Townley and Gallagher go at it after wreck

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Eric Estepp : This was a bigger wreck than the actual crash...

Leuel48Fan : "John Wes Townley didn't really know how to hit Spencer Gallagher because Spencer Gallagher isn't a wall." -Nascarcasm

NASCAR Crashes 2018 : Jon Wes Townley is no chicken.... you see what I did there ?

Chrysalis89 : I couldn't tell if they were actually fighting or just messing around?

KahneRacing945 : "Bah Gawd he hit him with the DDT"

BackflipMotorSports : Both should be fined for actions detrimental to fighting. Even sadder yet, the FOX booth couldn't even hold back their laughter during this waltz. What a disaster.

the8jrfan : My little sisters fought like this.... when they were 3.


Ethan Benfield : the officials stepped back because they knew it wouldnt be much

Legacy1776 : Dear NASCAR....PLEASE teach the drivers how to fight because this was awful. it's like they were hugging each other to death, and i almost died watching it.

Marty Czekala : BREAKING: The new main event for UFC 200 is John Wes Townley vs Spencer Gallagher

JaRk : This looks like a friendly fight then a real one...

Bruno Tavares : hahahahahahaha. Essa foi a pior briga que já vi. Parece dois moleques da 5º série

Geoffrey Toussaint : Looks like they're just hugging it out

reshiram202 : that was the wimpiest fight i have ever seen

Derek Roig : That sure was entertaining for the 13 people in the stands.

Jacoby Nixon : I have the richer daddy, mines better than youres, no my daddy is better...

Harry Loomis : Love that the officials didn't jump in

John Mallekoote : wow that's nothing compared to the fight between Cale Yarborough and Bobby Allison.

bendsomemetal Ford : Kyle Busch is probably proud of them

Lucas Melo : hahahahahha q merda

TheJrMizzGamingLounge : you can here production in the background laughing lol

Luciano Oliveira : briga de trânsito!

john leininger : expel them from the championship and remove all owner points that was a pathetic excuse for a fight ive seen ice skaters do better

Sean Taylor : this looked like a hockey fight between Wayne Gretzky and Sydney Crosby

Griffdawg : Drivers were meant to race... not fight

David Land : I'm gonna be honest... this is why I don't watch the Truck Series anymore... manufactured drama and the caution clock. BS

Dylon Desbiens : If it was real thats awesome everyone around let them go at it

Daniel Romansina : this is ridiculus.

Stosh!, the Djentleman : Somewhere, Cale Yarborough and the Allison brothers are watching this, thinking "These kids these days don't know how to fight".

What Happened To This Channel!?? : Get these fools off the track. Tony, do your thing

Caio Is Back : quem ta aki por causa da materia da globo?

cemporcentomicro rib preto : Cade o pessoal do deixa disso, ninguém separou kkkkkkkkk

TheRealDonald : That was some weird porn

NoTime4name : Like watching 2 kids in kindergarten fighting over some candy

LucchiniSW : Can't tell if they're hugging or slowly going into cardiac arrest due to fighting.

Liam Gallagher : the name gallagher makes sense... look like noel/liam gallagher personality


Wolverine Prime : People went to a Nascar race and a highschool wrestling match broke out lol

Hunter Nixon : I love how the safety workers just let em do it lol

Ederaldo Correa : pareciam 2 saopaulinos brigando

Pedro Paulo : acho que eles não levam jeito pros dois esportes

Joe Hatch : Just hug it out guys, then PUNCH EACH OTHER IN THE FACE

Benny Blanco : Tão tosco que ninguém separou kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Lijevi Desni : this is the wimpiest fight I've ever seen

Fagner F Souza : Fighting? They were almost kissing each other!

PttyBlue43 : That looked more like sex then a fight.

MartinVRS : Wow, this is pathetic. Have they heard about sportsmanship? They shouldn't call themselves pro racing drivers. It's more like kindergarten level. Wonder why you only see fights like this in 'Murica.

Sam Erehart : this was the saddest thing ever xD

daniel albuquerque : IS THAT THE NEED F1 FOR BE MORE EXCITING .