dating mechanics in JRPGs

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Daniel Sambar : Charisma: 100

Cap'nCinnamonBun : See!? You CAN buy happiness It just cost your entire inventory

rielitty : *_I NEED THOSE HEART POINTS, MAN._* me irl

Fodimin Layton : "I think that girl got the *book"*

Vicente Temes : Archibald is canonically gay now, as befits a man of his mustachioedness.

PavarottiAardvark : If you maximize your Heart Points with Archibald, it unlocks an alternative voice line for when an enemy "gets the point"

Patrick Star : *Hell yeah i do*

Hanakin Sidewalker : If it only it was this easy in real life...

RedRiot : make 👏 dat 👏 money 👏 funny 👏 boi

Veridian : *_Lysanderoth dating simulator looks good_*

KingKon : *cough*.....*cough*.....persona 5.... you should *cough* cough* go to bed!

Ilyas Basuki : This is exactly what happens in Danganronpa.....right before your date gets murdered for the next trial.

Liuhuayue : The correct answer was obviously A. Read a book. Why else would they ask for so many books?

Balta Bueno : You know what they say *"20 is a 20"* lol

chaffXgrenade : If you maximize your Heart Points with Archibald, he'll have a 1% chance of surviving Lysanderoth's attack.

impulsivekiddo : I WISH you could date both guys and girls tf

Mr.Talent : i took the title as dating an ACTUAL mechanic and not game mechanics. Was confused at first lol.

Cybernetic Husky : That’s crazy I mean who would want to date someone after they were given a book

NintendoWolf : Press X to pay alimony.

Veridian : Archibald: I'm not gay but a gift is a gift

The Dynast Queen : Oooh so thats how you get dates! *_Hands gift to one of her many Vegeta figures_* *_waits for date to start_* .....WHY ISN'T IT WORKING?!!?!?! ಥ_ಥ

Zelda Crafter : Not really... *Receives book* HELL YEAH I DO

Vust Valeo : i swear I've seen a game somewhere where you can date someone who killed your entire family and friends.

Nicolle : Taking advantage of that "empty room set" i see

19thHour : I think you SungWon his heart when you gave Archibald that gift

Cat Cake72 : 😂Bless the walk throughs

CogniVision : Moral of the story? All dating NPCs are gold digging thots who only want you for your gifts.

mega sean : Because remember children: bribing your future wife/husband with books is the way to go.

TheFaze : *Speech: 100*

UnPhayzable : Lamp-chan is in the background, jealously looking on

Zuzu : _We gamers are not only epic, we're also romantic and charismatic!_ xddd

Jasmine - Ruff-Puff : "Just tell her what you actually think" hahahahahahahaha

Alef Gabryel : So spoiler warning. But if you maximize lisanderoth and archibald before he leaves the team after killing him, you unlock one of the endings where both of them survive. But it's a gay option because you only have the exact time to maximize them both before the event. So you either choose one of them or finish the game without a partner.

Psychronia : Here! Have a rose whip! You liked it? Here's another! Don't worry. I still have 14 more.

Knorkrax : *D. Glass her*

tamagoswirl : Should’ve asked for her steam id

Artsy Scrub : Man i love the Archibald dating line. Hes so romantic and knowledgeable.

TheRhythym : SPOILERS BELOW He's gonna regret that when Archibald dies.

Lord God : Archibald was best girl until.... the incident.

Flame of Udûn : Persona 5 in a nutshell *CHARM 100*

AnoAssassin : Was expecting dating of the people with skills in the Mechanic's trade. Disappointed

Luke McNamara : How is JRPG different from RPG?

Stan Claas : ProZD: Hey wanna go on a date? Me: Hell yea I do ProZD: But I haven't even given you a gi- Me: HELL. YEA. I. DO.

Kate Toonlonk03 : *cough* persona in a nutshell *cough*

senpai sama : here before archibold's death....

asian boi : The power of waifu won't save you.

Gohan Tanaka : Someone better make a King dragon RPG one day they better include this dating mechanic thing

'Jck123 ' : What is this, Stardew Valley?

Ethan : False advertisement, I saw no one date a mechanic in this video

purplecatsaysmeow : lmao this reminds me of when i played harvest moon in middle school and then proceeded to give my irl crushes random objects. needless to say it did not work