Darude - Sandstorm (Electric Toothbrush Cover)
Darude Sandstorm Electric Toothbrush Cover

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Two dancing electric toothbrushes play Darude's Sandstorm. An electric typewriter plays the kick drum and two credit card machines help the toothbrushes with the moves. I got so many Sandstorm suggestions after the Finlandia Hymn video that I decided to do this now. I also got a couple of comments about not having googly eyes on everything. This video breaks the Device Orchestra record with a total of 14 eyes. #Darude, #Sandstorm *** Share this video: https://youtu.be/cmO6QkJhuu4 *** Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/c/deviceorchestra?sub_confirmation=1 *** More on electric toothbrushes: Take On Me: https://youtu.be/NATZy-ZqD7A Spice Girls - Wannabe: https://youtu.be/3PqAPXpvC-4 Game of Thrones Theme: https://youtu.be/z9UoE05RHbs We Will Rock You: https://youtu.be/Hh9pm9yjmLs *** More on credit card machines: US National Anthem: https://youtu.be/iXZGsqy-sRA Pharrell Williams - Happy: https://youtu.be/5Q1DBMmZF7Q Super Mario Bros. Theme: https://youtu.be/2NCviYMdV1I *** Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/deviceorchestra Twitter: https://twitter.com/DeviceOrchestra Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/deviceorchestra


Powered Pyro : You should do Smooth Criminal - Micheal Jackson and have the toothbrushes lean extremely far Edit:Thank you for all the likes!

IVAN MARCO123 : Me: Can we have instruments? Mom: We already have instruments at home... *Instruments at home:*

Creedoo : Youtube... it's 3 AM, gimme a break from those recommendations

Chef pee pee's wonderful life : My drunk GF sent me this at 3am in the morning.

TheeJackalope : This channel is literally the most under rated channel on the internet.

Kingrobert09 : Everyone: In the future we will have flying cars 2019:

Kevin : Next thing that we need is Never Gonna Give You Up... that way, I can rickroll ;)

Oligampla : Skynet called. They want their Prototypes back.

Orange Oratory : I just watched 1:40 of toothbrushes moving back and forth, making a meme song

Rob : Go big or go home, let's get some Bohemian Rhapsody going!

Darkblaze : Friend: what instruments do you play? Him: *it’s complicated...*

sngt : 3 AM all: sleep me: TOOTHBRUSHES

Matt Campbell : They should send just this clip in the next space capsule to represent the human race

Winner : Hoy si me voy a dormir temprano. Yo a las 3:00 am: Cover de Darude Sandstorm con cepillos eléctricos.

Ellie•Is•Awkward : I’m crying from how amazing these eyes are... 😂😂 I never thought there’d come a day where I can happily say ‘the blue tooth brush is my favorite because of the slightly bigger eyes’

Storm Water : Needs more googly eyes. More I say, MORE!!!

Mr. Nicholas : This is only the second video I watched on this channel. But I’m in love with it already! This is amazing!!!

Janita Pylväinen : Mom: what you did today? Him: just played some Sandstorm with two electronic toothbrush. How ur Day?

Moonburn : Nothing can stop you. except maybe a power outage

Noob Plays Games : the tape machines look like frogs

julian The network guy : Welcome to this new band what do you play The credit card reader

Bohemian Submarine : Just sayin'. It's Darude - Sandstorm

Kopf Hörer : Dat eyes. Flashback to my last Raveparty. XD

Daijakake : LOOOOL THIS IS AWESOME 😂 The google eyes killed me 😆

Tim Hildingsson : You should totally do "Never gonna give you up" im so glad i randomly found your channel, its literal gold

Invalid!Error Chan : I found you in my YouTube recommendations. Your channel is the best! I'd like to hear Megalovania (from Undertale).

Raddycal : GF: So I heard you can cover popular songs. What instruments do you play? Me: Uhm.

Daniel Eckert : I love the goggly eyes :D and i got myself a new prpfile picture :D

Mimi Meows : friend: what type of music do you listen to? me: well, its complicated...

DOMiNO : Me: I'm gonna go buy a speaker system Mom: We have a speaker system at home Speaker system at home:

Muhan C.A. : Techno has evolved to Device Orchestra HP +100 MP +200 RPM +1000

Little skelly Bones : Nobody: Not a single organism: Literally nobody: YouTube: (this)

Madison Has A Chair : And now, another episode of “Why is this in my reccomended? I mean yeah this is beautiful but how did the algorithm even find this?”

David Xp : This video made so happy! It was TOTALLY AWESOME!!!

Carl Vedin : Friend: what music do you listen to? Me: it’s complicated

Linda Andersson : This is either genius or madness. Thankfully there is a fine line between those two.. 😁

E : This is cool and all but there should be googly eyes on the googly eyes

Saplyng : Finally a correct amount of googly eyes! I look forward to the ensemble getting even cuter

raksh9 : First time viewer. Those googly eyes have got me, taking machine music to another level, blurring the lines between organic and synthetic. Super cute, too!

SUPER EDGY GAMER : Me trying to sleep at 4:35: My brain: 0:00

Felipe Mota : This channel should have more subs. This is gold content

aznguy.mp4 : store clerk: *why do you need more than one toothbrush* you: im a music teacher

BubbleNugget34 : 1950:we will have flying cars in the future 2019:Darude Sandstorm on electric toothbrush Edit: Thanks for likes!

The Dodger Dog : Dang it you electrical engineers have all the fun!!

Gabriel Malta : Credit card machines look like frogs, though... ...not that it is a bad thing. oh, boy, no.

XxStrong EmpirexX : Im sure if you do Revenge, it will be a hit!

Tech Build : We need more stuff with electric typewriters!

BogdanMC : Teacher: What instrument do you play? Me: The toothbrush. Teacher: wat Thanks for the likes!

Lone Rider : -What instrument do you play? -Everything.