Love Ballad To Your Therapist with Kristen Bell & Yvette Nicole Brown

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The Psych Show : Thanks for making a video that celebrates a trusting relationship between someone and their therapist and also highlights some of the challenges we therapist face, like taking care of ourselves by going on vacation, providing coverage while we're away, and protecting our privacy on social media 👏👏👏

andrineslife : My therapist is on a 6 week vacation around Asia. Don't talk to me, I might break.

ThaBoss76000 : go watch The Good Place Kristen is great in that as well and kinda similiar in character to in this skit

A .E : Kristen Bell should guest star in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend!

Cheyenne Sea : having an amazing therapist myself, this was hilariously accurate lmao

Sarah Rylee : This is too real. I'm totally going to show this to my therapist this week.

Lunar Lesbian : Her voice is low-key amazing

Superheroshae : This feels like a song that could be on crazy ex-girlfriend

Dr Karen Hoving : As a therapist I found this funny, lovely and spot on. I find it's impossible to have anyone cover for me (with a Psychiatrist it's often a medical issue that can be covered by another psychiatrist but with a therapist if I am needed it's for emotional support-which is personal and often requires information that others wouldn't have- I don't know what I did before Cell Phones!) . Great job Ms Bell-you deserve to be in the Good Place, the REAL one!

MelancholicThug : Haha wtf I literally just came home from therapy and she said she's going on holiday for two weeks. Feelsbadman

Christian B : Community/the Good Place crossover

Channel for Positivity l Understanding l Justice : Can we please have this in the *perspective of the Therapist* ?!

TheNevar18 : Kristen Bell is awesome. I'm just gonna leave it at that. (<3)

Haley Fravel : I've literally shown my therapist videos of Kristen Bell talking about her depression and anxiety, and said how accurate it was, and once again, she hits the mark lol

Kelly : that fine aaaaaart note though *perfection*

nonchalantd : Yvette Nicole Brown has to play Oprah someday.

hudson hintze : Kristen Bell is basically a goddess at this point

Alexandra Mullins : Seems like it should belong in crazy ex girlfriend

Miss M : And the Grammy for best vocal performance goes to *opens envelope and nods* Kristen Bell!

andeace23 : Funny I always get the feeling my therapist secretly hates me, but maybe that's part of the problem.

Callie : It's kind of sad how much I relate

Kimmi : lol. I feel like this could be a crazy ex girlfriend skit.

Guy Incognito : The chances of any character from Community ending up in the good place is pretty slim, right? Or any sitcom character for that matter.

Chris B : She is a lyrical genius. #rapgod

Armani Preciousjewel : Screaming!!! I love this! I’am a counselor and I think this is amazing! I know my clients feel like this!! It’s so scary! HOLLARING!! 😂😂😂

BILL MURRAY : Kristen is shaping up to be quite the comedian. Like Gilda Radner in vintage SNL.

Marta Sabatino : Last time I was this early on a video Peggy was still relevant on the Hamilton musical

Bins Q : This is the best video! I've not done this much sharing in years! :D THANK YOU Kristen Bell for making the world forking better. :D

I'm an adult Virgin : This is so sad lol

WESTdna Destiny : This was actually funny!

Callum James : This is the best video I have ever watched

Jill Ellen : I had the same perfume add my therapist...because I can sniff my wrist and calm down.

Avala Maneeram : “If I see you at Trader Joe’s I won’t say hi.” 😂

Isabelle Dzwonczyk : Debating on whether or not to send to my therapist- she might be a little freaked out XD

Maia Morgan : Damn. Is anybody else a little disappointed that Yvette Nicole Brown didn't join in for a duet?

Nicole : Is this Crazy Ex Girlfriend

Ken Hidaka : Kristen Bell definitely needs to host Saturday Night Live for once in her career, because you people don't realize how talented an funny she is, or what she is capable of doing as one of your guest hosts. I keep insisting that someday Kristen Bell WILL host SNL, but I can't help but think of the numerous missed opportunities they have had to get Kristen Bell on their show during the past two seasons, and sadly didn't deliver, but I would love for her to do it this time around, and when they do pick her as one of their guest hosts this season, you will hear me say the six words I've been wanting to say to SNL" IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME, LORNE MICHAELS" , because she is overdue, and you people know it.

Lieutenant Thalia : @ racheldoesstuff guest star guest star guest star

Just Chilin : I love Kristen so much, she never fails to make me smile

Aline Pedroso de Carvalho : As a therapist, thank you for the love, but gosh that's scary, one of the reasons I'm not on Facebook...

TheTardisDreamer : This is so amazing hahaha Oh man, now I want Yvette in The Good Place so badly... My only criticism is that they didn't use Yvette Nicole Brown's amazing singing chops as well. That would have been hysterical.

Daniel V : I think YouTube is becoming my outlet that most people go to therapy for.

Shaz Brown : Oh My gosh. So true. Objectively ur attractive!!!😂😂😂😂😂

DC Infinity : This is why Reefer Maddness Kristen Bell is the best

Melissa Gola : There's so many comments about crazy ex girlfriend. Makes me so happy :')

Garzacarmsu : 😂🤣😂🤣.... Omg been there done that!

Annabelle Kershaw : This is so real

Miranda : I love her voice so much

Chloe Millar : This is possibly the best video ever.

Derek W : So this is the finale of Crazy Ex Girlfriend right?