Revenge Of the Samurai Cop Clip - Tommy Wiseau

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Alexander Anderson : This wasn't even part of the movie, they just went over to his house.

MONO4608 : Wow... More than ten years have passed and he is still mad at Lisa

RazorBeak : This really plays to Tommy's strengths of smashing furniture and screaming incoherently.


MrBank325 : Clearly he is fedap wit this worol.

Mils : He found out the doggy died four years ago

Red : Why Lisa? Why! Why!

sn3192 : wow they sure made use of his considerable rage rampage talents

4664yipyen : i get it, he tore up a room in that other movie he did, and now he is doing the same thing but its in this movie. thats very clever and smart and also, dare i say it, funny. good work.

The Black Lodger : Johnny trashes the room...again???

Eric Norberg : Honestly people can bash this all they want. I think he does a very good job in this scene lol.

TheBestComicKing : I guess he's still mad about Lisa

Ezy Teri Reddy : Looks like Lisa is tearing him apart all over again. Too bad the smashed television is nowhere to be seen.

Marco Klammer : An average day in the life of Tommy Wiseau 😨

DaFunkyHorse420 : The Room reference??

Aaron Delgado : I think Tommy should have been the villian in the Humancentipede movies

Daboy_huh 17 : WHY LISAA WHY WHY WHY!

Adryan Golan : oh hi mark

lazicful : Can we just admire that Tommy Wiseau is the villain of Samurai Cop 2?

João Mariani : best scene of the movie, hands down

D. P. Robertz : I don't know how that chick kept a straight face.

MasterOfKnowledge : No CRT TV's were thrown out of a window with the strength of three men...7/10

SORRELAT : I think this was best scene in movie !

ricarleite : He is pretty good....!

Eric Parazak : Yeah I'm angry I guess roar, roar. I'm really mean and frustrated huuuh? This is what angry people do right huuuh?

OH BABY A TRIPPLE : Me when I beg for a ps4

ricarleite : I'm going to say it: he is not too bad

- _CAIOWORLD_ - : Oh hi samurai

niaj4 : Man, Lisa's really tearing him apart...

Deuterium, the Sentient Mattress : Please tell me the whole movie is this cheesy.

Philip Robinson : At least he's not dry humping Lisa's red dress this time, lol!!! Anyway Samurai Cop 2 fans, how are your sex lives?, lol!!!

Mofo Jackson : hahahaha! Awesome! I actually think it shows a really good sport of him for the movie to acknowledge they're were deliberately setting out to make another 'really bad movie' and wanted him to have a cameo in it and he was good with playing along! That's super cool of them all!

Daniel Harton : The Killer Sountrack, ok

dio arya : My reaction to ShindoL Emergence's True Ending (╥﹏╥)(╥﹏╥)

Ian Christopher : This scene THE ROOM- "Youre tearing me apart,Tommy!"

jmo1link : Easiest way to get Tommy in your movie; give him a room to trash.

rav : ol' boy just doesn't have a lot of range does he...

Movies and Smoothies : im starting to think he just likes to break stuff least the acting got a bit better...right? ...a bit?

nova huks : He's a comedic genius. He's so good no words were even spoken.

Jay Es : i was waiting for him to stop and say " oh hi mark"

ProjectFlashlight612 : Lisa, why why whyyyyyy

Monkey Scientist : Just another Tuesday for Tommy Wiseau. The furniture should be honored to be destroyed by such a legend.

Injun Samurai : and the winner, for best male performance in a terrible movie goes to..............

cumquatrct3 : This wasn't in the script, someone farted in his presence and they filmed the resulting breakdown.

joshua diola : What are you doing in my room, go outside so BEAUTIFUL... RRRRAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!

Manuel Ardila : I want an efusive applause for those overacted sound effects who don't match with the monstruous and grotesque scene of destruction...

ΓΙΑΝΝΗΣ ΔΕΜΕΡΤΖΗΣ : The room 2 Tommys redemption

Andrew Hope : Why Lisa why??

Griffyn Margetts : Tommy you are my father

Hiena Secreta : this is the wisseau hissy fit