Mick - James Acaster’s archenemy? Lee Mack’s traded toddler? Gabby Logan’s cheated child? [HD][CC]

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lmiddleman : James Acaster would make a great successor to David or Lee.

PinkChucky15 : I guess I’m a sociopath because I really enjoyed that lettuce joke 😂 😂 😂

Hassaan : James' story is possibly the funniest story I've heard since Lee Mack's keys. Or Kevin Bridges buying a horse. Just brilliant. James really shines on anything he's on.

Xavi Bryans : If only he was Lee's son, Mick Mack is such a name 😂😂

Atrijit Das : "I know his dad. He's his son."

Sinan493 : If he WAS Lee's son, his name would be Mick Mack.

Vyselink : Gotta give that kid mad props, he wanted to break but mostly held it in lol

amelia cool : fancy james acaster in a weirdly intense way

Ian Blais : I so wanted James to get a "Possession" card later in the show... and find a cabbage. XD

kibblewibble : I was hoping that they all knew Mick.😕

Just a small town bicycle : "I know his dad..... He's his son"

hope4thesilentplanet : "His grandad cabbaged me to my face"

Luca8802 : you know its a good round when lee's one sounds believable

Kibbleball : That kid is a genius.

kyle s : The first time Lee has the most plausible story and it ends up being the most ridiculous one that is true. James is a hilarious story teller though, love that guy.

eza delrey : James and Mick remind me of the relationship Bart and Sideshow Bob have on the Simpsons Lol

Emily : i've never heard of james acaster but lol he was hilarious.

JJCunningCreeper : Did Mick place cabbage in the bushes that James slept in?

Chris Wong : I didn’t expect that voice to come out of that kid’s mouth

Merry Clark : aw he’s trying so hard not to laugh😂 so cute!

Azazyel : I'm in the US and now want to send James a cabbage

djhart25 : James' timing + way he builds up parts of the story was masterful here.. Kevin Bridges, Bob Mortimer level funny

TheVideoInvader : "Why did you not recognise your own son by using your eyes and knowing what he looks like."

Joseph Dolman : Mick looks like cloe grace moretz it's really weird

MikeMJPMUNCH : "And that was just the tip of the Iceberg" I love Lee Mack's shame at making that joke.

hsh shs : James:NO!! David:Ok, What then? James: He sent me a cabbage in the post! I almost died!!!!!! :)

agreen182 : Haven't seen James before but he seems like a legendary guest already

Connor D : if anyone listens to James' classic scrapes you could tell his story was true right from the start. if you like James i recommend watching his 'classic scrapes' videos👍

Elizabeth Dire : please tell me this is about cabadging

Alex Sheriff : Having listened to James Acaster’s Classic Scrapes before, I knew the answer to his lies before he even finished explaining them, he absolutely stole the show in this one. One of my favourite comedians at the moment.

lewyorr : "I know his dad, he's his son"😂😂

Si Hopebgood : Instant classic.     Up there with some of the best from the likes of Bob Mortimer and Henning Wehn.    :)

Mbeepy : Lee looks good with the facial hair

LaneyStudios5 : James sure does know how to get himself in a scrape, I'd love it if he did a series on strange incidents that have happened to him throughout his life

Laura Sadler : The part of this that's the funniest is why is this kid called Mick he's like 11 not 40

Dave Grant : Maybe... Maybe... Nope.

Aeroldoth3 : "Can I just say, Mick, that I feel for you. Either a grown woman, a professional athlete no less, _deliberately_ stomped on your little hand just to win a kid's game, OR you have a grown man calling you his sworn enemy, OR, perhaps worst of all... you're Lee Mack's son. I'm so sorry."

Jacluster : The second I heard James' story all I could think was "PLEASE LET THIS BE TRUE!!!"

GWPN : Classic scrapes... James needs to get out there and make some new scrape situations happen.

Adam Levine : Can someone get me his address so I can mail him a cabbage?

James Herrington : I believed the wheelbarrow story.

Samuel Taylor : That little kid had such a deep voice!

little miss sunshine : James Acaster is hilarious! !!! 😃😃😃😃

PianoKwanMan : 1:45 "You know In your peripheral vision, you can feel somebody coming...."

fatbelly27 : I knew this was going to be James as soon as I saw the kid. James; whole life appears to be a bizarre sitcom.

oopth : 12:15 is the most crucial part of this clip for me. Seriously, I'm surprised that Health & Safety (especially in the UK) have allowed that step to be there without having it upgraded to a larger, non-moving platform... Watch how it moves when Mick steps down onto it...

Antonio Bromelini : It makes me proud to be British.

Stephen Holmes-Brown : This would have been perfect if they made the last round "Possession" and had James reveal a boxed cabbage :)

AKC1699 : Gabby looks incredible with a ponytail

Chris Morris : James's cabbage story came close, but nothing will ever beat Kevin Bridges and the horse in terms of funniness :) xD