Woman breaks down in court when sentenced for deadly road rage incident
Cold blooded woman only gets 6 years for intentionally running over a motorcyclist and killing him His family couldnt recognize his body when they were called to identify it She still cries crocodile tears when she gets sentenced

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Darla Jackson breaks down in court when sentenced to 6-years for a road rage incident that killed U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer Zach Buob.


Bill Tsirtsis : so unfair that she only got 6 years.crocodile tears by the insane ashole who deserved 60 years.

actual.lizard : Six years is nothing for what she did.

Ryan Jensen : that's gross that she got off easy.

Doug Duplassie : That judge would feel much differently if it were his brother,father or son who was stalked then run over. The judge needs to step down.

TheTokuin : 6 years? that's it? man human life is cheap these days

dirbrody : Only 6 years?

nazi frog : Equality is being sentenced like a man as well as getting paid like one!!!!

Remain MaryJane : Parents are old, I'm sure they'll be waiting for her on the other side. These coward judges are pushing for street justice with these idiotic penalties.

Rock Mohican : no evidence it was not intentional? so chasing a person is considered an accident? dont maks sense

HighfiVe : if it were a man it would be life with no parole

Meatnveggies Curesall 20/4 : A Navy Seals life is only worth 6 years.....wow. If a man had killed him it would be closer to 20 years.

Debi Congram : Holy Cow, this anchor is not good.

Dann _016 : A life for a life, she knew what she was doing. R.I.P to the victim🙏🏽

Janet J : 6 years? Should be sentenced to life. 🙄

JimsEquipmentShed : Cold blooded psyco murderer. Six years is a joke.

BornDead61 : Could you find a better TV anchor please?!?!

Guy Tea : so little time.. probably the amount he's spent at sea

Lorraine Ls : 6 years?? How is that fair? She definetly deserves way more time

Drew got jokes : Her defense was that she was trying to get his information because he kicked her car. That's why the judge said he couldn't prove she intentionally hit him

Quicksilver : 6 years seems pretty light for killing someone in with her car with full knowledge of what she was doing. Angry or not this is totally unacceptable.

Yoshinori Todo : 6 years for intentionally killing a person? That's a joke, right? WTH.

michael peberdy : Miscarriage of justice How come she didn't get life for MURDER ?! That is not manslaughter

Cary Graziano : It was intentional!! She chased him down!!

btm wtfb : Should either have life or death penalty... capital punishment would be my verdict

ALLAN FRASER : 6 years is a laughable sentence,,18 years at least

Italo D : She went out of her way to chase him down. Sentencing should be longer.

Sher Lizz : "I'm not that person". Too many people use that as an excuse nowadays. They don't want to be held accountable for their wrongdoings. Cowards.

UrsTrulyKJ : Victimless crimes carry the most prison time (i.e., drug dealing and drug addiction and prostitution etc.). Murder, disguised as road rage, only carries a 6 year sentence, with early release after only serving 3 yrs.

Traci Devine : Don't cry now. Should have thought about your actions first.

dankdreamz : Shes crying about loosing 6 years yet no remorse for taking the rest of his life.

Josh Anderson : Equal rights should mean equaling sentencing, period.

ihatecrackhead : premeditated, that 3000lb hammer can mangle a body under it

Troupe Member 14 : "Voluntary manslaughter" Oh, you mean murder?

Startup Division : The victim's parents, Gary and Kathy Buob, spoke with media following the hearing. Gary Buob said he was not happy with the verdict and had hoped Jackson would get a longer sentence. “You throw a dog out a window; you get 11 years in prison. You stab a firefighter in the shoulder -- not kill him, just stab him, you get nine years in prison," he said. "But you run over a member of the military on a motorcycle and you get six years. Justice, to me, was not served to the full extent.” “We’ll never get to see him again," said Kathy, in tears.

Jaco : “Not intentional”?? She chased him down, then ran him over. Should’ve been 15-20 years for such an intentional act of brutality.

Psycho Mantis : So if I ever see somebody I don't like and don't mind going to jail for 6 years I need to move here

cher z : Oh, boo hoo.... Now you get to pay for all your crimes, sort of.

Your spot : 6 years? Smfh 🤦‍♂️

Francy Lee : "Only 6 years for this killer? This is not Justice! The poor guy is DEAD. He is never coming back here to live again. She deserved a lot more years!

DeeDah : I sincerely hope that no one EVER tells me that my loved one's life is only worth 6 years.

tavia warner : God bless!!

Angelo Gomez : It's beyond sad she's only crying for her self not for killing a human being what a beyond selfish woman what else is not New in this beyond wicked evil selfish world

wildflower situation : i thought i heard 36 yrs.... but after reading the comments she got 6yrs... really....

ali grotts : What else to expect out of CA?

Ako : 6 years for murder. Female privilege.

Billy Breeze : sounds like "temporary insanity"

XotristanoX : Damn!! He’s a SWCC too.. RIP Chief!!!

Yuki Hana : Justice NOT served !

Jo Mama : well that's equality for you