Save and Continue
A short film inspired by my upbringing with The Legend of Zelda

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Save and Continue is the story about an introverted young girl who copes with her parents' divorce by playing late night Zelda sessions with her father. Huge thanks to everyone who supported the film. This is a personal endeavor that I couldn't have done without all the cast, crew and everyone who helped out along the way. Like, Share, Subscribe and comment about how video games informed your upbringing and changed your life. To know more about Save and Continue, visit and read about the backstory, production, and other recent news! If you wanna reach out to the filmmakers, check out our streams at and our facebook at


aidan janssen : Fantastic, I've dealt with a very similar experience myself and the one video game i'd say got me through that rough patch was Dark Souls 3. I felt like the whole world was against me, much like how relentless dark souls could be at times. But I felt like I went through hell and back to beat that game. Many times I felt like giving up. But the words 'its only over when I want it to be over' went through my head over and over and over. And every time I tried again I learned a bit more about the game. How it works, whats effective, whats not effective, etc. I paralleled this thinking upon my life. The game taught me persistence unlike anything else. I have since used this persistence upon my own life and problems and I shaped my life into something greater because of it. If I am to ever have children, I will try my damn hardest to get them to at least try any of the Dark Souls games.

13X : How do you not have more subscribers? This was amazing, it gave a truly great message, love your work 😁

Tony Benlozz : Hello! I've just left a message on reddit. I'm a member from Muxe Media, we're willing to display and promote this short film on our Online TV

Crystian Corona : An excellent short film

Tyrranide : What's is the song from 3:36 onwards. I love it alot