This Is What It's Like Inside North Korea's Luxury Ski Resort | Short Film Showcase

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TheZombie13777 : Just think just a few miles away from them was people dying of starvation

Aaron Thomas : "All animals are equal... some are just more equal than others".....

Tuusula JoTe : This video is produced by National Geographic, thanks to our Marshall Kim Jong-un

Akos : Maybe they are secretly rich and just hiding it like some kind of crazy Wakanda

a meme duck : if he talks smack about north korea, national geographic won't be allowed to film in nk anymore.

Born Villain : North Korea. The country where everybody speaks as if they have a gun pointed at their head... Because they do... 😀🔫

Ankh Morpok : It’s so sad that 99% of ordinary North Koreans will never be able to enjoy the ski resort or the hotel because they are not allowed there and couldn’t afford it. Most North Koreans aren’t even allowed to live in Pyongyang. Movement is controlled. Only the ‘loyal’ categorised population get to move around and even then it’s restricted. People categorised as ‘wavering’ or ‘disloyal’ simply because of what their great grandfather may have done or not done during the Japanese occupation are denied basic rights. It is a farce.

clash with my clan awn : Every time someone spoke, thanks to our Marshall king Jun un.

BudgeThePutcher : Sorry, but it's simply unfair and unreasonable to give praise to any part of North Korea. This ski resort isn't a glimpse of hope for the country, it's the opposite. It's yet another testament of how the country neglects it's citizens. It's kind of like saying that homelessness isn't that bad, because a few times a year you'd find a half eaten cheeseburger in the trash and you won't go to sleep completely starving that night. Or saying that, in summer time, you might not even risk freezing to death at night when you sleep on the street.

CHARLES PECK : I watched a video the other day from someone completely different and you went to all of the exact same places and did very similar things. Proof that the government is highly restrictive of what you see.

Kevin Lu WX : Only the top 0.01% of the people in north Korea gets to experience this luxury. While everyone else is starving to death

Xnate13X : This tourist ad was sponsored by Kim Jong-Un.

Michael Swisher : Maybe I'm overthinking it or I am a bit too sensitive on the subject but isn't it a bit shameful that national geographic is knowingly helping the North Korean regime spread propaganda? They know what they couldn't show and even said it at the end of the film. I'm sorry but I find this disturbing.

Luke Pickle : Lol I love how they show the 5 only Destroyed American vehicles they have captured

Sascha : someone once compared north korea and pyeonyang to the country from the hunger games and the capital and i don't think they're wrong tbh

Cassandra Bankson : *I was wondering hiw this guys vlog look so epic, and then I realized I was watching National Geographic.*

phil Mc : And this was prob all build by slaves, from the concentration camps just a few miles up there

Joel Sexton : Great propaganda! I'm sure the dear leader is very happy.

huhhman : My only question is. Did you bang any hot north Korean girls?

Matt Marzula : Things look pretty clean. I'll give them that.

Sloth55Chunk : Their country looks like a Wes Anderson film

Larcoal2 : Nice, but ask to see the prisoned families next time. Not so nice.

Realtalk Z : EVERYONE visiting North Korea is helping to funding a brutal dictatorship no one should be giving NK any publicity of any kind

Volcanic Ruby : 9:58 whats is that guy doing in the background lol.

Prof. Hilary L. Chow FRAS : I went to North Korea a few months ago, stayed at the same hotel. We were allowed to go out of the hotel on our own, and my photo wasn't inspected upon departure. I even got away with not bowing to Kim Yat-sing and his wife. As a Hongkonger, I was singled out from the beginning, and the Korean guides' first response to any of my questions asked in Mandarin was if I was "Han" (we don't speak Mandarin in Hong Kong, that's why my accent and fluency were clearly different to them). It's really not as secretive as it may seem. But it's quite boring and there's nothing much to see. I also had an upset stomach the whole time (the medication I bought there did fix it though).

Jaka Parker : Ok, I think this video is more propaganda than mine.

Unlicensed Memes : The numerous videos on youtube of people "seeing inside North Korea" don't give any real insight at all to the truth of this country. In fact, it gives a false reality to what North Korea is really like. People are only allowed in Pyongyang and then they are taken on planned routes and visiting planned buildings with planned people inside who have planned emotions and activities. For all we know the VAST majority of North Korea's population could be very miserable and ignorant of anything outside their country. These are the most unfree people in the world and shows like this are not helping them and are potentially hurting their chances to be free of their "possible" oppression.

Teirdalin : 9:58 I think that robot is having an error in the background. That or they forgot to put the movement tween on that edited in person.

Yan Jam : *the only people there are the guides.*

5 Kronor : *THANKS TO OUR KIM*

TheGoobsters : "We loved everything the tour guides authorized us to see, and it looks amazing! Not sure what the big deal is with hating on North Korea." ...Jesus

Brandon Schilling : This is disgusting. You saw nothing they didn't want you to see and fell right into their narrative. Not to mention you put the lives of everyone you came in contact with at risk in the event anything didn't turn out perfect.

MainUkraine : Is it just me or does anyone else feel like all the people he ran into were paid actors? Why would there be people at the bottom on the bunny slopes but not actually skiing on the mountain? Also everything was basically empty except for the employees at the resort and hotels he stayed at except the people who were dancing in the streets but that seems all setup.

Bostmalone : Brainwashed.exe

Jonathan Waight : Foreign visitors are only allowed in certain parts of the country where the administration orchestrates an elaborate showing of what makes NK "good". You will only see what they want you to see, hear what they want you to hear, and go where they want you to go. Tour guides are trained well to give the appearance of a healthy and prosperous socialist state.

Marco Venustus : That resort is empty. It was apparently made just to impress the rest of the world.


Baxter Bear : I love how he is flying on air koryo and not knowing that is like the most dangerous airline and it is 1 star

Rick Fortine : OMG WHERE ARE ALL THE PEOPLE ?????????

x0234dsx : f that. i wouldn't give a single penny to a government that treats its public as cattle. probably worse than cattle. people are sent to harsh prisons for not clapping loud enough for the leader

itscold : They invited you so you could ski on their slopes and they took pictures of you going down so they can photoshop Kim Jong Un on your head so everyone in North Korea would know he's the best at snowboarding.

biggentallen : Need to stop sensationalizing North Korea.

vinzent1992 : -1 When you go to North Korea all you're doing is supporting the regime and by only being able to bring back photos and videos that they approve of you're helping their propaganda. Don't go there at all!

Austin Macaitis : Mass genocides miles away yet your having fun. Go rot in a cave

Simon Salloom : So insane to think that people fought a war with deep conviction and sacrifice for their children to live in this ghost world ruled by a guy who built a ski resort where no one really skis. I wonder if the people who killed for this had the same missing pieces of perception as the rich European kids who came here on holiday? Communism is a dark curse upon the life of the human soul, encouraged onward by the naïveté of youth and the foolish lie of altruism. Watching videos on North Korea makes me appreciate traffic congestion, the swells of people at Costco and the insane level of commercialism in everything we are exposed to.

Yer : Hmmm, every single person interviewed thanked their leader for the ski resort. That's some hella scary screwed up, propaganda.

CanDyPoiSon : Conclusion: Everything is fake.

cleanview70 : 12:30 MH370 is just out of sight but nearby

The Real O'Donovan : Of COURSE no one was going down the slopes. The people there weren't guests at the resort, they were ACTORS working for the government, pretending to be customers. Go to a car dealership in NK and you'll find the same thing, people browsing and talking with "employees," but never actually BUYING any cars, because they're all actors, including the salespeople.

dujfraz : It seems like Stepford Wives, except it's an entire country.