Prince - Nothing Compares 2 U [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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LyricalGenes : *Legends never die* 🙌

Luke James : Beautiful song. Game, blouses.

SCHY MARK : Great song!! Sinead really did it well!! But this guy could really perform

stylecollective : The precision, the vitality, the youth: what a time to have been alive and enjoying the man's music and artistry! This brings back such great memories from that time...

Vlog Music No Copyright : ❤️❤️Prince❤️❤️

Disco Heat : a legend. never forgotten.

Karaoke Prince : Awesome rendition! What else could we expect from Prince. It's unbelievable still that he passed so untimely

LaRusso : Purple goat 💜

Miss Kelly : His love was taken away from us 😭😭

Sabrina Luna : Nice to see all the hard work & practice that went along with all the talent of Prince & the Revolution ...BRAVO! :)

Nelson Hobbs : i miss this legend 💜 RIP

The Angry Engineer : Just finished watching the video and I’ve been staring at the screen for 5 minutes. I’m just speechless. This version is everything. RIP Prince 👑

3121 MSound : Folks I will say it again, you have it reversed, Prince is not covering this song, Prince wrote Nothing Compares 2 U in 1984, Sinead did her cover version in 1990. Here are some other songs you may not be aware of that Prince wrote, and either gave away, or that were covered by other artists. The list is huge, these are just a few. Manic Monday covered by the Bangles, this song was originally recorded as a duet with Apollonia, and some of the music/backup vocals by Brenda Bennet are still in place on The Bangles released version. I Feel For You covered by Chaka Khan, written by Prince in 1979 and released on his 2nd album of that same year. He gave a song called With This Tear to Celine Dion. The Glamorous Life and Love Bizarre on Sheila E's albums (and 95% of the other songs on those albums), is all Prince. Same for The Time with Jungle Love and The Bird. He gave a song called U to Paula Abdul for her Spellbound album. Sugar Walls was a song of his that he gave to Sheena Easton. For the song Stand Back, Stevie asked him to come to the studio to listen to the song, and that is where in 25 minutes, Prince laid out the entire keyboard track for the song, that is him playing on the track. Could go on forever, Prince was everywhere in music, most of which he never took credit for or cared to brag about. Peace

Rosana Maria de los Milagros Marchese : Excelente ! Me encantó! Cómo se lo extraña a PRINCE.Rosana María de los Milagros Marchese.Buenos Aires, Argentina.28 de abril de 2018

Betsy : PRINCE’s IN-10-CITY version, raw takes the crown. Sinead O’Connor has the IN9CITY version.

Kali Primp : Amazing. Gone and still trending.

happobappo1 : Greatest Songs this weekend 🌎❤️ *PRINCE - NOTHING COMPARES TO YOU* 🥇 *MC SMOOK - EGAL* 🥈 *ARIANA GRANDE - NO TEARS LEFT TO CRY* 🥉

Kemily Play : um mega beijo kemily play

Mariah Cox : Thank you for posting this video it makes me smile when I see him dancing and singing. Prince know that your truest fans will never let you die, you will live forever, always in our hearts.

LegitMusic : Drugs take the lives of people way too early. I’ve lost personal friends due to drugs . Prince will be missed, and may he Rest In Peace...

rick neal : ....and then he made everybody pancakes.

How to Photograph by Walid Azami : this was so beautiful - happy it's released! Sinead also did a beautiful job.

Greg Fan : The vault has opened... Prince lives for the next 50 years for sure

Spiritisalive1 : I can't even walk in high heels, & yet Prince could James Brown it across the stage in stilettos. He had some mad skills.

CyborgSlayerNila : 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

Jade Baraldo : Ok i'm in tears you happy now?

Jasper Johnson : Prince, he was born to do exactly what he did. And man, didn't he do it well?

Regina Godschild : Songs are so much better when song from the heart. You can feel his words. He expressed so much love & pain💖 May he rest in peace.

ariana : nothing compares to prince❤️

Gabriela Aguirre : "I will die but I will not go away"

PrincessRiners : wow i was having a lousy day and this just restored the life inside my dead soul ahahaha. damn i love prince.

Ingrid : Epic.

Matt IzChilled : My first time hearing this song definitely beats the Sinead

Cee Moor : Here like he never left 💎🗣🔥

veronica m : Love his voice. It is just perfect! His performance is superb ❤. He is the master, a unique artist and genious. Dios tr bendiga en tu viaje, seguro esta lleno de musica! ❤💙❤

Jamie Starr News : What an amazing artist and person

Jessica Morales : Best to ever do it!!!!

Toasted Life : One of the most Iconic and influential people in the game

Joe : Sinead's version was at the top of the charts in 13 countries. It went gold in Germany and Sweden, platinum in Austria and the US. Time, Rolling Stone and Billboard included it in the top half of the greatest songs of all time. And still, Prince puts more soul and heart into to the each line than she ever provided in the entire song. Miss you old friend.

jagenmount : This is honestly so much better than the O'Connor version... and I'm not even a big Prince fan...

Reis World : True musician. Happy Friday !

Jo Key : ...I can clearly see now why Prince didn't like Sinead's version... that one is awful compare this brilliant diamond.

Jahdai Dawes : Prince's dance moves tho...

1969 dina : Prince, Forever love!

maijagaddi : Oh Prince, we miss you so much! 💔💜

LeQueen Enchantresse : Prince Fans 2018 💜

Jack Azz : Amazing! This video wuz just posted. Millions of views already

Rebecca Hunter : he looks so free and in his element here , you can see the fun and excitement in his expressions , beautiful footage of the maestro in full flow .

Alex Ander : He shine ...

elvis316 : Prince was a good song writer.