The power of ten ten ten 2

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MaineCooooN : In a sense he is not wrong lol

Flubber Wubber Playz : imagine when he has to say 1 000 000 in English...

Jafafa Hots : It has a certain logic...

westben2000 : i lost just at them camera cut at :11. i love how this was planned to the detail to make these 4 lose around every corner.

N. H : 1 2 3 hol hi 6 7 ...😂

Marcelo 747 : I was born in ten ten ten ten ten ten ten ten ten ten ten ten ten ten ten ten....

PureEvil : for (i=0; i<100; i++) { printf("ten"); i+=10; }

Utku Ertan : can some say where can i find the full video? :D

Senpai Kun : One two three ho lol

wawq raini : gosh...I repeat this video 1000 times....never been bored!!

Taka-P Sonacchi : Ten ten ten ten

Jonathan Auburn : The best part of this is, when Jimmy Ounishi gets to 30, he practically throws down his hand, as if to say, "I give up". Also the forlorn look on his face is so perfect. Meanwhile, Endou just can't control himself.

Khadine Isaza : 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😆😆😆😆

Brandon Yun : JKNews brought me here

Spino1412 : Ben 10 true fan.

Zack Boone : 0:37 is what we came for

randomatorPHD : tenouttaten

Wairs Phil : Jk news brought me here

Tony Gato : 0:10 that guy trying to say : what the.......

Poni Ponina : One , two, tri, ho, hi 😂

Clement Hy : ten ten one 😂😂😂

GiggieGummiBear : Why Jk must you do this me😂

TAHIA DZAIR : logical thinking ....

Emilia Xi : Does he really think English works this way? xD

Oskar Wänstedt : ten ten ten ten ten XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Michael Langley : He didn't know how to say twenty so he said ten twice like he was adding it up but i lost it when he counted up to 100 on his fingers by repeating ten lol.

Mello Choco : Back when they weren't too problematic ://

Akbr Khan : pkomn

Philip Dunne : Legend has it he's still working on 1,000,000

fkdhjfghdsjkghjkfhgkfjd : ten ten ten ten ten ten ten

Paul Hotbolt : stupid idiots

Anne-Marie Rose : happy TEN TEN everyone! Have a good TEN TEN today, and don't forget to watch this video every October 10th.

Jacky Truong : That’s Roman not English

NaokiTheAnimator157 : He says it right until 19

Joachim : my childhood right here

Raggedy Exynos : Japanese is the superior race

CommunityMindedMiner : Tin tin...WUN...

J Lee : Wonder how he would've counted if he had to say "IT'S OVER 9000!!!"

Y : これは、誰でも笑うよ、笑

Marcus V1 #mimiko : 8, 9, 10 10... 99, 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 😂😂😂

ゲーマー Luigi : 遠藤 goes out alot

Александр инкогнитович : ПАПИЧ

Mani Norbit : eighteen, nineteen......tenten

Marcelo Albanesi : where i can find the full video ?

Dio Brando : This is Tye dillinger here XD

softair1231 : poor guy lol

xXM4v3r1ckXx : what's the name of the game show

Jordan Minkoff Geraldo : ten tens

TheModernkillfare : hahahah why is there always some asians reacting to it in a box in the corner!?!?

Jose Luz : Estupido, é favor...