Neon Seinfeld Evangelion

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Stupid thing made out of boredom. It's about absolutely nothing, really.

Comments from Youtube

Definitly not a Spy : *clicks thinking this is just another evangelion OP with seinfeld slapped on it * *slap bass kicks in *

frogisis : "It's an angel!" "An angel?" "An angel, Jerry!" "Well what's the pattern? Is it blue?" "Ohhh it's blue alright! You think I'd say it was an angel if it wasn't blue?" "Okay, calm down, George. What number are we on now?" "What number?" "Of the angel. What's the number?" "12. We're getting up there, Jerry. Double digits!"

CornballCoder : "But I don't wanna be a pilot!"

reiuss23 : i wasn't ready for the bassline

Golden Liquid : Jerry! You must take the Airline food!

acav31 : I love how it says Jewish comedy in Japanese for the title

Oliver Cromwell Did Nothing Wrong : WHATS THE DEAL WITH THE THIRD IMPACT?

Turning Life Around : The basslines killed me! Hilarious.

Sea-Salt 84 : Jerry was no long the master of his domain after disrobing an unconscious Elaine.

Ben O'Connor : Bee Movie's prequel series.

LPH : Seinfeld: 1.0 I Seriously Hope You Guys Do (Not) Do This.

Hans Carabonala : The difference between mankind and all the other life of god's creation is not that we've tasted the Fruit of knowledge, but it's instead the godly spark in us and our will to ascend and become gods ourselves This video is what made that clear to me...

Crooty : (No) Soup for you

Guy Azure : What's the deal with the Oedipus complex?

Gwonam Squadellah : Now all we need is Seins;Gate, and humanity will have reached its peak.

66Logic : Seinfeld: 1.0 What is (Not) the Deal?

GrizzlyAdams94 : Put on the puffy shirt, Jerry

Dylan Kielman : The Beast that shouted "what's the deal with airline food?" at the heart of the world

Cris P. Bacon : This is one of "those" videos. You know, the kind where after watching it you're like "just one more time" and it just doesn't stop at once more, or twice or even thrice. It just keeps going and going till you gotta ask someone to pull you away from the computer

greg sody : These pretzels are (not) making me thirsty.

InchonDM : The problem with this anime is, of course, you have to judge it in the timeframe it was made. If you look at the animes that came before it, they're all this feel-good stuff, every episode comes with a damn moral lesson! Nowadays every anime is imitating the style Yudayahito Komedi Seinfeld set in motion, so if you rewatch it, it's not going to seem very hardcore, or maybe anything special. But clear your mind for a moment, and imagine that every anime you've seen is fuckin' Furenzu, or something even more trite like Saved By the Bell. Now you'll understand. YKS has no overarching plot, no morals, and nothing is ever learned. That's the point--it's the human experience. Animes before Seinfeld had to be ABOUT something. Seinfeld is an anime about nothing.

YTDan : that beat drop killed me lol

Vito : Needs some classic Seinfeld quotes spoken over the music.

epicman 56768 : Man only losers watch the English dubs I watch Seinfeld in Japanese with English subtitles

Lava Sharknado : This comatose girl is making me thirsty!

Mangayo : The manga is underrated. The anime's great, too. But damn, the manga feels.

Legalwave : I was in the LCL!

PowerHungryLizardman : "And you wanna be my Eva pilot?"

Dark Spirit : That's gold, Jerry! Gold!

Yrkeskriminell : I would watch it. No seriously, if someone made an epic shounen anime, just the characters are all from Seinfeld. I think I could enjoy it. Ok maybe not, but I would definitely watch it.

Yacob Gugsa : We have no future unless we beat the Angels. *It's go time!* Mandelbaum, Mandelbaum, Mandelbaum...

BrokenSilence32 : What is the deal with human instrumentality!?!

jurplel : I've watched this video so many times that if I type youtube in my address bar, it goes to this video.

Andrew Shuster : They were both really popular shows in the 90s it makes sense

Rahim Raissnia : This made me want to watch Evangelion again and watch Seinfeld at the same time wtf

Corndog Ninja : That cut from Kramer getting hit by the neon light to Kramer getting blasted by the shower head is brilliant editing.

The King of the Penguins : For real, Newman is one the best anime villains of all time

Alex Thibodeau : SPOILERS Kramer is an angel!

Trooper 924 : Shinji was not the master of his domain.

Brillemeister : This has been a valuable use of my time

windows95ism : The robot Jerry, giddy up.

AIDENM 369 : A anime about nothing

ToruKun1 : I lost my mind at "YUDAYA-JIN KOMEDI" tho, I just wish I could read the black text on top of the logo

handicapat mental : I can't explain the beauty of this video in words.

Green Guy : This is the best video on the goddamn internet. It is proof that god exists and it restored my faith in humanity.

Toddog45 : jesus christ this is the best thing i've ever seen in my entire life

Sharkbait Master : What's the deal with Shinji not getting in the robot?

Nicezombie24 : ''To jak Seinfeld, ale anime'' - Einstein Albert 2103r.

sukal : the sienfelt remix sounds so MIDI