Koko meets Mr. Rogers, her favorite celebrity

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Ismael Moncada : I wish Bob Ross would've visited Koko. Maybe they could've painted together, and that would've been beautiful

SecondAdam Bomb : When Koko brings you in for a hug, you're going in for a hug.

1Fastpaced : I'm reading the comments and Koko is a better person than most of you are. :l She's not even human.

Joe S. : Mr. Rogers. A class act all around.

Richard O : To all the idiots bashing on her trainer for "forcing her to talk about love", I am sure Koko got to meet Mr. Rogers for more than 46 seconds. And in that time she probably got to speak freely about the cuff links. You guys will fight about anything.

Whoami691 : "What's that?" Holy shit... Did Koko just ask a question!? This is huge, no species other than humanity has ever been recorded asking questions about a certain subject, it shows a willingness to learn. This gorilla is special, truly special. I think she may have just broken a boundary there. No experiment ever conducted has ever recorded an ape making 'small talk' yet there it was.

Ruby Rose : Not being human makes Koko better then all of us... she truly loved unconditionally.💜💜

dcw 490 : We need more people in the world like Mr. Rogers. It would be a less hateful place.

zack ferguson : The most violent species in the history of Earth is us.

Aon Brogan : Mr. Rogers is the reincarnation of Jesus Christ I am almost certain of that. There has never been such a kind hearted man to have ever existed.

filmnoir50 : RIP, Koko and Mr. Rogers - two species, one message of love and caring. These are two beautiful beings whom I wish were still here.

oliver miller : What if mr rogers was the second coming of jesus and no one noticed?

EasyThere Pilgrim : Everyone loves Mr. Rogers.

Bob Ross : I'm not a religion man, but someone PLEASE canonize Mr. Rogers as a saint.

Roberto Simeone : wish you could live forever Koko..

Seth Ronalds : you know what I like? Mr. Rogers actually talks to Koko. not down to her, but actually to her. when she asked a question, he was talking to her like he would to you or me.

Ethan Savickas : Mr Rogers: A Saint

matt25675 : man that would be so trippy...having a non human creature grab you with hands like that

A. J. : i really miss mr. rogers :(

TrailRatedNurse : I am amazed that Koko asked a 'what' question. I have read that no ape has ever been observed asking a question; Joseph Jordania is one such published work on this topic. When did Koko develop this cognitive skill?

Tina Tyler : damn that Coco and dammit mr. Rogers you're both so beautiful you make me cry I know there's a special spot in heaven and in the spiritual world for both of them

SeleDKa : Koko is soo cuute...and so emotional!! Just like... a real human. Wow, it's really cool. Hello from Russia!

Cindy J : I wish I could have met Mr. Rogers...... and Koko also.

Phoebe Congloebe : Sadly both Mr. Rogers and Robin Williams, both good friends of Koko, have passed away a few years back, but Koko is still alive and well. Whenever it's Koko's time of passing, I hope she realizes that she's in good company. :)

Senpai's Special Play Toy : Dammit, if Mr Rogers was still alive he would be a great Ambassador or President! Imagine him singing with Putin, David Cameron and Kim Jong Un!

Frodo H : So adorable

NomadRepublic : "What, honey? Oooh, she's saying love, good, love, Mr. Rogers squeeze my nipples or Koko snap neck"

Kaelyn Armstrong : I happy cry every time I see a video with Koko

Mr.Nice Guy : Honestly I want to be just like him

SWLinPHX : Koko's bond with Mister Rogers shows she has the innocence of a child who would watch his show.

Ungoverned Truth : Hello Neighbor

Lex : I love Mr Roger's too 💕💕

bradc002 : At this writing, both Koko and Mr. Rogers have passed away. Nice to see them both here. RIP to both.

Ell monroe : beautiful....and I think he was quite relieved when koko grunted and the lady said thats a happy sound!! phew.wonderful wonderful.

Fuzzyscarfandmittens : Mr Rogers was actually her favorite celebrity. She watched him every day. And when he showed up here she had him take off his shoes because that's what he always did when he came inside. Koko was actually fangirling all over him.

A2Z11tree : My friend used to live down the street from Mr. Rogers when he was younger ahaha

MrGameAndPlay : when  kokos  senpai notices

r .ra : omg this is too much for my brain....she is so human-like, this is fuckng AMAZING. what did I miss, whats next a writing ape.

Allykins17 : Rest In Peace, Koko. I hope you meet with Mr. Rodgers and Robin Williams again up in Heaven.

The Bacons : Robin Williams also had an amazing interaction with KoKo All 3 of them are legends

Mitch Orton : Mr. Rogers is a brave man.

Rosemary Magrino : RIP Koko... and give that man a hug for all of us❤️

The Kehwanna Coast : 0:39 "Then she made me touch her boobs..." *sobs* "I am pressing charges"

Jo DeMarc : My mother was deaf. What impresses me is Koko is signing in context. Rest in peace, Mr. Rogers - miss you.....

Zach Kaiser : LOL 0:39 Is hilarious. Koko is thirsty for Mr.Rogers :)

Slashbash : Rest in peace, Koko. You're with Mr. Rogers now.

Brian Petschow : She looks like she could be prez,she could have run against ape boy and won

Pri Dhillon : So fascinating seeing how she communicates. 

Crimson Doodlebear : Mr. Rogers...Robin Williams...and now Koko...all gone...but will never ever be forgotten.

strelochnik : I would be so scared.