The Internet Portrayed by Spongebob

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rokamo : Thanks for the mention! The IE one was way too good

Masterge77 : Is there any situation or topic that can't be described by a scene from Spongebob?

Vailskibum94 : ;)

Super Mario Plushie World : This comment has more fans than teen titans go.

Chadderbox : *E V E RY T H I N G I S C H R O M E I N T H E F U T U R E*

Anirudh Baranwal : Do a part two With like other shows beside spongebob And other brands like apps or tinder

Memes. Dank : The ifunny part is funny becahse ifunny isnt funny and that clip isnt funny either

HungryBox : I was expecting Facebook, Twitter, InstaGram, Vine, Netflix, Wikipedia, IMDb and Rule 34

Akko Kagari : I have terrible news You have Bug Eyes!

Kyle Raccoon : I didn't get the joke with the Reddit and Tumblr ones

IcYGodZ : The thumbnail is a dirty joke.

Apcoolcharles : This is clickbait you didn't show us how spongebob protrays the internet

Flufferoni : The perfect video doesn't exi-

Hoovy4Life #TF2 : lets face it, sound cloud is much better than google music

BlueBob WeirdoPants : Finally! Someone else recognizes the Wayback Machine. The best website ever...

Emperor Palpitoad : I remember when Internet Explorer used to be the fastest Browser, looooooooooooong time ago


SlyShadow : The Tumblr one is too real :0

TheBlackHole oftheInternet : Literally anything can be portrayed by spongebob...including sex.

Leon Bolt : The Internet One Was A Little To Accurate...

An epic Noob in the community : I was expecting ROBLOX.

Mr. Magistral Malik : 2:02 SpongeSwap (Undertale AU) Bibulus

KManni 14 : This is pretty accurate Never thought Val would reply

Howl Goes It? ;3 : The one about tumblr was extremely accurate.

Anti Fanboy : Sir, I believe Spongebob and his friends took too much helium

Lost Swiftpaw : **Memes**

Rose Mulet : shreddit is fucking trash

Jordan The Gamer : Internet explorer cracked me up! xD

Razing Flame : Why is the Tumblr one so TRUE!

Grayson Berkshire : The internet explorer one got me😂

Hawkeye259 : The Tumblr one was so Accurate!

Danzo_175 : The one for internet explorer fucking killed me. Same with tumblr. And I just realized the instrumentals for "Now that we're men" play during that snail racing scene. Nice touch Sponge Bob.

Animation Lego : Didn't Stella Newman do this first?

Jetro Gaming : Is it possible to pin 2 comments?!

Nekochii Althos : this is all accurate except for reddit,,,, its a lot worse than that

Carrick Mac Gamer : Great video

Kris O'Korra : if chrome is the future, and Internet Explorer is old and slow, what does that make Firefox?

im not a furry : funbrain that stuff was my childhood

GiANTGames : Vail I think you are forgetting to review something...

matadordel94 : please do the part 2 with all pages we're expecting to :)

Idham Ibrahim : Is it good to sign up on Tumblr?.

Caleb Knibbs : Internet explorer works better than Microsoft Edge

Cool 1969 : Would you do a part 2?

Zac the Louie : No one has ever seen G+.


understandable have a nice day : What episode is the 4chan one from?

Emanuel Martinez : That fucking Tumblr bit

Slimey Egg YølQ : The first 1 is me :3

Reagan DeFriece : Why is it high pitched

Mr Krabs : Hi