DS9 Garak the boy who cried Wolf (Improbable Cause)

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Sunnchilde : "That you should never tell the same lie twice." This is one of my favorites. This quote and "The truth is usually just an excuse for a lack of imagination." HA! You have to love Garak to truly appreciate these.

lousy romulan : This epitomizes the sheer quality of writing on DS9.

Nelson Chereta : Oh I so loved Garak and his no nonsense attitude on things. Deep space 9 was such an incredible show with so many characters with different beliefs and points of view.

Erynn Silver : Garak is totally right ;)

Lucus Kane : Classic DS9 dialogue awesomeness

no1reallycaresabout2 : 0:47 - "Well that's a little graphic for children, wouldn't you say?" - I love how Garak reads off that line

borgduck : What's disturbing is the fact that I can relate to Garak, more than the others...

Joshua Megan : Witty comeback from Garak 

Deadpool : One of dozens of great moments of DS9. Easily the best written series of them all. Garak was amazing.

Susan Gardiner : I was taking an early childhood education course and we were disgussing the boy who cried wolf and I mentioned that there is another message and it is this one. Everyone's mouth dropped. I laughed my head off. I said this is why I will not use this story because how do you respond to a child when they smartly responded thusly.

Fred Miller : Its a shame we had to wait until Roddenberry was dead to finally get a series with realistic humans and both humans and aliens with such diverse points of view. Gene insisted that humans be perfectly altruistic and morally forthright. He obviously wasn't a student of human history or human character. TNG was quite bland and formulaic because of this rule.

Ru New : Lol I can watch him all day

trilby : This is why DS9 was so good!

JC Denton : Nice retort by Garak.

BlinkinFirefly : you got a point there Garak

Rhomega : 1. If you're going to have a boy guard your sheep, give him a weapon. 2. If you find he's been pranking you about a wolf (other versions have him laugh at how he fooled the villagers), hire another guard.

Kay : Actually, i think all Bashir had to say was "how's THAT working out for you?"

James Schrumpf : Imagine if Andrew Robinson had been given some good lines as the killer in "Dirty Harry."  He could have stolen the movie right out from under Clint Eastwood, or at least possibly have given the character some kind of sympathy.  All they wanted was a psycho killer, though, and boy, did he deliver on that.  The first and greatest inhuman serial murderer ever.

TheIrishMan : Never tell the truth when a lie will do....

DarkNova50 : That's Garak!

blockmasterscott : I like how Garak walks out, like he was dropping the mic lol.

ArcaneAzmadi : The problem here is, Garak's interpretation doesn't actually work. If you always tell the same lie over and over, people won't believe that lie when it's true. If you tell DIFFERENT lies all the time, people will never believe ANYTHING you say, EVER. I don't know about you, but that seems a lot worse to me.

SecondQuantisation : Garak 2016

Kibogu : The purest definition of Garak in less than two minutes.

WilHiteWarrior : lol my grandpa asked me a while back if I remembered that story then asked if I knew the moral. I said yes, he asked what it was... my response was "Sometimes, even a liar tells the truth."

tommo123456789000000 : garaks filler convo with quark about how the federation is like root beer was genius too. can't believe that was just done to pad out the episode for time.

Stsr Trek Deep Space Nine : oh oft corse ✌

Thomas RockBottom45 : Never thought about that. ;) I wished I came up with the same answer, when my mother told me the story for the first time :D

Merlijn Pieron : Love you Garak. But somebody might pick up a tendency if you don't actually throw in the truth once in a while, as part of your lies ;).

StryderK : Leave it to Garak to have the best zingers in the entire series! LOL

LunaMalfoy7 : Julian is just mentally questioning why he loves Garak, when he says stuff like that.

mike ggg : Me too squidee - amazing!

ese hombre : Never tell the same lie twice. Ha!

nightsaber99 : An interesting take on the tale for sure.

Skip Toloo : I guess for the purposes of the show, Bashir couldn't make the obvious retort: Even if you tell different lies, eventually you get marked as a liar.

Ravedaze : Having been working undercover for the obsidian order,lying would have come natural to garak.. The more I watch garak the more I like him

starflame34 : "That you should never tell the same lie twice" LMAO! Gotta love Garak. 

Tom V : I love Garak's assessment of the story.  LOL

Sergio Milho : 1:12 Garak got you thinking bashir

SilkSatin Paradise : A sheep spends her whole life fearing the wolves, and gets eaten in the end by the shepherd.

WarpRulez : He makes a good point.

EvilSpock : Garek was the kist interesting character in all of Star Trek, also the actor who portrayed him did a absolutely fantastic performance.

jakep1979 : Garak must have been studying history of earth politicians, since he seems to understand their motto.

wjrasmussen666 : it's funny because it's true!

SusanMcboot : This guy is so lovable <3

Mister Garak : This is my absolute favorite life lesson that I learned from Garak.

DBeetleeater Doug : Is this the first time for everyone hearing a different conclusion to the moral of the story?? or just me??  Not my favourite DS9 quote but in the top 10 for sure.

TheMajR Payne : Garak is Da Kardassian!! One of my top 3 all time fave characters from across all the ST shows. Thanks for posting!

Kal el : Best written character in all of ST.

Kal el : Just one? Geez.. which one to pick from there's so many.