The Internet Portrayed by Spongebob

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rokamo : Thanks for the mention! The IE one was way too good

Your real dad #Finessemykidsfor18years : I think a better scene for souncloud would be from the episode about patricks song

Lamarcus Bonefeu : The youtube one is way too real to be funny

kostas kossivakis : 0:39 - Jake paul, logan paul and most ex viners in a nutshell.

Batprime117 Universe : Internet explorer works better than Microsoft Edge

Philip Palubicki : I funny is so shit that it's not even funny

Hat Bros : I swear to God if behind the meme gets his hands on this one

An epic Noob in the community : I was expecting ROBLOX.

YoshTG : reddit could have been a bit more childish because its full of 12-16 year olds

自分を殺す : The internet explorer one got me😂

CL0D : Yes, Mocking Sponge comes from iFunny. yEs MoCkIng SpONGe ComES fRoM IfuNnY


Rose Mulet : shreddit is fucking trash

NeverGrape : 2:44 The Tumblr one is way too true xD

mijzelffan : lmao op is a redditor, pathetic

Misty GlowiiGalaxy :3 : Twitter would do good for bulletin board


Harits Andhika Nugroho : Where's 9Gag ?

NitrifY : expected to see 9gag. was dissapointed

( O_〉O)? : *NARRATOR:* 2 hours later. *ANNOUNCER:* He's almost a quarter of the way there.....

Windows XP THE YTPER : I died at the internet explorer one

aguy654 : The Reddit one is far from accurate, everyone on Reddit hates everything.

Jaskarn Datuber : Spongebob: Being an artist is a heavy responsibility! Each work of art is like a child and must be treated as such. Patrick:C'mon I just wanted to draw a cartoon! Spongebob: *OK WHY DIDN'T YOU SAY SO?* Wow.

Jelena Frolov : funbrain i still use it (IM IN GRADE 3 SO YEA)

the brick cave : 6 seconds later gets claimed by Viacom

Minemaster30 : That's how I feel on Tumbler


Hipster Tails : DeviantART: "Each work of art is like a child" (Proceeds to draw porn)

Lone Shadow : i use ifunny alot. this was right

Stalker Cat : *1000 years later* Squidward: *goes on his computer* .....why is everything Chrome Spongebob: EVERYTHING is Chrome in the future!!!

Trinity Redman : I loved the wikiHow one.

Metalmike 626 : My life has been a lie up until this point

Joshua Denton : Should have had iFunny be SpongeBob as a normal person.

Aldo Meylano : hmmmm......maybe this is why vail got a tons of subscribers OwO though rokamo pioneered the spongebob thing first

Smile Doge : Internet explorer is so accurate lol

Mariah Renaud : As a Deviantart member I can confirm #1 is accurate! 😂

wesley mac : 0:54 me when one my Twitter followers meet me rn

King Coaster : Big Gino on SoundCloud, he got me out of my depression

Sophie Filo : This is the best "portrayed by Spongebob" vid I've come across thus far...!

Matsen115 : Squidward got a review of 0/10 on Rotten Tomatoes

RANDOM MANIAC : Everything is Chrome in the future

LOLproductions : The YouTube one was only funny cause it showed that most people laugh at the stupidest things instead of real talent XD

Tiffanny Plz : If you stopped doing cartoon news and just simple funny vids like this I'd sub.

Faithy Hedgefox : Funbrain... if you didn’t play that at school even once, I don’t know you. XD

NevermoreMadDame : YT and IE were unbelievably on point. I don't think that they could have been done any better.

Nekochii Althos : this is all accurate except for reddit,,,, its a lot worse than that


Jdniscool : "Come on, I was just gonna draw a cartoon" *Draws Sandy Inflated.*

Chooms : I tried going to Funbrain a few years ago, I think the sight was deleted

ConnorVSGames : i dont get the youtube one...