Veggie Tales (Remix ) | shama ft drû

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TheHillDragon : Lowkey? grown man Highkey? stilla fan

candiigurl7893 : One of the few times I'm genuinely proud of the YouTube recommends on my dashboard. This is fire. 👌🔥🔥🔥

Vancha March : Veggie gang veggie gang veggie gang veggie gang

Sierra LaFaye : Bruh this is going on my end of the summer playlist 😂 but 💯

Kailey Ryan : Nothing brings kids that grew up Christian together more like Veggie Tales

Libertarirynn Videos : I didn’t know I needed a trap remix of Veggietales until now.



Annalyn McAwesome : Saw this at church yesterday. Yes, Christians can have fun. This is the best thing I have ever seen!

Space Chicken : I'm beyond pumped that the Yodeling Veterinarian of the Alps got some love. This is GOAT

BozuシシMoyo : YEEES THAT RUBBER DUCKY REFERENCES AND THE WALL OF JERICHO YESSS! 🐤 I just wanna hear the ending version now with some "and so what we have leaarned god is for everyone, now that our show is done we'll take a look"🤣

Isabelle Dixon : Narrator: And now it's time for Silly Songs with Larry, the part of the show where Larry comes out and sings a silly song. Larry (spoken): Got the munchies on that fateful night, round eight 'o clock. So I phoned in a pizza for delivery. But I had a feeling that something wasn't right, 'cause I waited for hours and... no pizza. Larry (sung): I set the table with a paper plate How would I know that it'd be late? It's taken so long, where could it be? Had a thirty minute guarantee Pizza Angel, please come to me Tomato sauce, and cheese so gooey Pizza Angel, I'm on my knees You're my number one pie from Sicily! Did it get lost? Did they just forget? Should I have ordered on the internet? Ready for dinner, now I'm not so sure I think my soda's room temperature Pizza Angel, please come to me Pizza Angels: Come to me! Larry: Tomato sauce, and cheese so gooey Pizza Angel, I'm on my knees Pizza Angels: On my knees Larry: And don't forget to add my favorite anchovies! Pizza Angels: Yeah, yeah, yeah... Larry: I was concerned for my delivery Eight little slices of heaven for me Can't stop thinking it would make me smile When I taste my first Chicago style Going crazy while I pace the floor Then my heart skipped When I heard the door! Larry (spoken): I opened the door in expectation, but it was the saddest sight I ever saw. I could still smell the sweet aroma of deep dish goodness... but the box was empty. Pizza Delivery Man Jimmy (spoken): The house number was broken, so I couldn't find you. I was getting kind of hungry so I... ate your pizza. Sorry about that. You don't need to tip me or anything. Larry (sung): Pizza Angel, please come to me Pizza Angels: Come to me! Larry: Tomato sauce, and cheese so gooey Pizza Angel, I'm on my knees Pizza Angels: On my knees! Larry: You'll live forever in my memory! Pizza Angel, please come to me Pizza Angels: Come to me! Larry: Tomato sauce, and cheese so gooey Pizza Angel, I'm on my knees Pizza Angels: On my knees! Larry: I will miss you for eternity! Larry (spoken): I'll never forget you, Pizza Angel

Rebecca Millard : Lyrics: If you like to talk to tomatoes If a squash can make you smile If you like to waltz with potatoes Up and down the produce aisle Have we got a show for you Broccoli, celery, gotta be VeggieTales Lima beans, collard greens, peachy keen Veggie Tales Cauliflower, sweet and sour, half an hour VeggieTales VeggieTales VeggieTales, it's time for VeggieTales Throwback, Sunday school best show, vegetables every episode so cool Learning ‘bout God and the Bible Low key, grown man, high key still a fan I play the songs when I can ‘cause God’s still bigger than the boogeyman Barbara Manatee and pizza angel come to me I’m a motivated pirate who don’t do anything (No seriously, I just stay home and lie around) Shoutout to Larry the Cucumber and my boy Bob the Tomato Ya'll stick to DC and Marvel Larry Boys my superhero Oh where oh where is my hairbrush tho Oh why oh why doesn't everybody have a water buffalo Keep walking and walking but you won't knock down our wall I think cheeseburgers are precious and the very best show is VeggieTales.... Never ever ever been a show like VeggieTales There's never ever ever ever ever been a show like VeggieTales I still don't know what I'd do if my lips left me man Hey whatcha'll know about them Zebus None of them Marvel suerheros got plungers for ears dog It's Laura's fault she broke the plate she kept on saying she had to demonstrate her apple chopper Chopped right through the plate man Yodelay yodelay yodelay Yodelay yodelay yodelay he who VeggieTales

Bekah Hermann : My friend:*hands me aux cord* "You better not play trash" Me: *Plays this* Friend:Wtflip Me:*Grinning eviley while avoiding punches*

Peeking Under The Blindfold : Remember God made ya God made ya He made ya very special And he loves ya very...

Anika Haner : I knew every one of the references And I have never been more proud!

Urban Noize Music : As if Chick fil A wasn't genius enough, this was just as brilliant. The world needs an album from you guys when the time is right, because the music is so good. Great songwriting, production and overall delivery.

Who even Am I : You lying if you didn’t like this #BESTSUNDAYSCHOOLSHOW

Takiyah Walker : "Low key grown man. High key still a fan." Preach my brotha preach! 🙌👏

Tina Gaspard : "I still don't know what I'd do if my lips left me!" LOL

Via Peters : *HIGH KEY STILL A FAN* except not for the new Disney version

Lojical : I don't like rap much, but this is downright awesome.

Joanna Warren : Bra if this isn’t trending in a few days the world has problems

Reaty : I search up veggie tales for the first time in years and found this

Jordan H : This played on KLOVE and MAN!!! This is freaking LITTT!!!!!

the conquering potato of Europe : DUUUUUUUUUUUDE!!!!!! This is freaking awesome man! My Flippin' childhood right here. I don't normally like rap, but I can't stop listening to this!

Wbs99 : I got every single reference and I’m feeling very proud of myself

Super Lara Ladies : when you love rap but your mom is in the car

Adler Davidson : the production value and subtle references make this so amazing

Nicole Palkowski : I want to tell you something, I have no belly button! 😂💗

sable society : if you disliked, you have no soul.

Emily Turner : One of the best things I've ever seen on the internet. VeggieTales was one of the largest parts of my childhood. ❤❤

Caleb Iozzio : This Video just gained 30,000 more viewers in less than 24hours. God bless you and I hope that this makes trending!

HufflepuffsPanda : “Low key: grown man High key: still a fan I play the songs when I can *CUZ GOD’S STILL BIGGER THAN BOOGIEMAN* “ This is my new favorite song.

Mia Whitney : I’m addicted to this song😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

SushiFairy : This should be the official song for Veggie Tales! 🍅 (Btw I heard your song on the radio!)

Tyler M : How did this happen! lolol You just came right across my recommends.... thanks :D!

Zoesstuff : Oh we subscribin

Jake Linville : If this isn't #1 trending it's a crime against humanity

Mackenna Po : Whenever you mention Veggie Tales with your church friends and the whole table just explodes with excitement

Eliqah Mongeau : When people ask me who my favourite hero is...LARRY BOY! When people say how great marvel superheroes are.....bruh they trash compared to Larry Boy

Maddie Z : this is my fav silly song with Larry

Carly’s Corner of the Internet : *PIZZA ANGEL COME TO ME*

Abbie Peyton : This is literally the most dope rap I've ever seen in my life.

S.T. Films & D.J. Studios : Larry, it's for the kids. (Under breath) but adults can still enjoy.

S.T. Films & D.J. Studios : Oh mig Gosh, this is literally the best thing i've ever seen. There really has never ever ever ever ever been a show like veggietales

WoopDooCreations : this is an asset to the entirety of the veggietales fandom that we didnt even realize we needed, thank you for this

Vanna the Hedgehog : I’ve watched Veggietales since I was little and since the day it end I’ve been sad. But now, this brightens my day. Thank you so much! #veggietales4ever


ThisJustin : This should be trending for sure 😂🙌