Woman breaks down in court when sentenced for deadly road rage incident

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dankdreamz : Shes crying about loosing 6 years yet no remorse for taking the rest of his life.

DeeDah : I sincerely hope that no one EVER tells me that my loved one's life is only worth 6 years.

Korya Iine : Equality _smh_

Maryann Anderson : "A mistake"?  Nope.  When you are sent to the store to buy hot dog buns and you come home with hamburger buns instead...that's a mistake.  When you go 80 plus miles an hour to run into someone because you are so angry that you cannot control your temper that is NOT a mistake.  I think she should have been charged with murder!

outside smoking : "There's not enough proof to show it was intentional." She chased him through traffic and hit him at 80 mph.😐 What did she think was going to happen? 6 yrs is really a slap on the wrist; she won't even serve half of that. I don't understand how she, essentially, got away with this.

JimsEquipmentShed : Cold blooded psyco murderer. Six years is a joke.

Merrilee : How about lifetime loss of license for chasing him down across freeway lanes at 80mph? Anyone capable of that doesn't deserve the privilege of driving on the road with the rest of us.

Casper TFG : I don't care how mad she got, she should have got life. You take a life you do life....

ScuffedComedy : She's crying from happiness :D

Joshua pike : Women get away with so much

czg123 : Shoulda gotten more time. Also, dear media: please stop showing crying and fainting female murderers getting sentenced. We shed no tears! >=( xoxo

Blesser Love : She deserve a life sentence. You kill someone in road rage and get 6yrs so unfair.

Vinnie A : Omg 6 years and with good conduct maybe 3 1/2

Mateo Angelo : I hope she DIES in prison!

Gilbert Martinez : 6 years?!?!?!? She should have thanked the judge and jury for getting a slap on the ass. I think, when she gets out, she should lose her driving privileges.

California Geisha : Six years????!!!

PilotInCommand777 : Six years, what a joke. She should get life. She deliberately took a life. I am sure that she never cut someone off while driving..... Moron......

Ruben Scott : 6 years that’s all dam women are lucky

no no : toxic femininity

Harsh Toke : A lot of things wrong with this news segment, first, Ms. Dayna Roselli needs to be back home making sandwiches and not reporting news, secondly, it should have been 16 years not just a 6 year sentence but that's liberal Cali and the fellow on the motorcycle (rip) being in the military is inconsequential, he could have been a ditch digger, he shouldn't have been run down.

Aida Amore : Wow this lady is a terrible news reporter!

Carla Rebecca : That's it 6 YEARS

Duramax Pat : Female privilege

Kames Nek : No evidence it was intentional? She chased him at over 80 miles an hour and cut across 4 lanes of traffic. In my eyes, that is intentional. She got off easy and will only serve 3 years with good behavior,

Amber M. : Only 6 years?? For killing someone?!

Jason : you chase someone down and killed him. 6 years in prison.... wtf Why she crying? That's a good deal. You deprived a man of at lest 55 years, while you just get to be uncomfortable for 6 years..... this isn't justice

Isabelle jean-Louis : Six years? Female privilege

5Mariner : 2:15 Well she's a woman. They MUST be treated with pity even when they commit murder!

Percival Sargon : An absolute joke. 6 years? We all know what would happen if this was a man.

Stephanie Janine : Terribly sad. Also the reporter kinda sucks

Slacker Trucker : I guarantee you if that was a dead family of the judge, he would have handed down life without parole.

CLASSIC : The sentence was woman privilege.

Porcelain Throne : Well she's a woman. Women always get lesser sentences for the same crimes. Its sexism towards women I say. We aren't treating women equal and that's not fair to women.

Paul Villamor : You know they are not telling the whole story. Leaving out the part how he gave her the middle finger which was unprovoked. Very typical of yellow journalism. People in glass houses should not throw stones

Literally Hitler : 6 years is extremely mild for that. Maybe 6 years is sort of ok if it was a spur of the moment thing, but she seemed to have been chasing him for quite some time and his damage was so high she must have known it would kill him. Therefore, she does not belong in civilized society and should get a death sentence or life.

ALLAN FRASER : 6 years is a laughable sentence,,18 years at least

Ben Pentland : He who commits a violent act voluntarily is guilty of malice afore thought. This is predetermined murder in a fit of rage.

William Ruiz : Six years, thought she got life crying like that. Was those tears of joy.

D Day Invader : Should serve life for taking a life!

crysis4real : She deserves a much longer sentence in jail. Six years is walk in the park. God's knows once that unshaven beast is unleashed she may kill again !

Scotty Roxwell : 6 years for that? Shit. Why's she crying? I'd be stoked.

james vund : Only six years, hang the woman.

Ginger Supreme : Should have been a small fine. $12 mam and your free to go.

Ginger Supreme : The guy in the motorcycle was just as guilty. A member of the military? That don't mean sh1t. He instagated it and kicked her car and thought he could get away with it. He was wrong. Dead wrong.

Ginger Supreme : Motorcycle guy deserved it.

Quicksilver : 6 years seems pretty light for killing someone in with her car with full knowledge of what she was doing. Angry or not this is totally unacceptable.

Meme Biologist : She killed a U.S Navy....She shoud get the firing squad.

Linda Gray : I see in the USA, as in the U.K., if you want to murder someone do it with a car. You’re sentence will be minimal as it will be seen as an “accident”. There’s no justice in this world. I was hoping she’d get life, she deserves it. 😡

Nestor Alegre : six years??? what a joke..she hunted him down with her car..if it were a guy he'd be facing life..not fair...not fair at all in many ways

tenacious645 : That was murder. She got off so easy