This Is What It's Like Inside North Korea's Luxury Ski Resort | Short Film Showcase

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Kevin Lu WX : Only the top 0.01% of the people in north Korea gets to experience this luxury. While everyone else is starving to death

TheZombie13777 : Just think just a few miles away from them was people dying of starvation

Born Villain : North Korea. The country where everybody speaks as if they have a gun pointed at their head... Because they do... 😀🔫

Matt Sheppard : Reminds me of the capital from the hunger games. Very staged, deceptive and just disingenuous. I don't think this was an accurate look on the country as a whole.

Toby Parker : 09:58 Guy in the background looks like an NPC stuck on the fence.

Devon Gilmore : I feel like Americans have more privileges in North Korea then the Koreans do. Very fascinating.

Alex Seiffert : What is this? That video just paints the picture that the NK Regine wants western media to show. Do you even realize that this luxurious hotel and the ski resort were only set up to blind foreign journalists. Did why the slopes and the hotel were empty with no locals anywhere? The truth is that hundreds are starving in this country every day while the regime spends money on fireworks, statues and war machinery. None of that was even mentioned.

Jeffrey Williams : Everything you saw was a lie. The people who were interviewed were actors, coached to smile all the time through their interviews. The ski lodge, hotel and restaurant are all closed down whenever reporters aren't there. This is why you didn't see any other customers in them, and why you weren't allowed to enter their kitchens: no food in their shelves, nor in their refrigerators. Casino was closed because they knew that no one would have the money to blow; they're just there for show. The people are starving so bad, they have tapeworms because they have to eat dirt & tree bark just to survive. Only Un, his family, his closest advisors and the scientists who are building his nuclear program can eat real food. Everyone else, including the soldiers, are on rations.

Connor Dodd : Guys, he's not allowed to share anything bad about North Korea. He has to sign a contract and if he breaks it, it can hurt him and National Geographic.

Cassandra Bankson : *I was wondering hiw this guys vlog look so epic, and then I realized I was watching National Geographic.*

Mason Halm : Actively supporting a regime which has literal concentration camps, and acting like nothings wrong. 🐸☕️

KEEPMOVN : The whole korea is scripted from the start until the end of this vid.

Mitchell Jules : Half his flight mates are American Cia agents.

macc240038 : Did they take them to visit the notorious prison camps where they keep their own people who are all categorically sentenced to life with all family members including the small children for the crime of asking a question ?

ganzo86 : That place is so empty is had a creepy feel to it.

Jenna A.C.E : Nice to see Kim has got his priorities straight. Build a luxury ski resort (for like 20 people) and have a massive birthday party in honor of yourself before feeding and clothing the majority of your people.

SummbuddiesFriend : It looks so false.

Lion Dano : Everything is thanks to the Marshall Kim Jong Un lmao

Jaka Parker : Ok, I think this video is more propaganda than mine.

Eapple Gamerz : In the end they are still human beings, just ones that have to put on an act for the camera. They're like actors that die if they don't do their job right.

MightyFish : I would visit North Korea just to snowboard on that hill. It looks like a pretty cool hill

David : Such a beautiful country and a wonderful culture, I think I will book my holidays here!

doglet woofer : Sheer propaganda

Nkauj Hmoob Yaj : Hmmm, every single person interviewed thanked their leader for the ski resort. That's some hella scary screwed up, propaganda.

Anita Douglas : I think everyone here needs to watch Asian boss' videos where they actually interview North Korean defectors on what it's like to live in North Korea

r00k1e : 6:48 She breaks rules. So sad she is working in labor camp at now

Boi : Every korean on that hill is a professional skier. The ones learning, do the same routine every time a foreigner enters their scene.

Kim Il-sung ꧄ : Nothing is impossible in North Korea, except to leave it.

itscold : They invited you so you could ski on their slopes and they took pictures of you going down so they can photoshop Kim Jong Un on your head so everyone in North Korea would know he's the best at snowboarding.

King New Jersey : Any American's on the trip. Do not take any political poster?

Cooper Lambert : Our Marshall Kimjongun 😂😂

Hypnotic : It’s sad to know I share the same birthday with Kim Jong Il.

Aetaluta : So few people there skiing, and nthat's sad, must cost too much for most of the people living there. I knoiw not all people living there are robots, and that's even worse, many people there are hostage and live in fear.

Marco Venustus : That resort is empty. It was apparently made just to impress the rest of the world.

Cookie Monster : People are like well I guess North Korea isnt that bad but they make it look nice from an outsiders view to make them think it’s not that bad

Arkadiusz AGDAN : The only good thing is that the country is not polluted by mass tourism and the mountains looks magnificent However if everything was so great in North Korea then you don’t have to have tour guid 24 hour a day

Zezo Musree : It’s a beautiful country

Marc in NA : Geez, give the guy a break. He knows it's all scripted, he knows North Korea is an oppressive regime. That's part of what makes the experience so surreal.

Sloth55Chunk : Their country looks like a Wes Anderson film

Ira Williams : This ski resort is clearly a symbol of tyranny

pooch : i am so sure that almost half of the buildings are either empty or full of bodies

money : yes the socialist worker are the best it when they teach the guide how to snowboard

nun fong : this is literally propaganda

TheGoobsters : "We loved everything the tour guides authorized us to see, and it looks amazing! Not sure what the big deal is with hating on North Korea." ...Jesus

L Nguyen : Wow what an amazing ski resort! . . . . I wonder how many people starved to death for the cost of this building?

tantzer : You hear, ""Thanks to the love of our Marshall Kim," and you think "brainwashed" and feel sad for them. Then you hear Americans speak, people who pride themselves for love of freedom and independent thinking, and they spew whatever their media feeds them: Iraq has weapons of mass destruction, we're in the Middle East to promote democracy, etc., etc. and you feel even sadder, since they're even more brainwashed than the North Koreans.

Taylor Lipson : That actually looks very nice... 😰😰

MommyCassReborns : wow so interesting it was nice how the guids joined in trying snow boarding too.

noname justus : You didn't get a glimpse of a secretive country- you were shown what the government wanted you to see.

kyle009 00 : well north korea isn't that bad. the country is way cleaner than my room