This Is What It's Like Inside North Korea's Luxury Ski Resort | Short Film Showcase

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Ecuador Lounge : EMPTY PLACE

Cassandra Bankson : *I was wondering hiw this guys vlog look so epic, and then I realized I was watching National Geographic.*

Daytons Sniper Rifle : What you saw is real. The people were real and they did what they always do. The reason it looks so nice is that only the priviliged are allowed to live in the capital. So it looks like a rich environment because it is actually one, only the elite lives there. Since you never really leave the capital region you never see the poverty and distress the people are in

Henry M : When he jumped that fence i thought he was going to get shot

Joshua Jones : "We got to see how they lived." No, you didn't. Every tour is scripted right down to who you meet. Find video of a "tour" from a decade ago, and you'll see the exact same thing.

k p : North Korea's official tourism ad?

Born Villain : North Korea. The country where everybody speaks as if they have a gun pointed at their head... Because they do... 😀🔫

DBarationX : When nearly everyone they talk to starts of there sentence like: "Thanks to the love of our Marshall Kim Jong Un" I cringe a little inside

Beta.Computer : plz dont nuke the ski resort

Sloth55Chunk : Their country looks like a Wes Anderson film

KEEPMOVN : The whole korea is scripted from the start until the end of this vid.

David Martinez : All the sad faces of people being forced to do the stupid dance. My heart goes out to them.

ImaCyclePath : Goes skiing out of bounds.... Ends up doing 15 years hard labor for jumping the fence.

Everything You Need To Know : Goes to Stonehenge, knows all about United Kingdom

Chemicalpneumonia : When you killed all the NPC's except for the vendors.

Sean Lee : The biggest Oscar snub of all time is every North Korean at that ski resort

AdHocFuture : You saw what you were supposed to see. You heard what you were supposed to hear. Congratulations on enjoying something that the majority of those natives will never get near to. Oh, congratulations also for not becoming an international incident.

BornSerious : You're lucky you didn't get arrested and imprisoned for having fun.

Dicky Fisher : This place is only for Rich Commies n heads of state. Notice the lack of people.

Stu W. : Wipe out all the leaders and give the country back to the people.

Kevin Lu l Storm Chasing : Only the top 0.01% of the people in north Korea gets to experience this luxury. While everyone else is starving to death

Mason Halm : Actively supporting a regime which has literal concentration camps, and acting like nothings wrong. 🐸☕️

Alex Seiffert : What is this? That video just paints the picture that the NK Regine wants western media to show. Do you even realize that this luxurious hotel and the ski resort were only set up to blind foreign journalists. Did why the slopes and the hotel were empty with no locals anywhere? The truth is that hundreds are starving in this country every day while the regime spends money on fireworks, statues and war machinery. None of that was even mentioned.

Walrus_War_King 16 : "Oh I completely see it differently!" Buddy Kim-Jon-Un doesn't want you to see the bad. These are the rich and fortunate. Ask anyone who lives there. Their people are starving and you only saw 1% of it all. The best part

David : Such a beautiful country and a wonderful culture, I think I will book my holidays here!

Pepper Shaker : Don’t take a poster btw

Iman Akbari : I mean... You make North Korea sound like Hawaii or somewhere like that, and that's a hard thing to do.

Yamaha Rider : Nice country, wonderful yet oppressed people. I'll have the Moe haircut please.

Simon de Vegt : Goes to North Korea Ski Resort saying "I'm looking forward to just seeing first hand what the country is really about". LOL WTF!

Omer Sokol : beautiful but you forgot to show the main attraction: the gulag camps

TheZombie13777 : Just think just a few miles away from them was people dying of starvation

stimul8 : Yeah, but how many times you get laid there?

Tonmoy Rahman : Watching these really maked me really anxious. Its soo empty and everything looks bleak and sad.

OutdoorsTV : *jumps fence at ski resort* life in prison

Qorax Stan : Very well made video, loved it.

x y : Kill the leader and give the land back to the ppl....

Mat : This is not their culture. Wtf this is propaganda

SummbuddiesFriend : It looks so false.

kaelmato : 6:50 Even in North Korea these machines are rigged.

MightyHowler 87 : No lie that actually looked like a really fun vacation

Bob Frankenstein : *Thanks to the love of our Marshall Kim Jong-un...* (Gunshot takes out his head) He forgot to bow...... That idiot in the beginning who was wishing to see the North Korean culture... Well there you go... At least they're REALLY good at the Biathlon now....

Mitchell Jules : Half his flight mates are American Cia agents.

Ferry Ansony : Not going to lie, that city looks about 20 times better than where i live (Jakarta, Capital of Indonesia). Thats fact makes me kinda sad Fun fact: i never touched snow in my life

Skywere Productions : I can't help but wonder how real everything is or how much of a theater play it is, what do you guys think?

Toby Parker : 09:58 Guy in the background looks like an NPC stuck on the fence.

LyssandRick : Not one person allowed to speak without giving praise to him

Kingdom 777 : Wow I didn't think they had places like this.

Majestic13 : 99.9% people commenting never even visited NK probably dont even know where it is on the map yet typing like they live there.

MightyFish : I would visit North Korea just to snowboard on that hill. It looks like a pretty cool hill

rayoloco5000 : awesome