Woman breaks down in court when sentenced for deadly road rage incident

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dankdreamz : Shes crying about loosing 6 years yet no remorse for taking the rest of his life.

Priscilla : As a woman, I think women should get punished just as severely as men. We want equality but not in all areas, which isn't equality.

Matt : gender reversed and the guy would get 60 years

Sicilia928 : How the hell can chasing a motorcyclist with a car, over several lanes on a freeway, and ramming into him doing over 80 mph, NOT BE INTENTIONAL????

TheAnriii : Some drivers get sentenced to 50 years for accidentaly killing someone, how does intentional murder gets only 6?!?

urmaker : Too light of a punishment. She killed someone. Life is what she should get.

Bronwyn SoCal Gal : Why is she crying?! She should be doing back flips and hollering like she won the Powerball!!! She got 6 years for KILLING a man over road rage. Way too light of a sentence IMO. However, these motorcyclists act like they are invincible on those bikes. Every time I see one passing on the shoulder or lane splitting over 60+ miles and hour... I just shake my head and start recording; ready to capture the snuff film!

AmethystEyes : Yet marijuana charges get 20+ years in some cases? Crazy

LATVERIAN1 : 2 years, and she'll be out on probation. This judge should be investigated. What a terrible miscarriage of justice.

jkbrkly : white female privilege

czg123 : Shoulda gotten more time. Also, dear media: please stop showing crying and fainting female murderers getting sentenced. We shed no tears! >=( xoxo

G-Man : Only 6 years for taking a life ? damn ! where's the justice here ?

Bill Tsirtsis : so unfair that she only got 6 years.crocodile tears by the insane ashole who deserved 60 years.

Travis Rabble : All this because she couldn't control her oestrogen.

Jayanth Kumar : Black men get put away for life, for non-lethal crimes, and white women get 6 years. smh. Injustice is everywhere.

☺smylyface☺ : She deserves much more than 6 years. I hope she suffers miserably in prison.

EMAN67 (Movies,politics,commentary) : 6 years? She still has her whole life in front of her wtf!!!!

Dr. Ramon de Torres : Six years for running him down? People get more time for financial fraud!

nazi frog : Equality is being sentenced like a man as well as getting paid like one!!!!

Kimberly Diaz : The only person I feel sorry for is the man she killed. Why would you follow someone like that? Even if they were driving slow, like I said before these type of people shouldn’t be allowed to drive. They have anger problems and are always driving really fast, like someone is following them. I have had drivers follow me too because I always drive at speed limit. If they are late for work, well maybe they should learn to get up more earlier.

Meno Yuno : Oh please had she been a male she would’ve gotten life in prison

erin tumulty : this news anchor is really bad.

Remain MaryJane : Parents are old, I'm sure they'll be waiting for her on the other side. These coward judges are pushing for street justice with these idiotic penalties.

Nicholas Koep : Only 6 years?, give her the chair

Drew : Her defense was that she was trying to get his information because he kicked her car. That's why the judge said he couldn't prove she intentionally hit him

Tari Akpodiete : oh please, i so have no sympathy for her. the same way she's over-freaking out in court is the same way she over-freaked out on the road and ran down this man who probably did more for his country than she can ever dream about doing herself. drama queen! let's hope they have anger management classes at what ever prison they send her to.

Intrepid Nick : If it was a man then it would have been the death sentence. Stop crying, baby. Life was lost and you got off easy.

reba kows : only 6 years? life without parole would have been better...…

Olav Langli : Poor woman can't even kill someone without people getting all angry.. Don't you know that women are first class and men second class citizen's.. ??

Lauren S : 6 yrs not nearly enough! What is she sobbing about, crying out no “No”?!? Not intentional?!? You got to be kidding me, of course it was intentional. Should have gotten life. No justice.

Linda Mueller : She got a light sentence that's bull

Millennia Productions : That’s not fair showing the family the body that’s horrible if that happens i would not want to see it.

MissJayde IMVU : I just saw 2 men shot dead by firing squad for drug trafficking, and this lady gets only 6 years for killing someone....

Angelo Gomez : It's beyond sad she's only crying for her self not for killing a human being what a beyond selfish woman what else is not New in this beyond wicked evil selfish world

JimsEquipmentShed : Cold blooded psyco murderer. Six years is a joke.

Lord Bruce London Uk : Hang This CUNT

Kurt Barlow : Trust me if this was the UK she’d have gotten less. I live in the south of England and last Christmas a drink driver who was driving like a total maniac crashed and killed a 2 year old boy...he got 4 and a half years!!!???? He has already been to prison for an unrelated offence. He will be out in 2 maybe 3 years tops

btm wtfb : Should either have life or death penalty... capital punishment would be my verdict

w0bbl3r : If this was a man who did this, he would have gotten at least double the sentence. But hey, wage gap, am I right?

California Geisha : Six years????!!!

Doug Duplassie : That judge would feel much differently if it were his brother,father or son who was stalked then run over. The judge needs to step down.

Anakin : There you go, you want to kill someone, chase them down and kill them with your car. 6 years will be considered super harsh, if you get any time at all.

actual.lizard : Six years is nothing for what she did.

Snowflake. exe : that's gross that she got off easy.

Jason : you chase someone down and killed him. 6 years in prison.... wtf Why she crying? That's a good deal. You deprived a man of at lest 55 years, while you just get to be uncomfortable for 6 years..... this isn't justice

Allan Davies : 6 years! Are you kidding me that crime deserves a life sentence. I feel for his poor family. I hope she has nightmares about him for the rest of her life

Rock Mohican : no evidence it was not intentional? so chasing a person is considered an accident? dont maks sense

xp2000 : 6 years!!!! That's it?

Veronika Klaic : She’s a swine deserves much more

Jaco : “Not intentional”?? She chased him down, then ran him over. Should’ve been 15-20 years for such an intentional act of brutality.