The Internet Portrayed by Spongebob

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rokamo : Thanks for the mention! The IE one was way too good

Samovar maker : That ebay one fits for TF2. "I'll give you $1000 for such a hat"

Jdniscool : "Come on, I was just gonna draw a cartoon" *Draws Sandy Inflated.*

JAM Rail vids : Everything can be portrayed By spongebob.

Punkakes_ : "Everything is chrome in the future" dead.

Luke Skywalker : SpongeBob actually predict the future!

KBG Games : 2 hours later and Internet Explorer is almost a quarter of the way there


Keep Calm And Ship On : Why was the YouTube one so accurate? 😂

Monia14 1432 : Oh boi 0:00

Vailskibum94 : ;)

Abbey Johnson : 0:01 why does spongebob sound like Steve Smith?

kostas kossivakis : 0:39 - Jake paul, logan paul and most ex viners in a nutshell.

emo bandito : Tumblr is so accurate XD

Anton Kudrytski : That 4chan one is just too true XD

Almighty Frog Of Knowledge III : The beginning of the episode where Spongebob doesn't know how to tie his shoes is the perfect example for PornHub

travisty : *E V E R Y T H I N G I S C H R O M E I N T H E F U T U R E*

Cole Kuczek : Tumblr should’ve been the one with Patrick as Patricia lol

A 50's House Wife : My favorite was the SoundCloud one

Santiago Camacho : I liked the wayback machine one

IcYGodZ : The thumbnail is a dirty joke.

KillThad : 0:18 Come on, that was too obvious.

Axton Lennox : I think the complain should have been tumblr and 4chan the flying dutchman's zipper

ShmebulockJunior : The WebMD one is beyond spot-on.

J Mar : Just stay off deviant art and Tumblr at night

Andrew Hooven : Everyone is saying Tumblr is accurate but no one is talking about the YouTube one. It's perfect

Faithy Hedgefox : Funbrain... if you didn’t play that at school even once, I don’t know you. XD

Sarah Koala : The Ifunny one 😂😂

E . W : Tumblr was too accurate it was sad...

ma15119 : the tumblr one should have been 4chan

Boss Roga : Tumblr is 100% accurate with the complaining feminists and transgenders all over the place

yusef holt : The Reddit one was a lie and you know it

george matteson : "I'll give you a thousand dollars for that hat!" *holds up 3 1 dollar bills*

Marcus Sostak : g o o d c o n t e n t

Tristan C : Internet Explorer💀

Rhys Khetani : 2:25 haahahahahahahahaha

Alexy AND Friends : OMG dude this was awesome

- confusionness - : very accurate

Jacob Redland : i lost it at the IE one omg

Mathew Pritchard : I'm on tumblr and trust me, tumblr is much, *much* worse

Le Cheviler Mal Fet : The youtube one represents the beginning of jake paul And the rotten tomatoes one represents the fall of jake paul

Alex Patt : Web MD. LMAO

I don't Know anything life is SO boring : Pretty much how i see tumblr now

Anti Fanboy : Sir, I believe Spongebob and his friends took too much helium

Alkarine Pineapples : I don't get the 4chan one

C4 : iFunny is so true XD

Good Egg : >reddit is a happy utopia

NevermoreMadDame : YT and IE were unbelievably on point. I don't think that they could have been done any better.

Ellie Cooper : Here it is. I've finally found it. _The best video on the god damn internet._

Cloudy : where's pornhub