Penn and Teller Vaccine ingredients

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Abdelkarim Ouzzine : lmao I feel sorry for most Americans who have to live with dumb anti-vaxxers. Here is Europe, vaccines are essential.

Jack Daone : Why am I not surprised the anti-vaccination fuckwits have already began infesting this video's comments?

Lone Wolfen : funny thing is that the person who posted the video actually cut out the part that you could a hundred times the amount of mercury in a vaccine from a tuna fish sandwich

lyndon rose : You know what else is sometimes in vaccines, dihydrogen monoxide, which is also in all pesticides and herbicides... LOL

juanga pingarrón : Yes! Vaccines also contain dihydrogen monoxide!! Very bad for your children!! People can suffocate when thrown in it...

Jayson : it's funny. even if children who had vaccines had a higher rate of autism i could easily argue that children with autism contract deadly diseases at a higher rate for some reason and the autistic children on vaccines just live long enough to be diagnosed

Eric Legend : Saying thimerisol is will kill you because it has mercury in it is like saying water can catch on fire because it's made of hydrogen and oxygen.

PyroJohn19 : Autism needs to be destigmatized.

Sun shine : So is Wendy ok with traveling to another country, or having a foreigner coming to where she and her children live, unvaccinated? 🤔

Jack Daone : Why am I not surprised the anti-vaccination fuckwits have already began infesting this video's comments?

Matthew Roach : The debate isn't in whether or not vaccines are safe and effective. The question is, does the government have the right to force drugs into people for the "greater good." Perhaps the government will argue that anti-depressants will reduce suicide rates, and those too might become compulsory.

Sheldon K : Pro vaxxers need entertainers to make vaccines a palpable practise... Lol

dahalofreeek : If the state can tell you not to be naked in public they can tell you to get vaccinated. Sometimes freedom is too much for people and you need to force some cooperation.

Ryan G. : In a free country you're free to pass up on health care.

Soryykah Wilson : Need citations on the amount of each ingredient from anti-Vax people. Caffiene is a toxin too, but we drink it pretty much every day with no ill effects. The ingredient itself is not as important as the amount that is taken.

A Bcdefg : You forgot to mention that aluminum in vaccines are given intravenously not orally therefore the blood absorption rate is 100%, and that thimerisal is present in the flu vaccine as of today and that vaccine is administered every 12 months beginning inutero and continuing until death. Oops!

JoeBob Jenkins : I find it strange that libertarians are cool with allowing choice to kill your child with a blender but not okay parents deciding how best to take care of their kids. Didnt he get the vaccine? Whys he worried about catching a disease?

Mudd : vaccines are what killed Jesus! I'm not putting that in my body temple

Kevin Queen : Formaldehyde - used for embalming dead bodies and a favorite lacing additive for drug usersAluminum is the predominate cause of Altimeters and dementia, they knew this in the 80's yes its in everything, almost, you can buy products that are aluminum free and they are about the same costDid he say took the mercury out of almost every vaccine, and did he bother to tell you the tripling in the amount of vaccines, its now well over twenty?Lets look at this another way, why are we so adamant about forcing ppl to get so many vaccines? Feel free to provide rational answers, although I don't expect any. I would be willing to have a good debate.

MrFlunkorg : ITT: People who make a compelling argument to make vaccines mandatory. Because nothing is going to get these morons to vaccinate outside of forcing them.

123dog : americans have a problem with vaccine but not drinking coke (which is all chemical btw)??

Glenna Barry : Vaccines are causing harm

Casey Baldwin : Guess these ass hats don't know the difference between ingestion and injection!

Vegas Flatout : You can spot the fuck wits. They read the vaccine ingredients and then think vaccines are still safe.

N A : Why did they take Thimerosol out of vaccines? Seems like an admission of guilt. Accepting something is safe based on authority's word is not critical thinking. The CDC is merely the marketing arm of big pharma, and their is an incestuous, revolving-door relationship between the two (like there is between the U.S. government and lobbying firms). Accepting vaccines are safe based on these companies own very limited research (which shows heavy editorial bias, and they literally don't use actual placebos like saline water, but other vaccines, or injections of aluminum) is like accepting smoking is safe based on the research of the tobacco lobby (which fooled americans for literally 30 years). Their research is a perversion of scientific method, where placebo control group must be an inactive, known-harmless chemical. Plus, the amount of aluminum and mercury in vaccines are literally hundreds of times larger than the CDC's own published "safe" doses. The left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing, and these contradictions persist because it's not about finding the truth and what's safe, it's about corporate profit. I suggest everyone here check out The Truth About Vaccines docu-series. Very enlightening.

Konnor Bailey : Reading the comments made by anti-vaccine people are hilarious. It’s a pity you guys would rather read articles written by 20 something year olds with a 2.4 college GPA than journals from doctors with 30+ years of medical training and experience. It’s amazing how easily science and facts kicks the living crap out of your feelings. Yet like angry feminists and SJWs, you continue to resist, even when you’ve been defeated. I admire your tenacity thou.

Itchy Boy : The issue is not about the safety or effectiveness of vaccines. The issue is that making them mandatory is not compatible with a 'free country'. Vaccinate your own children if you want, but don't force me to vaccinate my children. You can trust the 'authorities to have your best interests at heart, like in the Tuskegee experiment and others. Here's the real reason vaccines are pushed hard: “Diet, INJECTIONS and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible. Even if all are miserable, all will believe themselves happy, because the government will tell them that they are so. “ Bertrand Russell, The Impact of Science on Society 1953

John J. Rambo : And yes they did lie about the mercury not being in vaccines. It's still in the flu vaccine. So fuck them. You won't hear these clowns talking about how doctors and big pharma try their hardest to administer vaccines for STDs to little children. Because yeah, 2 year olds are having sex left and right. It's all about greed. And people need to wake the fuck up.

Leeloo Dallas Multipass : Wow, 2 professional Illusionists telling the public that vaccines are safe. How appropriate.

Ajax Ashford : do people really believe these guys have your best interest at heart? these guys are doing a great job of comforting the public, the stupid ones anyway. these two morons get paid big bucks to make fools feel better on the way to the hospital and then the morgue.

Jasryl6 : Even after the CDC's own senior scientist admits the CDC has been committing fraud, and that "Thimerosal causes autism-like features", you still get idiots like Penn and Teller acting like they're experts. Injection and ingestion are not the same thing. Swallowing harmful ingredients is safer than injecting them. Duh!

Ajax Ashford : use to be I thought they were wrong on 1 out 20 episodes but the more homework I do its the other way around. but actually I can't find a single episode where they presented truth in any form or fashion. lying deceiving sell outs.

Bob TheBuilder : Mercury is still put in vaccines Penn, lookup the flu shot on the CDC's website.

Jasryl6 : Typical dumb arguments by Penn and Teller. 1. Swallowing mercury, aluminum, etc. is not the same as injecting it. Nearly all of the toxins pass through the digestive system when swallowed. They all remain in the body when injected. 2. Mercury is still in vaccines. Right after the CDC took it out of many vaccines, they began pushing the mercury containing flu vaccine on pregnant women.

FuryDahLizard : As a British male I find this all so stupid. The American government shouldn’t push vaccines on to people, just let them die. If they don’t want vaccines then it is just simply natural selection. Let the weak (or in this case stupid) die so that the smarter people survive and reproduce. (Of course the people who want the vaccines still get provided them)

Albert Nave : 12 people have a chunk of their brain removed. EDIT: Make that 33.

MOE FRITZ : I'd like to see a video of these two allowing the government to pump them full of vaccines.. Every vaccine ever created... Maybe then I might think about possibly believing a couple things they say.

Rob Abreu : Agreed, mercury has been taken out and has nothing to do with it. However, the sheer volume of vaccinations kids now get might have something to do with it.

DoppleQ : fuck fuck fuckin fuck fucker

TheDoomslayer 121 : Funny enough formaldehyde is also a carcinogen

Sasha Frey : what else does formaldehyde prevent from reproducing?

Esclarecidos : I need the link to the CDC list please. I’m producing a long video on the effects of vaccines. We have to stop this CRIME!

Maggie Mae : You are total idiots. The result of vaccinations! Ooops they replaced Merc. With ALUMINUM. YOU ALL NEED TO EDUCATE YOURSELVES! They laugh at your ignorance.

Shanethefilmmaker : Almost everyone has an explination about why Vaccines are bad, but every time I ask them why they think Autism is bad, they don't give an answer. That's how I know they are full of shit on the whole autism thing. Autism is literally the only excuse for them not to use vaccines, because every other explanation has already been exhausted and answered. Either admit you just hate autism or as Penn would say, SHUT THE FUCK UP!!

An Vak : Yes, the lady is right. The Evil is in vaccines. Vaccination is kind of satanic ritual in global level.

Mac P : "OOPS!"

Gail Wilcox : There shouldn't be anti vaxxers or pro vaxxers.... You cannot agree or disagree with every vaccine. Like me I disagree with flu mist and hpv however I do agree with the majority of vaccines. I suppose I'm anti vax then as I say no to 2 vaccines. Some vaccines has been mostly safe for years and to question a new one shouldn't be a nasty mud slinging contest but a decent debate and questioning.

oopalonga : always been a big fan of pen and teller, but they REALLY fucked this one up.

JoeBob Jenkins : The amount of aluminum in vaxes is limited for premies. The amount given to infants is in some cases hundreds times more with not so much as one study to determine what happens. Directly injected into the blood several times. The most abundant element on earth is sand. I would suggest anyone inject that into their infants blood either.

JoeBob Jenkins : Aluminum (a neurotoxin) dramatically increased after thimerosal was removed. Its an adjuvent.