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ayanssen : Fantastic, I've dealt with a very similar experience myself and the one video game i'd say got me through that rough patch was Dark Souls 3. I felt like the whole world was against me, much like how relentless dark souls could be at times. But I felt like I went through hell and back to beat that game. Many times I felt like giving up. But the words 'its only over when I want it to be over' went through my head over and over and over. And every time I tried again I learned a bit more about the game. How it works, whats effective, whats not effective, etc. I paralleled this thinking upon my life. The game taught me persistence unlike anything else. I have since used this persistence upon my own life and problems and I shaped my life into something greater because of it. If I am to ever have children, I will try my damn hardest to get them to at least try any of the Dark Souls games.

Crystian Corona : An excellent short film

13X : How do you not have more subscribers? This was amazing, it gave a truly great message, love your work 😁

Tyrranide : What's is the song from 3:36 onwards. I love it alot

Tony Benlozz : Hello! I've just left a message on reddit. I'm a member from Muxe Media, we're willing to display and promote this short film on our Online TV