(animated D&D 5E) Haste!

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Just A User : I will not judge, because I am pretty sure the fighter is the one who got you into this fight.

PJBxx : I love how in this one, you did not tell a story in which Haste saved the day. You just told a funny story, in which you happened to cast Haste. It's still brilliant!

Ron White : gotta be loyal to your healers.

Riesenfriese : the DM handbook tells me 4 goblins are a deadly encounter for 4 first level characters. My wizard tells me he casts sleep on the speeding cart full of goblins. Goblins have 7 hp each, so none survived the crash.

Timothy McLean : I don't blame you for leaving the tankiest party member to fight 20 guards alone. Besides, -it's easy to replace fighters.- it's important not to let clerics die in case their god is watching?

Jack Linde : *Zee Bashew* : Where the heck do you play? I would love to sit in on a session or two. Also, I'm still waiting on the Team Fun Size Merch. Where is it?

KaiserAfini : The warlock's magic animations look really cool.

Bernkastel : Fighters lives matter ;-;

Wild Portrait Artist : The fact that you pump these out weekly is nuts. You must spend a looooot of time animating!

Ashley Gillespie-Horne : Question: Why does your wizard look like the child of Albert Einstein and Hugh Hefner? Slightly more serious question: Is this a different wizard character (a drow Wizard, as opposed to what looked like a Dwarf Wizard from before), or is this the same wizard and simply an evolution of aesthetic detail? Also: Loved the dramatisation of invisibility. Had a good hard laugh at that one!

Nairo Camilo : The ending actually got me...

Altronza : HAHAHAHAHA. Ah the amount of times I've ran from a fight like that. I as my parties Warlock am no longer trusted...

AJ Pickett : LOL, brutal, but fair.

Josh Lawrence : "Essentially a move speed of 40mph. There's just no out running that." Me: Laughs in Monk.

The Inn of Planar Crossroads : "Whatever! Don't judge me!" LOL ~ Adam

goblinoid : This might be your best video so far. Amazing.

Jacob Fletcher : A warlock pulling a bugs bunny is the only thing that could have happened. Every time I use haste to help my party they always interpret that as a sign to run like hell away from everything else :|


Grumbles : 2nd edition haste was hilarious. Basically it did most of the stuff 5e haste did only instead of an extra action you got your number of attacks *doubled*. Downside is whoever was under its effects was aged by a year. Yeah... one reason elves were so good at magic is a lot of the really crazy spells like Wish aged you (you couldn't wish to be younger, you needed to find a potion of youth) and dwarves couldn't learn arcane magic back in the day.

Keifer Funk : I can judge you man! ^□^ this is one of my favorites yet, the story, art, and energy is so great!

Chibi Bilgewater : I died at, "I hope the warrior is wearing plot armor"

Liam Cullen : That was a rollercoaster of suspense and hilarity! Thanks for making this very entertaining video!

Hexx Bombastus : "On myself and the cleric! Don't you judge me!" I just lost my shit. I needed a good laugh. Thanks!

Emil Pettersson : Another great plan laid to waste because of a warlocks need to drag, a tale as old as time.

The_Milkman_Returns : Ah haste, that brings back pleasant memories. My DM was running a short lvl 20 mini-campaign where we went through Tomb of Horrors and then fought a random mega-evil creature. My group rolled Jubliex, demon lord of slime. I was playing as a barbarian. Tomb of Horrors didn't really matter, so I'll skip straight to the Jubliex fight. We had just arrived in his lair and were gearing up for the tough fight ahead. I chugged a Storm Giant potion to boost my strength up to 29 (+9). Just after I did that our wizard pulled out a bag full of haste potions, which the party all started downing. Now at this point the DM warned me that drinking two potions could have some very bad side effects. I had no idea what could happen, so I drank a haste potion for fun. The DM rolled on the potion mishap table and came up with "The numerical effects of one of the potions is doubled" We rolled for it. We rolled good. We rolled Storm Giant... Instead of setting my strength to 29 (+9), the potion set my strength to 58 (+24). Suddenly I could only miss on a natural one, I could only roll 58 on strength checks (as I had +30 to athletics and a high level barbarian can't roll below his strength score on those checks) and, because of haste, I was making 3 attacks a turn. With my astounding +31 damage (+24 for STR, +6 Proficiency and +1 for my sword) I was now dealing 3d8 + 93 damage per turn. Jubliex got a tad scared at that point. He tried running up the walls, but I could jump 27 feet into the air with a running start. Combine that with my immovable rod and rope of climbing, and I could follow him anywhere and do anything.

Not Likely Most Definitely Possibly : "on myself and the cleric" 😂 I don't blame you tbfh

Adam Sharp : You selfless her-oh wait nevermind

Phalxxx : He didn't just turn into a woman, he turned into Bette Middler!

J-sUn : "on myself and the cleric" I'm crying over here

Questionable Object : Know what'd help you against 20 guards? A fireball.

Ignatius970 : Dont you judge me ...you fight 20 guards!! Priceless

Mexgar : Leaving the Fighter to battle 20 guards is such a mood

Jaded Pony : I've had "What? Don't judge me!" moments to. We had just battled our way through a horde of undead to stop a human sacrifice in the name of a dark God to bring him forth into the world. The Litch raised his dagger to plunge it into the heart of the fourth and last virgin sacrifice and from across the room I yelling, "I sacrifice this virgin in the name of Frerico the Dog!" then cast magic missile over the head of the guards and killed the level 1, 12 year old NPC in one hit. The DM learned a valuable lesson. Always keep a spare virgin when fighting a party that includes evil people. ;)

David Excalibur : ...the warlock figured the guard would choose to flirt with a women instead of alerting reinforcements of trouble? ... I wondered what he was thinking

KnightZero : Top 10 anime betrayals

Ron White : so, the warlock was a changeling? did this mean you were playing ebberon or were they just an option for the setting?

Beau Villamor : Dont you Judge me! I wont lie I lost it at that part

Abdega : Well… *WAS* he wearing plot armor?

GamerFalcon : Can you do an episode on Thunderwave sometime? It's easily the spell that gets the most arguments started for all of the tables I've been in. Mostly because of the wording on the area of effect

Phoenix2215 : I love the sly humor in these videos.

Ben Ramsey : Should we be worried how often you have to fight town guards? Get your murder hobos out of the city!

The8bitRegalis : both very helpful and hilarious to watch. thank you.

DPG G : How on earth are you putting out weekly animations at this level of quality by yourself.

Rawr_Kitten : Lol the best armor "plot armor" hahahahahaha

Bluecho4 : RE: The Action Economy - This is the primary reason why DnD (all tabletop RPGs, really) had trouble with boss monsters for years. You can make a big, bad mamma-jamma with high health, but unless they have a comparable amount of actions to the PCs facing him, he's going to get creamed. A group of weaker monsters with an equal HP pool between them would arguably be more dangerous, because they have more attacks. Quantity has a quality all its own, and the advantage of numbers cannot be overstated. In DnD 5e, for instance, the total challenge rating of an encounter is affected by a multiplier, depending on the number of foes in said encounter. 5th Edition did a fair bit to potentially alleviate the disparity in action economy by giving certain boss monsters "Legendary Actions". Basically, they get a certain number of "points" every turn (usually 3) that they spend on additional actions, with more potent or complex ones "costing" more than one of those points. These actions are taken at the ends of players' turns. Most commonly, they get extra attacks or special abilities. It makes it so the Action Economy isn't so dramatically tipped in the favor of the player characters, and makes the boss more unpredictable (since he can pull off a Legendary Action at any point in a round, not just on his turn). Legendary Actions are specified in the Monster Manual (and other books), written up for specific monsters. But a DM could easily graft them onto foes that didn't get in the official books. You just have to make sure to adjust the CR of the encounter, since giving Legendary Actions to a monster means you are giving them the potential to deal much more damage per turn, and damage per turn is factored into CR. Presumably, such an encounter implies that this particular monster is a more badass individual version of their type. Give a Wight (normally CR 3) enough Legendary Actions to be a potent solo threat to a 5th level party, and you're looking at a pretty capable Wight. Just as an example.

Mark Lopiccola : Thanks for making me laugh! This was hilarious!

Isaiah Hudson : *plays a selfish caster* Ah, I see you are a man of culture as well. ;D


claw836 : I am judging you

Connor The Brain : Animation and coloring keep getting better. Big props!