iPhone 11 (parody)
The annual Jacksfilms iPhone parody

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Memes & More : I think I shouldn't have laughed so hard at "iPhone PwO".

Timothy Akinsuyi : Its the all new iPhone 11 Pro MAX SEA SPORTS ITS A PHONE😂😂😂

Salatris : “There’s minimal changes but you idiots are gonna buy it anyway” - Apple

OnnyGames- E : iphone 11 is haveing identity crisis doesnt know if it wants to be phone or a film camera.

_del_ : The iPhone comes in two different versions: pretty colors and goth gf

Militant Pacifist : Give a wise man $1K and he’ll turn it into a fortune. Give a foolish man $1K and he’ll turn it into an iPhone.

RandomnessSpartan/UniGoldenSpartan 2019 : iPhone 11 Pro Max SEA Sports *IT'S A* *PHONE*

Yeppy : The new iPhone camera looks like a stove.

Colleen Glanville : Apple: *is introducing a new phone* Also Apple: Here's Frogger.

iwatchmemesfortheplot : Nothing sounds weirder than saying bro can we take a slofie

the grassiest monster : When iPhone doesn’t let you comment on their trailer so you comment your thoughts on jacks’s.

63tR3kt / GetRekt : The iPhone 11 hundred dollars wasted

Swaggy McGee : This is the only way I find out that there's a new iPhone. Every time

unpossible11 : Why is nobody asking the most important question. How can I get frogger?

Jonathan Lumbreras : When you buy an $1100 phone just to play frogger Stonks

Guy : Please let us get Jack to buy an iphone 11 and do a full let's play of frogger

Nirvana Supermind : Nobody: My math teacher talking about matrix theory: 0:51

exility lel : The funny part about it is 90% of people watching this and commenting jokes are on an iphone😂

Hurley Cape town : iPhone 11,the average age of their factory workforce in China and what they get paid a week in USD.

First Name Last Name : The iPhone 11 pro got a fidget spinner camera

A.G _empire : 1:01 Can It Play Me: *MINECRAFT* Jack: Frogger Me: Oh

Dio Brando : IPHONE 11 MAX PRO SEA SPORTS Had me dying ahahahahahaha

User Name : also note that it’s the best phone they’ve EVER made! (like the 2019 flagship is gonna be worse than the 2018 flagship 🙄)

PAPA DANKI : I love my brand new "iPhone 11 Pro Max SEA Sports IT'S A PHONE" phone.


Abstractt : 0:48 “I don’t know, so this nerd will explain it to you” lmao

AnDeNath : They reduced the price to 699$ so that all the HOMELESS kids can afford an Iphone ... you know why ? They made it worse by making the camera fatter.

Manny Campos : droids are the pc Gamers of phones Change my mind

Scrappi : I watched this video when it came out and now my recommendations are full of jack films iPhone parodies

CSG : I feel like these videos are getting lazier, but then again so is Apple

TXV800 : The 1.4K people who dislike are the only sane people watching this video

TeeKee Tee Has WiFi : Everybody gangsta and all *Until Jacksfilms starts speaking overpriced*

RandomnessSpartan/UniGoldenSpartan 2019 : Our new Apple watch series 5 will stop your god damn heart beat if you don't stop breathing

DaLastGamer //TheLastGamer : Fake apple announcement Comments aren’t disabled

JC Corbes : Apple: Front facing slow mos Everyone: Ight cool Apple: Slofies Everyone: Ight Imma head out

Mr & Mrs Smith : Funny lol, however I do miss your grammarly episodes!

•PeeCock• : Stunning, Iphone 11 For cooking with your fsvorite food...

Levy Gant : And, people were calling Tim Cook a loser. BOOYA!

KangaTUBE : iPhone 11 S-EA Sports... It’s a phone.

Ashley A : Can't wait to buy the new $1100 iPhone so i can play frogger

Markus Lampinen : Can't believe he didn't say "you will never ever play this game" "You just won't"

It's Easy : That guy explaining the iPhone 11 Pro sounds like he has a really bad cold.

Steven SpillbergVEVO : I don’t like you jacksepticeye, because you’re always yelling and you keep saying brofist

Anshuman. GG : Just add two zero 00 after every iteration of an iPhone, that's the price you pay.

Eri CallmeYagami : “In this level we find ourselves in *BATHROOM*”

Vuderox : How come no-one is talking about "We find ourselves in BATHROOM(TM)"?

choice me : I appreciate their attempt for humor but I didn't find this funny

CjcroftPlayz : But isn’t it the iPhone 11 Pro Max Overpriced Video Camera Mechanisms device?

JustFlare : thank you! this video was so informative. now, i think that the new iphone SUCCS!