Veggie Tales (Remix ) | shama ft drû

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TheHillDragon : Lowkey? grown man Highkey? stilla fan

candiigurl7893 : One of the few times I'm genuinely proud of the YouTube recommends on my dashboard. This is fire. 👌🔥🔥🔥

Vancha March : Veggie gang veggie gang veggie gang veggie gang

Space Chicken : I'm beyond pumped that the Yodeling Veterinarian of the Alps got some love. This is GOAT

Peeking Under The Blindfold : Remember God made ya God made ya He made ya very special And he loves ya very...

Tina Gaspard : "I still don't know what I'd do if my lips left me!" LOL

Adler Davidson : the production value and subtle references make this so amazing

Abbie Peyton : This is literally the most dope rap I've ever seen in my life.

Sierra LaFaye : Bruh this is going on my end of the summer playlist 😂 but 💯

Kailey Ryan : Nothing brings kids that grew up Christian together more like Veggie Tales

Dougie Fresh GA : When she says she only dates rappers, but VeggieTales is life:

Jacob Vaflor : Yo this rap is NUTRITIOUS

Abby Absolutely : when people give me the aux cord

Libertarirynn Videos : I didn’t know I needed a trap remix of Veggietales until now.

Naomi Panda : my childhood is _e n h a n c e d_

Schiff Granger : _Childhood UPGRADED._

Dustin 'Dusty' Matthew : One part of me's like "YES THE MEMORIES!!" and then another's like "I still cannot believe someone actually made this"

Vanessa Jimenez : Christian station 89.3 KSBJ in Houston TX played part of your song and talked about how great it is. Congrats!!

Fira Took : You didn't have to go as hard as you did. But you did. And I love it.

Switch Fan94 : Dabbing on them Atheists

Brandon Weiss : Y'all better win a Dove Award for this

Madi Bendy : Larryboy is much cooler than the marvel universe 😂❤️


Audrey French : This is awesome. I'm so relieved that other adults are not too proud to admit that they STILL LOVE VEGGIETALES!!!!!

Jake Linville : If this isn't #1 trending it's a crime against humanity

HickelThePickel : They best song ive heard all summer, sorry lecrae, you've been topped

ruth daley : THIS. IS. DOPE. 🔥 I loooove this!!!! 🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣 *found it on Spotify - it's on repeat until Jesus returns. 🤩

Jacob Novotny : This dude's a genius. Gotta be... Veggie tales...

Justin Green : When something is just.... ...this good. What a time to be alive.

HufflepuffsPanda : “Low key: grown man High key: still a fan I play the songs when I can *CUZ GOD’S STILL BIGGER THAN BOOGIEMAN* “ This is my new favorite song.


BozuシシMoyo : YEEES THAT RUBBER DUCKY REFERENCES AND THE WALL OF JERICHO YESSS! 🐤 I just wanna hear the ending version now with some "and so what we have leaarned god is for everyone, now that our show is done we'll take a look"🤣

tigertoo219 : This is the best thing on the internet


Jonny Music : Childhood rushing in! That was a lit rap!

K. Phoenix Garcia : This makes my heart SO happy. Water buffalo, cheeseburgers, my lips, and hair brush--someone else who understands the struggle is real! I used to babysit and play the videos and loved it more than they did. I STILL have my cd of SILLY SONGS WITH LARRY. I heard a clip on the radio and was going INSANE looking for this. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

QueenMissy Don’tlast : Hit the like button if you remember veggiestales 🙇🏽‍♀️

Sir Valiant III : He didn’t have to go this hard but he did. For us. Put some respekk on they name

Paul Circo : That was the best Veggie mix since the silly song remix! Thank you for putting the effort in to create this.

Luke Albright : I really hope this blows up

sdfjkgrace : I CAN'T STOP WATCHING THIS IS THE BEST THING I HAVE SEEN IN AGES. AHAHAHA #canirequestthisattheclub!!

Joseph The Dreamer : Was waiting for the full Larry boy outfit but ya know, this goes HARD

hcmotherster : Hello new ringtone. Love it! xD

SuperAndrew418 : Me: Yo, check this out!!! *shows this video* Everyone: I think I must go for some reason Me: Oh come on, just wait *beat drops* *Everyone cheers and parties*

Urban Noize Music : As if Chick fil A wasn't genius enough, this was just as brilliant. The world needs an album from you guys when the time is right, because the music is so good. Great songwriting, production and overall delivery.

Nicole Okundaye : The yodeling...💀

veggietale voice impersions : Best tribute to veggietales ever

Geek Nation : The nostalgia is real, this is legendary

Tao Howard : God bless every last one of you. Real good.

Denis : omg i like this song i am a christian my father doesnt want me to watch xxtentacion beacause he says it has badwords but he likes this song thx fo making this song