford : Kyle Busch is probably proud of them

Timothy Cox : #cutestfightever

Dominar TyranT : Two disable fighting.

PttyBlue43 : That looked more like sex then a fight.